MROC - real feedback and insights from your customers


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MROC = A private online community where a targeted group discusses research related topics on a weekly basis.

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MROC - real feedback and insights from your customers

  1. 1. Marketing Research Online Communities
  2. 2. [Research timeline] Online Research Communities Online Panel Online Research Phone interviews Face-to-face research
  3. 3. [What is a MROC] MROC = A private online community where a targeted group discusses research related topics on a weekly basis. Interactions between participants are moderated and nurtured with engagement exercises. The client receives information through a periodically reporting process.
  4. 4. [How can be built a MROC?] Social Network + Online Community tools Qualitative MROC CapabilitiesResearch communitiesdraw on the latest social The combination ofnetworking and These Web 2.0 are these tools createscommunity combined with online an environment =tools, including qualitative research where participantsforums, blogs, photosharing, profilepages, friends/connectio + techniques (but also with quantitative research methods), submissiv can connect and collaborate, while sharing theirns etc..., combining feedback throughthem in a way that e research and ongoing discussionsallows research question research. and surveys.participants to connectand share their thoughts.
  5. 5. “While online is a clumsy observationalmedium, it is a tremendous engagement andconfessional medium” (Forrester Research)
  6. 6. [Advantages of MROCs] Deep and relevant Listen to your Get fast feedback insights consumers Communities help researchers get a unique A MROC is a “virtual perspective into the Communities can cut the station” where you can lives of participants, research cycle time listen to your truly understand their helping companies customers, give them a needs, and collaborate make timely decisions voice to express their with them in ways that and speed the product opinions and talk about are not possible through development cycle. your brand. other point-in-time methodologies.
  7. 7. [Advantages of MROCs (2)] Knowing better your consumers will help you to understand their lifestyle and the way they interact with brands. In this way you’ll Better… have the big picture of the links A lower budget By tapping into a targeted between lifestyle and purchase group of participants on an decision process. ongoing basis, companies can This collaborative approach save thousands in makes possible to build a strong recruiting, incentives, facility rental relationship between brands and and travel costs. consumers based on loyalty.
  8. 8. [Applications for Research Communities] Identify and track trends Qualitative tracking of among a targeted audience brand perceptions over an extended period of alongside competitive time brands Generate ideas for new Formative and exploratory products and services research around new alongside prospective markets, audiences and or customers topics Evaluate customer experiences through product Refine product concepts diaries, blogs, discussions and surveys
  9. 9. [Community variations] Project community Shared communities Ongoing Communities can be very effective when used on a communities Research and consulting small scale and short-term firms that have an expertise basis. For example, a in specific segments or Ongoing communities that community of 50-100 industries may find a last for many months or participants over 3 months multi-client “shared” years can be useful in an can be effective as a community to be an effective advisory capacity, where replacement for way of using communities. companies are tapping into multi-city focus group For example, a company the community for their studies. may setup a single ongoing feedback on a wide range of These project-based community and run topics. These communities smaller ad-hoc or communities tend to be can be valuable for “deep- syndicated studies inside of larger (200+ members) and dives” the community for multiple designed around a particular on a targeted set of clients. brand, product or service. objectives.
  10. 10. [Detalii despre comunitate si recomandari] Research community sizes vary, although most are between 50-300 people. We typically recommend around 150-200 participants to keep the feedback Size manageable while encouraging connection among members. The duration also varies by the objectives. Communities are typically at least one month, although they can last years. We’ve found great results with research Duration communities that last between 3-6 months. Market research communities are primarily a qualitative methodology, although it is possible to obtain hybrid qualitative and quantitative feedback through a larger Methodology community size Communities can be built around a targeted set of objectives (e.g., new product development, ad testing, website redesign, etc...), or address a wider set of Focus objectives (e.g., general audience understanding). The output is similar to other online qualitative studies. Transcripts from all research activities are available immediately, with ongoing reports delivered in Output presentation or newsletter-style formats.
  11. 11. Thank You!