Digital Mums And Social Media


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How to unlock the purchasing power of digital mums through social media

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Digital Mums And Social Media

  1. 1. Unlocking the buying power of digital mums through social media Nov4th 2009, London
  2. 2. Digital Mums Workshop Agenda 12.00pm Introduction  2.25pm Facebook – how to 12.10pm Digital Mums - why target your audience and they are important? engage with them 12.30pm Search v Buzz  2.45pm Twitter – How to get 12.40pm Tips for a good web started and build an audience store. quickly 1.00pm How to Listen online  3.10pm Targeted advertising and engagement on YouTube 1.20pm Identify the key influencers and the  3.30pm Casual Gaming – appropriate websites Why are mums engaging with it so heavily? 1.40pm – Break  3.45pm Some useful websites 2.00pm - Blogs – your blog or an existing mummy blog?
  3. 3. Social media:where people can connect and communicate with others online
  4. 4. Amount of time spent online in UK 18 Note: Size of bubble represents Total Time Spent per Month 16 14Aver Usage Days per Visitor 12 Facebook 10 8 Yahoo Bebo 6 Ebay YouTube 4 MySpace 2 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Reach (%)
  5. 5. What is a Digital Mum? A digital mum is a woman with a child under 18 years of age that uses at least two pieces of Web 2.0 technology per quarter. Digital mums account for 40% of all women online Digital mums engage more with social networks (65%) and SMS (56%) than with news sites (51%), and just as many can be found gaming online or via a gaming console (52%) Social media, text messaging, instant messaging and gaming are the main digital media used by mums
  6. 6. News Clip re Digital Mums in the US
  7. 7. Digital MumsAge:  Mums who use the internet and have babies and very young children (0-4 years old), are far more likely to visit family and kids websites (61%) and banking and finance sites (63%).  Facebook users median age is now 33, up from 26 in May 2008,  The average Twitterer is still 31, a figure that has remained stable over the past year. By comparison,  MySpace users median age is 26, down from 27 in May 2008,  LinkedIn is 39, down from 40
  8. 8. Media Multitasking:  Once the kids are in bed, mums take to the web to tackle tasks or enjoy “me-time” - 65% access the internet between 5.30pm-9pm.  They are also apt to multitask with media: 17% use the internet while watching TV  Some 69% of women with children do something less often as result of time spent on the internet.
  9. 9. Why does it matter? Mums surveyed spend over 18.5 hours per week online and over 8 of those hours are spent on social networks Digital moms surveyed said the most valuable sources of information were from friends (62.4%), other consumers (50.1%) and industry experts (35.8%) See the survey
  10. 10. Why it matters Shopping:  Digital mums are more frequent online shoppers than women without children - 79% of digital mums have bought items online, spending an average of 644 euros and buying 10 items in just six months.  Mothers of younger children are the most likely to buy online - 86% of women with children age 0-9 bought a product or service online, compared with 75% of women with children aged 10-18. The European Interactive Advertising Association (
  11. 11. Video on UK Digital Mums
  12. 12. Tips for advertising to womenonline Think clever creative –campaigns, not gimmicks, to connect effectively with your audience. Broadband implications - Think about the creative possibilities – web coffee mornings? Look at environment-does the particular online environment really appeal to women?
  13. 13.  Understand evolving media– recognise how women’s use of different media is evolving and becoming more complex Develop an interactive relationship-Because of this complexity, advertisers can create a more interactive relationship with female consumers online. Seek out new routes-Online advertising offers greater variety and creative opportunities than simply running a series of ad banners.
  14. 14. •Think prime time –online is the second most usedmedia during the day behind radio•Test and improve –online is all about learning fromyour campaigns and improving creative and planning.Learn from big brands•Study trends –Keep up on what’s hot and how womenare using the internet to in their day-to-day lives -blogging, instant messaging, chat etc•Never assume stereotypes for mums
  15. 15. Search v BuzzSearch Buzz
  16. 16. SEO v SEM
  17. 17. Buzz is when people talk about you with interest online and offline
  18. 18. Buzz = more awareness Awareness leads to search butDoes search lead to sales on your website?
  19. 19. Ask David Meers From
  20. 20. Understanding the Traffic and Monitoring the Buzz Tim Hodder
  21. 21. “Half the money I spend onadvertising is wasted; the trouble is I dont know which half” John Wannamaker US department store merchant (1838 - 1922)
