Talk to John Glaser's class at Wharton 3-17-2014


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My annual lecture to John Glaser's class for innovators in the Wharton MBA program at the U of Pennsylvania. Includes added slides for topics I mentioned beyond the slides shown.

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Talk to John Glaser's class at Wharton 3-17-2014

  1. 1. “e-Patient Dave” deBronkart Twitter: @ePatientDave The e-Patient’s Perspective
  2. 2. “I want to note especially the importance of the resource that is most often under- utilized in our information systems – our patients” Charles Safran MD, Beth Israel Deaconess quoting his colleague,Warner Slack MD Testimony to the HouseWays & Means subcommittee on health, 2004
  3. 3. How I came to be here •  High tech marketing •  Data geek; tech trends; automation •  2007: Cancer discover & recovery •  2008: E-Patient blogger •  2009: Participatory Medicine, Public Speaker •  2010: full time •  2011: international
  4. 4. founder Tom Ferguson MD 1944-2006 Equipped Engaged Empowered Enabled” Doc Tom said, “e-Patients are
  5. 5. JAMIA, 1997
  6. 6. Pt of future
  7. 7. The Engaged Patient 12 items in my pre-appointment “agenda” email
  8. 8. The Incidental Finding Routine shoulder x-ray, Jan. 2, 2007 “Your  shoulder      will  be  fine  …      but  there’s        something        in  your  lung”  
  9. 9. Multiple tumors in both lungs Where’s This From??
  10. 10. PrimaryTumor: Kidney
  11. 11. Classic Stage IV, Grade 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma Illustration on the drug company’s web site Median Survival: 24 weeks
  12. 12. E-Patient Activity: “My doctor prescribed ACOR” (Community of my patient peers)
  13. 13. ACOR members told me: •  This is an uncommon disease – get to a hospital that does a lot of cases •  There’s no cure, but HDIL-2 sometimes works. –  When it does, about half the time it’s permanent –  The side effects are severe. •  Don’t let them give you anything else first •  Here are four doctors in your area who do it –  And one of them was at my hospital
  14. 14. How can it be that the most useful and relevant and up-to-the-minute information can exist outside of traditional channels?
  15. 15. Because of the Web, Patients Can Connect to Information and Each Other (and other Providers)
  16. 16. “If I read two journal articles every night, at the end of a year I’d be 400 years behind.” Dr. Lindberg: 400 years
  17. 17. The lethal lag time: 2-5 years The time it takes after successful research is completed before publication is completed and the article’s been read.
  18. 18. Physician adoption of new practices years after discovery The “17 years” thing From A. Balas, Institute of Medicine, inYearbook of Medical Informatics 2000 Flu vaccine, year 32: 55% doing it, 45% still not Beta blockers, year 18: 62% doing it, 38% still not Diabetic foot care, year 7: 20% doing it, 80% still not Cholesterol, year 16: 65% doing it, 35% still not Creative Commons Attribution / Share-Alike May be distributed with this license included
  19. 19. Scurvy 264