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According to the EA recruiters the biggest challenge for EA’s nowadays is that they are now more like project managers and they have to manage projects as well as managing the executives’ timetables.

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  • Recruiting great talent for our organization is everyone’s responsibility. In fact, as a leader, you have shared accountability in recruiting top talent for XYZ Co. Social media, like LinkedIn, is one tool that can be used to share great job leads with the people in your own personal and professional networks. The image you project via your Profile can be used to build our brand as an employer of choice who values a Great Place to Work. It can also help show what it might be like to work in your department. Remember, great candidates are interviewing us, too! What first impression do you want your profile to make on a candidate?
  • Photo Upload a photo to personalize your profile: 1. Click + Add Photo. Your photo: Can be cropped to your liking Should display a professional image aligned with your role at UTI and be reflective of our culture (i.e., avoid ties) 2. Click Browse and locate the photo you want to use. 3. Click Upload Photo. 4. Crop the photo as desired following the instructions on screen, then click Save Photo. 5. Make sure Everyone is selected, and click Save Settings. Headline Add a headline to highlight your current role at XYZ Co.: Once in your Profile, click Edit next to your name. 2. In the Professional “Headline” field, add your job title (for example, Education Director at XYZ Co.). Note: Linkedin does not automatically insert “at XYZ Co.” in your headline. We strongly encourage you to add this key element to support our talent brand. 3. Click Save Changes. TIP: Be creative! Your headline does not have to be just your job title
  • TitleAdd each role you have held at XYZ Co. as a separate position. This will show your career progression and show that we value growth and development in our employees. To add a position: Next to the Experience header, click Add a position. 2. In the Company Name field, start typing “XYZ Co.,” and select it from the list. 3. In the Title field, add your current title. Be sure to add your title the way it should naturally read, not the way it looks in Outlook. Note: You do not need to add “at XYZ Co.” to the Title. LinkedIn will auto-populate this information if the Company Name field is populated. Examples: Education Manager or IT Director. 4. Adjust the Location, Time Period, Headline and Current Position fields as necessary. When adding your current role, select the “Update my headline to” checkbox. The field below this check box auto populates. 5. In the Description field, add a brief paragraph that describes the role, if desired. 6. Click Save Changes. Note: The Headline and Current Position sections display when you select the I currently work here checkbox in the Time Period field. If you are adding positions from previous companies you worked for, you will not have as many fields to populate.
  • GroupsJoin groups to bolster what you know and build your reputation as an expert in your field and within your role at XYZ Co. Once you join groups, you can share updates and job postings with them Belonging to groups is helpful in several ways. Groups will help you position yourself as an expert, they are a helpful tool for networking with potential candidates, and they round out your profile by sharing some of your personal interests. LinkedIn groups keep you current on trends happening within that group, your industry, and your profession. You can use groups as a recruiting tool by posting job openings to your groups. Your recruiter may not be part of your groups, so you are able to reach great candidates that they cannot. Finally, groups can highlight some of your personal interests and things that matter to you. Start building your reputation as an expert by joining 3-5 groups that are relevant to your professional role at XYZ Co.Join a Group Using Search 1. Click the dropdown next to the Search field, and select Groups. 2. Type the name of the group in the Search field, and select the group in the list that displays as you type. If the group does not display, press Enter for a comprehensive list. 3. Click Join Group. As a member of the group, you will receive updates when members post questions, comments, etc. Join a Group from a Connection’s Profile 1. Go to your connection’s profile page. 2. Scroll down to the Additional Information section. 3. Under Groups and Associations, find the group you want to join. 4. Click Join. Join a Group from a LinkedIn Suggestion Box 1. Click Home, then scroll down. 2. On the right side of the Home page (not your Profile page), LinkedIn will use information in your profile to suggest groups for you to join. These suggestions are based on everything built in your profile; keep checking—LinkedIn may find a great group for you! NOTE: Some groups will immediately approve your membership. Others have owners that will approve your request to join. Once the owner approves your request, you will be accepted into the group. Be patient—You’ll receive an email that you’ve been accepted
  • Summary The Summary is the ideal spot to immediately engage someone interested in joining your team by expressing why you love working for XYZ Co. and how XYZ Co. has rewarded you professionally. To write your Summary: Click Edit next to the Summary section under the Basic Information. 2. In the Professional Experience & Goals field, enter a brief paragraph about why you love what you do for XYZ Co. You can include what is exciting and rewarding about your role as well as what it has done for you in your career. 3. Click Save ChangesThough it feels natural to list out your skills and expertise in the Summary, there is actually a Skills & Expertise section designed for this purpose. In this section, list your skills and establish yourself as an expert. Example Summary: Prior to joining XYZ Co., I was looking for challenging work, talented co-workers, and to be part of something “special.” I found all of these things at XYZ Co. My work is both challenging and fun. I’m part of a team that’s creating and implementing a new people systems infrastructure that helps our leaders and employees to drive performance. I am fortunate to work with great people who inspire me on a daily basis and together, we have a common purpose – to change the world, one life at a time. My position has been hugely rewarding for me both personally and professionally.
  • Now that you have your LinkedIn page created and the basics added, it is time to raise the bar on your profile, set yourself apart as an expert in your field, and build that expert reputation by enhancing several areas of your profile: asking for recommendations, joining groups, sharing jobs and updates, and following companies. Candidates who are looking for jobs and know you are the hiring manager access your LinkedIn profile to find out more about who you are in your field and as a leader at XYZ Co.. By enhancing your profile in these areas, you excite candidates, which not only builds your reputation in your field, but also builds our XYZ Co. Talent Brand Build Your Professional Reputation Asking for RecommendationsAsk for recommendations from your network to showcase the type of leader you are or your work ethic to potential candidates. Though your colleagues are a great start, you are not limited to asking XYZ Co. employees Sharing Through Your ProfileAs a LinkedIn user, you can share updates, job postings, and relevant articles with others in your network. This activity helps build your reputation as an expert Following Companies & LinkedIn TodayFollow companies that are in your industry or are leaders in their field. Their news will show as content on your home page. Also, check out how LinkedIn Today keeps you current in your field
  • Recommendations allow you to showcase who you are as a leader and reinforce our company culture. Several recommendations that paint a positive image of you could attract someone who is considering joining our team. Ask for recommendations from your team, from hiring managers you have worked with, and from people you have hired. You can also ask for recommendations from external clients who can share their positive experience working with you To ask for a recommendation: From your Profile, click Profile. 2. From the dropdown, select Recommendations. 3. Find the XYZ Co. position for which you would like a recommendation, and click Ask to be endorsed. TIP: You can also ask for recommendations by scrolling down to the Experience section in your profile. Find the position. Then click Ask for recommendations. Follow the rest of the steps. 4. In the Request Recommendations box under Decide who you’ll ask, click the LinkedIn Connection Book icon, and select the connections you want to ask. 5. Change the body of the email to your liking (see box), and click Send. Once your connection submits a recommendation, you’ll receive notice from LinkedIn that it is ready for you to share Setting Context for Recommendations: When asking for a recommendation, provide context around what you are looking for in the response, especially if you are requesting one from a connection outside of XYZ Co. Use the following guidelines for requesting recommendations: For XYZ Co. Employees: Ask colleagues to comment on what you are like as a leader, what it’s like to work with you on a project, and/or your strengths in your role. For External Contacts: Ask external contacts (i.e., employers, vendor partners, students, parents, etc.) to comment on their experience working with you and how their experience with you has highlighted XYZ Co.’s commitment to A, B, and C.
  • Sharing Jobs and UpdatesSharing with your network helps you establish your image as an expert in your field, which is attractive to both your external clients or vendors and potential employees. To help establish the XYZ Co. Talent Brand, start sharing updates from the company that position us as a Great Place to Work and market how our cutting edge approaches reinforce our purpose; post jobs to attract top talent; participate in group discussions; or pose questions to others in your industry. As an added bonus, sharing jobs via LinkedIn is an efficient and free way to advertise our open positions to a targeted group Sharing Jobs through Updates 1. On the Home page, click the Update field. 2. Type a compelling statement about the job and ask for responses. 3. Click Share Sharing Company Updates 1. From the XYZ Co. company page, find the update you want to share. 2. Under the article, click the Share link. 3. In the Share dialog box, add your comments in the field. 4. Make sure that the Post to updates checkbox is selected. 5. Click Share to post to your profile. TIP: You can also share updates that your XYZ Co. Connections share from their LinkedIn profiles
  • Following Companies and LinkedIn Today LinkedIn provides you the opportunity to follow companies that interest you professionally or personally. Once you add your positions at XYZ Co., LinkedIn will automatically set your account up to follow XYZ Co. We encourage you to follow your industry partners, industry leaders, competitors, vendors, or trendsetters. If you use specific software or tools, following the companies who make them can help you stay on top of enhancements or changes to the applications. Once you follow companies, their updates will appear on your homepage so you have visibility to what is happening in their world. When choosing companies, consider what following each one will provide or round out in your knowledge base. To follow companies: 1. From the Search dropdown, select Companies. 2. In the Search field, type the company you want to follow. 3. From the list, select the company. If the company does not auto display, press Enter for a comprehensive search. 4. Click Follow Company. You will now see updates regarding the company you followed. LinkedIn Today LinkedIn Today streams the top news of the day about your field and allows you to be an expert, stay current, and see different perspectives. The mobile app, available for iPads, iPhones, and Android phones, allows you to access those articles on the go. How does it work? A series of complex algorithms goes into updating your LinkedIn Today page with relevant articles that support your interests, Skills & Expertise (refer to the LinkedIn 101 job aid), and companies you follow. From your LinkedIn Today page, you can select which general industries you would like to follow, and those articles are made available to you as well
  • Helpful tips for EA's

    1. 1. Helpful Tips for Executive Assistants
    2. 2. LINKEDIN INSIGHTS  Photo & Headline  Title  Groups  Summary LinkedIn 101: 4 Impactful Changes In 4 Minutes!
    3. 3. LINKEDIN INSIGHTS  Photo & Headline – Start by uploading a photo and writing a compelling headline – You have 120 characters at the top of your profile to describe who you are, whom you serve, and how you help LinkedIn 101: 4 Impactful Changes In 4 Minutes!
    4. 4. LINKEDIN INSIGHTS  Title – Include your most current job information and show your career progression via XYZ Co. — it shows we value growth and development within our organization LinkedIn 101: 4 Impactful Changes In 4 Minutes!
    5. 5. LINKEDIN INSIGHTS  Groups – Get creative — link to the things that matter to you at XYZ Co. – “We are hiring great people” can link to our careers page; “Why I work for XYZ Co.” can link to a testimonial from an intern about how working for XYZ Co. changed their life; and “Tour the Home Office” can help people interviewing for a position get a glimpse into a our daily life LinkedIn 101: 4 Impactful Changes In 4 Minutes!
    6. 6. LINKEDIN INSIGHTS  Summary – This is where you can really tell the story of what it is like to work at XYZ Co. – Use your own work experience at XYZ Co. to engage candidates in why you love to work here and why they will too LinkedIn 101: 4 Impactful Changes In 4 Minutes!
    7. 7. LINKEDIN INSIGHTS  Asking for Recommendations  Sharing Through Your Profile  Following Companies & LinkedIn Today LinkedIn 201: Establish Your Expert Reputation
    8. 8. LINKEDIN INSIGHTS  Asking for Recommendations – Set the context for recommendations  For XYZ Co. Employees: • Ask colleagues to comment on what you are like as a leader, what it’s like to work with you on a project, and/or your strengths in your role • For External Contacts: • Ask external contacts (i.e., employers, vendor partners, students, parents, etc.) to comment on their experience working with you and how their experience with you has highlighted XYZ Co.’s commitment to A, B, and C LinkedIn 201: Establish Your Expert Reputation
    9. 9. LINKEDIN INSIGHTS  Sharing Through Your Profile – Be an expert in your field – Help establish the XYZ Co. talent brand – Share jobs to attract top talent – Participate in Group discussions LinkedIn 201: Establish Your Expert Reputation
    10. 10. LINKEDIN INSIGHTS  Following Companies & LinkedIn Today – Follow companies that interest you professionally or personally – Updates will appear on your homepage – LinkedIn Today streams the top news of the day about your field and allows you to be an expert, stay current, and see different perspectives – Available for iPads, iPhones, and Android phones LinkedIn 201: Establish Your Expert Reputation