  22. 22. Good monitoring will allow you to Understand whether your website is working Understand how well individual campaigns are working Identify where your product is being talked about Be aware of bad (and good) comments about your products and allow you to react to them Understand competitor issues
  23. 23. Some free tools Google news alerts   Simple to setup  Simple to understand  May result in ‘overload’
  24. 24. Some free tools Google analytics  /tour/index_en-US.html  Comprehensive information  Free of charge  Requires code to be inserted in your website
  25. 25. Some free tools Facebook search   Simple  Identify influential groups
  26. 26. Some free tools Blogsearch   Currently ‘in beta test’  Identify influential bloggers
  27. 27. Some free tools• Twitter search   Simple to use  Limited to the previous 9 days  Difficult to understand the influencing power
  28. 28. Bringing it all together  ‘Sentiment report’  Gathers information from  Websites  News feeds  Blogs  Blog replies  Forums  Tweets  Facebook  Youtube  etc  And analyses  Sources  Keywords  Levels of influence  Gender, Age  Geographic location  Sentiment  Available as regular reports or online access
  29. 29. Think of social media like a cocktail party
  30. 30. Mummy Bloggers news clip
  31. 31. 5 mummy blogs and one forum Tesco Forum
  32. 32. How to build a blog in 5 minutes
  33. 33. How do they make money?
  34. 34. Twelpforce by Best Buy
  35. 35. What is ?
  36. 36. Is a video sharing site where users can upload and share was founded in Feb 2005 by Steve Chen, ChadHurley and Jawed Karim Sold to Google Inc in Oct 2006 for 1.65 Billion dollars 2nd biggest search engine in the world. 4th most visited site in the UK
  37. 37. 20 hours of new videos are uploaded to thesite every minute, and that around threequarters of the material comes from outsidethe United States On October 9, 2009, the third anniversary of the acquisition by Google Ltd Chad Hurley announced in a blog posting that YouTube was serving "well over a billion views a day" worldwide.Unregistered users can watch the videos, while registeredusers are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos
  38. 38. How do businesses targeting digital mums use
  39. 39.  Product information Viral Marketing Site support Branding
  40. 40. &
  41. 41. &
  42. 42. &Advertising
  43. 43.  Types of YouTube advertising  Brand Channel  Contest  Youtube homepage  Display adds  Youtube promoted videos  Partnerships
  44. 44. Let’s place anon- homepage advert
  45. 45. Some groups fuel conversation but with no commercial strategy
  46. 46. Most corporations are providing one way conversation through pages
  47. 47. Britax benefit from two way conversation with potential customers
  48. 48. There are companies that focus entirely on branding Facebook pages
  49. 49. Source: Facebook Internal Data, May 2009 Over 50% of UK users are over 25 years old Facebook has a mainstream UK user base
  50. 50. Facebook is part of the daily routine for users30 mins per day 2 visits per day 50% return daily Source: Comscore Dec 2008 & Facebook Internal Data, Feb 2009
  51. 51. Facebook Homepage Adverts
  52. 52. Engagement Ad units
  53. 53. Facebook video advert
  54. 54. Events Ad unit
  55. 55. Gift ad units
  56. 56. Poll or survey ad units
  57. 57. Mums and Casual Gaming
  58. 58. What is a “Casual Game”?• Casual games are defined as “video games developed for a more mature audience, even those who do not normally regard themselves as a gamer”• Fun, addictive, quick to access, easy to learn and require no previous special video game skills, expertise of regular time commitment to play• Users playing casual games are highly engaged with the content they are being delivered, leading to high click through rates for brands advertising in this environment• Played online, through games portals/game channels or social community sites
  59. 59. Why Adult Women play Games To take a break/ relax To pass time To stimulate my brain To achieve certain levels/scores or obtain a skill To compete against others To win money/prizes and accumulate points To reward myself To do something together with others To practice for playing offline games with others“Casual gamers are 22% more likely than the general population to seekinformation about new products” (Interpret Casual Gaming Report, 2008)
  60. 60. 2009 UK National Gamers SurveySource: 2009 UK National Gamers Survey by TNS and
  61. 61. Integration Case Study: Herbal Essences• 30k unique users / day MetrixLab*: “The Herbal Essence research was one of the best brand campaigns to date• 100k games / day 500k minutes / day of with great brand uplift scores between control brand engagement!! and exposed groups. In some cases with• 5 mins + / user / day double digit scores above benchmarks”
  62. 62. Pre-Game MPU Case Study: Club Med
  63. 63. eSocialMedia provides in gameadvertising solutions throughpartner DoubleFusion
  64. 64. Some other useful websites
  65. 65. Record presentations on yourscreen and distribute on YouTube
  66. 66. Free Webinar Tool
  67. 67. Questions?Colm 612 8367