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E mobitech services 01

  1. 1. eMobitech
  2. 2. eMobitecheMobitech is an India based business solutions providing company that focuses on highly qualitative,timely delivered and cost-effective development solutions.With a rich and varied experience in providing Our competencies lie in setting up dedicatedoffshore software development and project offshore software development teams formanagement capabilities and stringent quality services ranging from outsourced softwarestandards ensure us to develop solutions that solutions development to independentgive your business an edge over your software testing services with a local projectcompetitors. Our global software outsourcing management team. Using our proven Projectmodel makes sure we deliver maximum Management and mature developmenttargeted result to YOU. Our expertise lies in methodology we make outsourcing work forreducing costs and enhancing productivity by you. By improving reliability, speed and agility,bringing the strategic advantage of Software we enable our customers to achieve sustainableOutsourcing and Offshore Software differential advantage over their competition.Development to the very doorsteps of ourcustomers in more ways than one. eMobitech Contact : 91 8905247350 Email : info@emobitech.com
  3. 3. eMobitech Services Portfolio eMobitech Application Web SEO & SMM Developement Solutions Services Web Flash Testing Designing Programming Solution Content Multimedia Consulting Writing Solutions ServicesApplication Development ADeMobitech is righteous destination for those who are seeking to out source their software projects, enroute to success. We are the unequivocal destination, where one can have value and satisfaction ofoutsourcing their software development services. we focus on latest business applications development,Application Migration, Application Maintenance, application management, and IT services providingeffective customized software solutions by using universal-accepted technologies such as .NET, PHP,LAMP, Silverlight, Sharepoint, Ajax and others.Our Development Expertise Custom Software Programming Computer Software Development Software Design Software Maintenance and Enhancement Instructional Design eMobitech Contact : 91 8905247350 Email : info@emobitech.com
  4. 4. eMobitech Gist Of Our CompetenciesWeb Solutions WSPresenting your core competencies, products and services before the internet savvy customers, yourwebsite is the foremost messenger of your business in the virtual world. We provide web solutions toenhance your business, marketing, and profit goals. The complexities associated with websitedesigning and development is wide open that keep proliferating every day. It is our assurance toprovide a tangible solution to every problem and complexity. Our creative team is experienced indesigning. They have quiet an exposure of web development for media; from traditional print andexhibition projects to all styles of digital creative.eMobitech owing to its pool of talented web designers and programmers, online marketers,programmers and their combined experience in devising and delivering web development solutions tobusinesses spread across the globe makes us comfortably one of the best bet on web. Our expertise inOpen Source platforms as well as on Microsoft platform ensures your successful solution design anddevelopment. eMobitech Contact : 91 8905247350 Email : info@emobitech.com
  5. 5. eMobitechOur Web Development Solutions ü Help you effectively manage your business online ü Improve your web presence ü Increase the flow of targeted traffic to your website ü Help you acquire new customers and retain the old ones ü Are innovative and appealing to keep the visitors engaged ü Are easy to load − as graphics and images are embedded judiciouslyOur Web Expertise ü Custom web design and development ü E-commerce website design and development ü Web application development ü Enterprise portal management ü Online promotion via SEO, SMM, SMO, SEM eMobitech Contact : 91 8905247350 Email : info@emobitech.com
  6. 6. eMobitech SEO & SMM Services SEO & SMMThousands of web sites go unnoticed in spite of having aesthetically and professionally designed webidentity. Majority of who fail, meet the fate just because of their poor ranking on search engine resultfindings. eMobitech offers affordable search engine optimization services to help you obtain higherrankings across prominent search engines.We offer you SEO services that can help you gain permanent Back links, Search Engines rankings boost,which can help you gain more free traffic. We provide detailed analysis of your web site, performingkeyword research, evaluating content, checking pages densities, checking your back links, and findingother ways of optimizing your website design.We diligently attempt to build and raise the level of your website on search engines so that your websiteis listed above that of your competitors and that you get more visitors. We also ensure that pages thatwe categorize in the search engines magnetize customers into your sales process and this puts you wayahead of your competitors, because we not only take interest in what is going on in the search engines,but directly in your sales process too.Our SEO & SMM Service Offerings Website compatibility analysis Link building campaigns Competition and Keyword analysis Local search ranking ROI focused solution Reputation Build and Management Social media services eMobitech Contact : 91 8905247350 Email : info@emobitech.com
  7. 7. Website Designing Services eMobitech WDAn effective web identity is one that not only holds visitors attention but also guides search enginecrawlers to scan and index the sites pages easily. A creative website with quality images forms afunctional solution for a successful business.Only a good web design can ensure an effective web identity that meets both the above conditions. Weoffers corporate web design services across industries encompassing sports, finance and investment,retail and wholesale, automobile, ecommerce, and many more. Our web design experts ensure thatclients successfully get to carve a niche in their respective domain with the help of their innovativeand effective web identity.Our Website Designing Services Offerings Website design visualization Update or redesign of existing websites Content writing and management (search engine friendly) Flash Animations Custom Web Programming Customized artwork and graphics services E Commerce, online shop implementation Emil template/ logo/ bulletin board/ chat rooms designs Search Engine Optimization of website Website MaintenanceWe are one of the leading professional flash website design, flash web site development company andflash page designer, renowned for its longstanding experience in creating quality interactive web sitethat in addition to being attractive, work too. What differentiates eMobitech from other offshore flashweb design companies is that we creates unique and innovative design ideas, equilibrates it with theneed of the end user and effectuates eye-catching graphic designs via dynamic action scripting.Our Exclusive FLASH Development Services Offerings Flash programming Flash scripting Movie design Flash presentations Flash demos eMobitech Contact : 91 8905247350 Email : info@emobitech.com
  8. 8. eMobitechSoftware Testing Services STSoftware testing solutions can be comprehended as a procedure of questioning a software product to itsmerit. This helps to identify the correctness, comprehensiveness, and quality of software developed.Software testing solutions comprehend processes that are used to test coded software. Testing software isnot reducing risk, but a way of better control on the software developed. Testing ensures a stable softwareproduct.We manage both manual software testing and automated software testing services. We work closely withour clients to tailor the testing services. This not only supports client’s product but also meets the needsand quality demanded. This is done with well-tracked processes. We ensure to deliver a well-managedreport, in a consistent and verified format.We offer independent QA and Testing Services spanning the entire software release life cycle. Our QAservices help you deliver your software with confidence and compete better in the market. This includesformulating the test plan & test cases, execution, defect reporting, defect analysis, risk assessments andrecommendations.Software Verification & Validation Services Performance Engineering Services Black Box/Functionality Testing Load Testing End to End Testing Volume Testing Configuration/Compatibility Testing Stress Testing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Transaction Testing Installation/Integration Testing Performance Tuning Security/Vulnerability Testing Capacity Planning Internationalization/Localization Testing Performance ConsultingTest Automation Services QA & QC Consulting Services Consulting Process Consulting Automated Testing Test Strategy & Management Implementation Gap Analysis Trainings eMobitech Contact : 91 8905247350 Email : info@emobitech.com
  9. 9. eMobitechContent Writing Services CWContent reflects image and Quality content makes abig difference.Whether you are trying to position your business image by means of ranking high in search engines ortrying to make a global market presence, there is always demand for Quality content. We enhance yourimage with our comprehensive quality content solutions.Our "mixed basket" range of content solution offers you best preposition with unique online and offlinearticles, customer focused and sales oriented information and long term benefits. You are assured by uswith long term partnership and relationship to boost your top ranking web presence and high profilereputation by means of our continual web image building efforts.Our Content Writing Services Offerings Website Content Writing SEO articles Writing Technical Writing Press Releases Writing Company Profile Writing E-Mailers & E-Flyers E-Brochures & E-Catalogues Blogs Ghost Writing Books & E-Books Writing eMobitech Contact : 91 8905247350 Email : info@emobitech.com
  10. 10. eMobitechMultimedia Development Services MDTechnology advancement has assured the use of multimedia software by masses. Multimedia presentationservices have acquired the vital area in giving instructional training, corporate and product presentations,and educational training. Multimedia is the need for the companies, who aspire to communicate theirbusiness effectively.Success of any multimedia software development depends on how productively it is developed. The choiceof content, page layouts with the ease in navigation play a major role in development of adept multimediasoftware. eMobitech engaged in multimedia development from India offers full range of multimediapresentation services that are custom made as per the requirements of our clients.The area of Multimedia Development is a part of our special expertise. eMobitech is the righteousdestination for optimization of clients three main areas - time, money and endeavor.Our Multimedia Development Services Offerings Computer Based Training Development Web Based Training Development Online catalogue development 3D walkthroughs Product campaign development Animation movies development Integrating solutions with Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, Orkut etc. eMobitech Contact : 91 8905247350 Email : info@emobitech.com
