Coldcalling tips using james bond


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Cold calling tips

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  • I wanne be james bondCool cars Ticket to any eventBeautiful women and dress to impress and cool gadgets
  • I wanne be james bondCool cars Ticket to any eventBeautiful women and dress to impress and cool gadgets
  • Your task is, Their task is be very carefull with their timeConvince him that it will be time well spend
  • Fake it till you make it, fake it till you become it.Don’t lie, stretch
  • Get to know him,Look for mutual contacts
  • 3 times no = no
  • I wanne be james bondCool cars Ticket to any eventBeautiful women and dress to impress and cool gadgets
  • Coldcalling tips using james bond

    1. COLDC
    2. Throughout this presentation,you’ll find these yellow boxes.These yellow boxes give you alittle more info about theslides.COLDC
    3. @TjorvenD TjorvenDenorme
    4. What is your dream job?
    5. No current vacancies
    6. Since my dream job was notavailable I went for sales.Company car, smartphone,cool events, ... It could/shouldbe the closest thing to the realthing.
    7. But sales meant Cold Calling. Icome from an age beforeinternet and google and seoand social media, so callingwas the way to go.But still now it work and this iswhy...COLDC
    8. Purpose cold calling
    9. MeetingSales via the phone is verydifficult so you need 1 one 1contact. It is easier to sell yourproduct or service and theperson will remember youlonger.
    10. But something important is often forgotten. Coldcalling is very good for collecting data. How is your market doing? what are the trends? is there money for your service or product? When they don’t want a meeting, try to gather as much information as possible.Collect data
    11. Start!
    12. Research
    13. Choose the right person Who is going to buy your service/product. Is it HR or IT. Is it C level or lower. It is very important that you select the right person to call. So you don’t lose time and you get the right information.
    14. You can search Linkedin tolook for more info about aname, but you can also‘advanced search’. You canlook for the R&D manager of acertain company.
    15. His profile gives you lots ofdata. The picture shows yousomething (tie or vacation pic).Where he is from. But alsomaybe someone in yournetwork knows him. Thismakes it a warm call, not acold call.
    16. Look at his career. Maybe heworked at a company who isalready a customer. Or is acustomer of your competitor.
    17. Is he an engineer or amarketing guy. Calling to anengineer is different than to asales guy. You must approachthem differently.
    18. Groups and associations showhis interests. If you sell .NETdevelopment, like we do. Andall his groups are open sourcerelated , changes are that itwill be difficult to sell ourservices.
    19. In my opinion FB doesn’t reallyhelp to get much valiableinformation for cold calling.
    20. But Twitter does. You can readhis tweets. That way you mightread something you can use inyour phone call.Also follow your contact todayand call him tomorrow. Twitterwill have send him an emailthat you started following him.The secretary will call him andhe will know your name fromsomewhere.
    21. The secretary is your friend Be very friendly because she is the barrier between you and your contact. She can help you get through or she can make it hard for you. Your contact will be in meeting, or not there, or not in the mood, so you’ll hear the receptionist a lot.
    22. Otherwise, impress her
    23. I’m calling you from the eMenKa GroupHeadquarters in Antwerp. If you call, as a small company to a large entreprise, use words as headquarters or group. Fake it till you make it.
    24. ... or with technical stuffOr tell very technical stuff tohim or her that they don’tunderstand. I would like tospeak to ... about that.Because she doesn’tunderstand she might connectyou.
    25. But most are well trained and there is no easy way past. That is where the games begin.But sometimes she tough.
    26. Two-stepDon’t ask to speak to thefunction name, but ask if thename you have (from linkedin)is the right person to contactfor your product/service. Thesecond time you can ask totalk to a name. That might nothelp at the reception, but itdoes in the next tip ...
    27. If you change the last digits of a phone number you will end up in a departement where someone picks up the phone who is not trained to keep you out. Then ask if this is the correct direct number for ... (name you got). Huge change they will say no and give the direct number to you.Change last two digits
    28. If you call C – level even if you have a direct nr, you still have a personal secretary. Then try different hours and days. If he or she doesn’t work fulltime, the direct nr may be a direct line. Try Wednesday afternoons , Fridays and school holidays.Timing
    29. Smiling when you call makes you more friendly. I know it sounds stupid, but give it a try. You’ll see it works.Smile Even if it is fake
    30. Always ask, so you are sure you have a 100% attention. If the answer is no, ask when you can call back. And then call back at exactly that time. Because he asked you, it is easy to go past the reception.Do I call you at a bad time?
    31. Script your call Don’t script because the other side will hear you read the script, but because then you think about what you say and how. Change your script for small and big companies and change it if you feel it’s doesn’t work.
    32. If your contact has a lot of questions,don’t answer them on the phone. Say that is why you want a meeting. To give information about your service or product. It’s not possible via phone. Sell a meeting not your product or service, that is way to difficult. Sell a meetingnot your service/product
    33. Practice! The more you do it, the better you get at it. The more you do it, the better you feel at ease. The more you do it, the better your script will become. Practice makes perfect.
    34. Practice on small companies, or less relevant companies. Make sure you are trained before going for the big fish.Easy targets first!
    35. Nothing to lose.Many people don’t like to coldcall because of the constantrejection. You get a lot of no’s.But you have nothing whenyou call, if you have nothingafter the call, you haven’t lostanything. All you can do is win.Win a meeting, or collectvaluable data.
    36. 3 times No is No Don’t stop with your phonecall after one No. Keep asking untill you get at least 3 no’s . You might get a yes in between, otherwise you will collect more data. Data which can be used the next time you call.
    37. If your product/service is not interesting today, it might be in 6 months or a year. Ask for that , and than ask if you can call back. Cold calling is persistence. Keep on pushing.Ask permission to call back
    38. Follow up. Do follow up. If you may call back in 3 month, do call back. Refer to previous call. After a while your contact will remember you. Result : If you didn’t get a meeting, you’ll be top of mind. If they need a product or a service like yours they’ll call you, not the competition.
    39. If still no, choose different entry If you keep getting no’s, maybe you can try a different entry in that company. