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Top 5+1 Tips of How to Use CRM to Impress your Customers with Fast and Efficient Service


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Do you want to impress your customers with fast and efficient service? Do you want your customers to recommend your service to other people? Or do you need to manage call center inquiries quickly, …

Do you want to impress your customers with fast and efficient service? Do you want your customers to recommend your service to other people? Or do you need to manage call center inquiries quickly, with precision and consistency? Then we recommend you to join our FREE eSMasterClass Webinar to learn how to transform a good service to a great one with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. eSMasterClassWebinar Top 5+1 Tips of How to Use CRM to Impress Your Customers with Fast and Efficient ServiceMarcus EliasSolution Architect,
  • 2. Agenda• Introduction: Overview of different types of Service Organisations• Core Modules of CRM Service Management• Case Management• Queue Management• Knowledge Base Management• Reports and Dashboards• Additional Resources• Upcoming Webinars• Questions
  • 3. Introduction : Types of Service Organisations• Call centres/helpdesk type of organisations that have CSR’s working on multiple cases/incidents• Service oriented organisations that carry out product installations, annual maintenance jobs etc.• Government (or govt. agencies) that deal with Citizens and their issues• Internal service desk for your own organisation/staff• Objective - provide best possible service to your customers
  • 4. Service Management at a glance Service Module in MS Dynamics CRM Customer Case Contract Service Management Management Management Scheduling Workflows/ Knowledge Reporting and Queues SLA Base Dashboards management
  • 5. Tip #1Streamline Case creation, tracking & escalation
  • 6. Cases• When a customer contacts your organization, a Customer Service Representative (CSR) creates a case and enters information about the customer and the customers issue.• If the person who opens the case is not the one to resolve it, the case can be assigned to a queue or to another CSR.• By logging activities and time spent on a case, a manager can track performance and productivity.• A resolved case can be reopened so that additional activities and time can be logged against it, if necessary.
  • 7. Creating a Case
  • 8. Managing a Case
  • 9. Tip #2Respond to your customer inquiries faster and in an effective way
  • 10. Queuing and Routing Services• You can create queues to sort incoming cases according to subject-matter expertise, product teams, or other business designations to ensure that a CSR with the right experience gets each case. You can also assign cases directly to specific CSRs• After creating queues, create rules to manage the routing of cases to the appropriate CSR queue or user or assign them manually.• Examples : ‘High Priority Cases’, ‘Escalated Cases’, ‘Cases related to installation’ etc.
  • 11. Queue Items
  • 12. Sample workflow SLA management using workflow
  • 13. Sample workflow (contd.)Compiling Emails within CRM Workflow
  • 14. Sharing Information in the Knowledge Base• Service reps can share information, including common issues and the approved fixes, product sheets, and updates, in the form of searchable articles stored in the knowledge base.• Define keywords that help search articles better• Service reps can e-mail the article directly to the customer and store it with the case for review later.
  • 15. Sharing Information in the Knowledge Base
  • 16. Sharing Information in the Knowledge Base
  • 17. Creating a Knowledge Base Article
  • 18. Locating & Attaching KB ArticleStep 1Step 2
  • 19. Tip #3 Measure & track the effectiveness of yourservice team with Dashboards and Reporting
  • 20. Dashboards• Dashboards are optimised for managed presentations of your most important data• Need to consider design and layout of a dashboard• Can perform ad-hoc analysis with dashboards
  • 21. Dashboards to Measure Service
  • 22. Dashboards to Measure Service (con’t)
  • 23. Tip #4 Effectively manage yourperformance of your service team
  • 24. Managing Performance & Productivity- Define goal metric , for e.g. no. of cases resolved, average call time, first call resolutions etc.- Define Roll Up Query, which is essentially the condition that determines which records are to be considered/evaluated against this goal- Define Goals by specifying a target, the time frame, the goal metric and a rollup query, for e.g. no of cases resolved by my team this quarter.- Take proactive measures based on information available.
  • 25. Goals Chart
  • 26. Tip #5Resolve cases in a timely and accurate manner
  • 27. Viewing History of a Case
  • 28. Resolving a Case
  • 29. Additional functionalities• Centralized Document Management: Manage cases, service contracts, FAQs, and more with embedded Microsoft SharePoint document management capabilities.• Guided Service Processes: Streamline case resolution and escalations with guided dialogs, automated processes, and conditional formatting rules.
  • 30. Summary of main benefits• Automate common tasks using CRM Workflows and allow your service reps to time efficiently on solving customer issues• Attain a higher number of first call resolutions• Reduce service costs, improve service quality, increase productivity and increase customer satisfaction• Use reports and dashboards available to evaluate your service organisation and be proactive
  • 31. Learn more – Resources• Microsoft CRM team blog -• Resource Centre
  • 32. Next session, when & how to registerTop 5+1 Reasons Why Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Register at
  • 33. THANK YOU You can reach me at for any further