Getting to Yes Faster – Accelerating Your Sales Cycle


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Learn how DocuSign the global standard for eSignature helps you get to yes faster
– accelerating your sales cycle.

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  • Thank you very much for meeting with me today. For our conversation, I thought I’d provide a brief introduction to DocuSign, share with you common challenges we’ve heard from organizations considering an eSignature solution, and then share with you highlights of our solution. Would love to make this a very interactive conversation, so please feel free to jump in at any time.
  • There is always another Deal another Large Prospect for the Next Quarter, but accuate forecast are based on speed of Pushing Deals though the pipeline and enagaging well with customer so they realise the value of acting and break the Staus Quo
  • Sales Cycles are getting shorter
  • Typical Sales Process / Buying Process
  • Typical Sales Process / Buying Process
  • Typical Sales Process / Buying Process
  • Big Difference – up to 50% more time on a Deal that you don’t win or ends up in No Decision- waste time and cost reosuces and Opp cost and impact the forecast
  • 3 Elements that make add up to the effectivness of the sales peorson
  • Here are some of the common challenges we’ve heard from organizations considering eSignature. Do any of these resonate with you? Are there other challenges you’re thinking about?
  • The Problem:The problem starts with the signature on paper but is bigger than just the signatureRelying on pen and paper to transact business brings with it a series of issues. From printing, faxing, scanning, and overnighting documents, through requiring the rekeying of data and rework due to illegibility, incomplete information, and missing signatures. Finally sharing copies with each signer. The ConsequencesThe consequences of the problem are delays, increased cost, errors and unsecure transactions – all of which create a poor customer experience--------------------------Slow ExecutionSlow transactionsLengthened selling cycle timesLost deals, lost customers, lost employeesNo visibility into where contracts & agreements are in the processCostly OperationsLost productivity – time spent on manual processes, managing paper especially if across large numbers of people (e.g. a sales force)Error prone – re workRe-keying of data & reconciliationCost of printing, paper, faxing, scanning, and overnighting documentsError Prone & UnsecureNo way to verify who actually signed the documentsMissed errorsPoor fax readabilityLost documentsPersonal information visiblePoor customer experienceHassle with faxing or printing and scanningPaying expensive mail or courier fees to return documentsTechnology laggard reputationThe OpportunityReplacing a slow, manual process simply and quickly brings with it an extraordinary ROI opportunity.Accelerated speed to results – Because documents get completed and signed error free in minutes, cycle time gets radically accelerated so you see results sooner. For sales contracts that means accelerated revenue because you book more deals faster, for asset transfers that means you start earning fees more quickly, for job offers that means you secure new employees faster, etc.Reduced operating costs – Your staff saves time because they can send documents for signature instantly, and set up reminders and workflowto push the process to completion automatically. Plus you can eliminate paper, ink, printing, faxing and mail costs to further reduce costs. These saved resources can be re deployed to more productive uses.Accurate & Secure Transactions – There’s no need to rekey data because data gets collected electronically and can automatically update information in existing systems. Everything stays secure, legal and visible with a complete audit trail. The world’s largest companies and financial institutions have conducted multi-day security audits, including dumpster diving, and DocuSign has passed 100% of these audits. Delighted Customers – Major initiative in today’s enterprises from the CEO to the frontline employee striving for this; convenience of anywhere, anytime, any device access for completing documents including on any mobile device helps you provide customers a delightful experience.
  • Highlight 2-3 of these results, rather than all seven.
  • In terms of a quick introduction to DocuSign, DocuSign is the global leader for eSignature.Our vision is to “empower anyone to sign anything, anywhere, anytime.” We are 100% focused on delivering on this vision. We have a large and growing customer base. We have over 20 million unique users who have signed more than 120 million documents to date. We are adding more than 50,000 unique users on average per day (that’s almost one a second).We also lead the market in terms of market share, transaction volume and number of partners. Two thirds of documents signed in the cloud are DocuSigned – more than all others combined.We operate globally, with people signing in 188 different countries using 39 different languages.
  • TALKING POINTS:DocuSign offers solutions across every industry – universal applicabilityFrom fin services to insuranceTechnology to consumerReal estate to healthcare…50% of customers have DocuSigned before buying DocuSign for their company – most through the purchase and sale of a homeEvery industry on this slide is represented here today in this room---------------------------------------------Top use case for each industry:Real Estate & Property Management: Real estate transactions, leasesFinancial Services & Leasing: New account openings, transfer of assets & account changes, loan applications, applications, policies, beneficiary changesTechnology: Accelerating sales and procurement cyclesRetail: Leasing/facilities and procurement/supply chainHealthcare & Pharma: Credentialing of healthcare providers and pharmaceutical sampling Manufacturing, Oil & Gas: Accelerating sales, procurement & supply chainCommunications & Media: SalesTravel & Tourism: Procurement, Supplier/Partner managementEscrow & Mortgage: Real estate transactions
  • TALKING POINTS:The result is that eSignature has become inevitable – The fourth generation is already hereIt’s already increasing exponentially and will grow even more dramatically in the second half of the decadeSpeed and functionality are an order of magnitude greaterThis is our opportunity – as customers, partners and innovators in this industry
  • Getting to Yes Faster – Accelerating Your Sales Cycle