  11. 11. eMobitechMobile Solutions Development MSDSporadic growth of Mobile communication has ushered in an era wherein businesses and individual shave theflexibility to control and monitor their business wirelessly.Mobile application development has simplified complex business processes and communication needs bycondensing the controls to a tiny handset. For developing best Mobile applications, the developers need to havea deep insight in to the industry and a clear understanding of the business needs of the clients. Clearly definingthe functionalities and features required by the client helps the developers customize the application as per therequirements of the clients.We offer scalable, robust, seamless, and interoperable application development solutions to ensure that ourclients stay connected always.We have a team of experienced mobile application developers with hands on experience in deliveringapplications solutions based on Application SDK and other mobile technologies.Our Mobile Solutions Offerings : Mobile Commerce Web-enabled/Internet applications to the mobile platform extension Development on - Windows Mobile, Java, Palm mobileplatforms development for Mobile Social Networking, GPRS communication, Bluetooth, WAP and XML Multi player mobile games development WAP enabled sites development SMS based Value Added Services development eMobitech Contact : 91 8905247350 Email : info@emobitech.com
  12. 12. eMobitechConsulting Services CSWe help clients devise strategies that help them streamline their process in line to the latest needs and as perthe technological supports and challenges. We help business transform and evolve towards better businessbenefits.We not only help your specialty perform better by educating the resource pool on the right IT strategies, butalso on priorities ensuring success of their business. Our unrivaled technology proficiency coupled withindustry acumen enables us to deliver practical and feasible solutions to help you achieve your business goalsfaster and more efficiently.Catering to the business needs of various industries encompassing financial and insurance services, medicaland healthcare, travel and hospitality, media and entertainment, retail and wholesale, sports, and so on,eMobitech consulting services can enable you to: Enjoy Enhanced web presence through search engine friendly web identity Benefit from effective web designs that are innovative, intuitive and help you reach and entice a your targeted visitor Sustain brand reputation that spreads your trustworthiness among right business prospect Win edge over competitor by following strategies helping in faster refinement in strategies and effective mapping of prioritiesOur Consulting Services Offerings : ICT Solutions Information Security Six Sigma and LEAN Outsourcing Mergers and Acquisitions eMobitech Contact : 91 8905247350 Email : info@emobitech.com
  13. 13. eMobitech eMobitech Engagement ModelOur engagement models are flexible, scalable, secure and custom defined based on specific individualneeds of our customers. With this we ensure that we follow the right strategy to ensure businesstransformation, lower operational costs and quick time to market. We ensure 100% success for ourcustomers business and in the process, ensure business continuity for ourselves. Extension of the customers The customer pays a software engineering facility. Pre-negotiated fixed price for the complete project for well defined The customer pays fixed monthly deliverables rate for the team. Dedicated Fixed Price Development Model Centre We Build an offshore facility for the We define the business model Customer. We operate the off- and work hand in hand with our shore facility & customize it as per client. Client pays a fixed hourly customer’s needs. Upon maturity, rate. we Transfer the complete owner- ship of the facility & resources to the client. Built Operate Fixed Price Transfer Model Model eMobitech Contact : 91 8905247350 Email : info@emobitech.com
  14. 14. About eMobitech eMobitecheMobitech specializes in industry of Online Marketing, Web Development and Designing, SoftwareDevelopment services for its clients across the globe. Our expertise and focuses is to reduce operations anddevelopment costs and brining in well improved advantages of Off-shore development to the customers inmore than just one way. Our key features - reliability, velocity and agility, facilitate our clients to attend theirsustainable goal over their cut-throat competition.Our management models are flexible, measurable, safe and norm clear, based on particular requirement ofour clients. With all these, we guarantee that our strategy will redefine your business in right direction toensure business conversions, reduction in operational costing and real time solutions to market.Strategic AllianceeMobitech has strategic alliance with Sincordia Technologies for Web development and designing work.Our Portfoliohttp://sitedesigns.sincordia.co.uk/portfolio/Username: guestPassword: AmyOur ApproachAs a reputable, and experienced creative outsourcing Company, we have put in place a number of proceduresand processes which from our experience have helped to ensure that our output is as high quality and costeffective as possible for our clients.We pride ourselves for Quality of our services and do everything possible to maintain it for our clients. Wehelp clients not only produce their desired output but can also help in an advisory capacity to ensure thattheir clients make the most of the digital opportunities available. We like to see ourselves as an extendedmember of our clients’ team, rather than an outsourced entity.We look at the creative product as the sum ofstrategy, process and delivery. eMobitech Contact : 91 8905247350 Email : info@emobitech.com
  15. 15. eMobitech Contact Us US office : 1134 ‘e‘elk Ave Block A - Lane C #5, Glendale California 97205 UAS India office : A/610, Smita Complex, Opp Auda Garden, Gurukul Road, Memnagar, Ahmedabad. Gujarat. India.Email: emobitech@gmail.com emobitechWeb site : www.emobitech.com https://twitter.com/emobitechPhone : 079 40081406 https://www.facebook.com/pages/EMobitech-SolutionsMobile : 8905247350 in.linkedin/emobitechsolution eMobitech Contact : 91 8905247350 Email : info@emobitech.com