    1. 1. Getting to Yes Faster– Accelerating Your Sales Cycle Kevin Livingstone - DocuSign Tim Foster – TAS Group05 December 2012 DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL
    2. 2. Sales Velocity
    3. 3. What needs to be Measured? x Value x Sales Deals Win Rate Velocity = Sales Cycle
    4. 4. What‟s happening to sales cycles? 2008 2009 -19% 2010 -22% 2011 -25%
    5. 5. 70% DONEZzzz… 70% DONE 70% of buying process completed before sales contact Buyers are technologically savvy & socially connected
    6. 6. The Buying Cycle The Selling Cycle Identify Needs Qualify Visualize Solutions Requirements Evaluate Alternatives Evidence Negotiate Terms Acquisition Purchase Order Re-evaluate Manage
    7. 7. The Buying Cycle The Selling CycleSolution Discovery ?(Search)Experience Check(Network) ?Evaluate Alternatives ?(Network)Best Practices Study ?(Network)Trial Use / Free Pilot (First Free TrialVendor Contact)Negotiate & Buy Negotiate & Sell
    8. 8. The Buying Cycle The Selling CycleSolution Discovery Monitor and Network(Search)Experience Check Reference Customers(Network)Evaluate Alternatives Influencers(Network)Best Practices Study Industry Group(Network)Trial Use / Free Pilot (First Free TrialVendor Contact)Negotiate & Buy Negotiate & Sell
    9. 9. Winning and losing sales cycles
    10. 10. Winning and losing sales cycles
    11. 11. “How do I convert quicker?” Sales Methodology Sales ProcessHow am I doing in this Account / Opportunity Where am I in this Opportunity and what compared to the competition? must I do next to progress it? Sales Skills How do I execute the Sales Methodology and Sales Process to improve performance and sustain results?
    12. 12. TAS Sales Methodology + Technology = Like Assessment Political Decision Collaboration Competitive PRIME Coach Me Map Criteria Map Strategy ActionsTAS Methodology 1 2 3 4 5 Is there an Can We Can We Is It Worth Test and Approve Opportunity? Compete? Win? Winning? the Plan Early Qualification Competitive Positioning Alignment Risk Assessment and Compelling Event and UBV
    13. 13. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.
    14. 14. Free Resources Score your sales effectiveness. Get advice. See how you compare. Create a customized sales process. Read our blog featuring insights on sales effectiveness. @tgfoster @thetasgroup Follow us on Twitter.
    15. 15. Common Challenges We Hear “Our employees spend too much time getting contracts signed after getting to „yes.‟” “We completely lose visibility into contract status after emailing/ faxing/posting.” “We need to send/sign on mobile devices.” “We need to integrate into a number of existing systems.” “We need a solution that works globally.” DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 15
    16. 16. DocuSign Value Proposition Printing, faxing Increased Speed Slow execution to Results Shipping (Multiple Signers) Reduced Costly operations Operating Costs Lost contracts Error prone & Accurate & Secure unsecure Transactions Missing signatures Poor customer Delighted Rekeying data experience Customers DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 16
    17. 17. DocuSign Sample Customer Results Receive Signed Contracts within 2 hours instead of 2 weeks Increased Revenue by $3.094M Annually Close Rates Up 30% Order Provisioning Reduced from Days to hours Cut Days To Cash From 120 to 30 Use Of Salesforce Up 300%; 500 Non-Productive Admin Hours Slashed Close Rates Doubled From 24% to 50%; Not In Good Order to 0 One branch saving £4,000 Annually in Paper and Ink
    18. 18. About DocuSign Our Vision Empower anyone to sign anything, anywhere, anytime. DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 18
    19. 19. DocuSign Sample Customers Across Industries DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 19
    20. 20. Inevitable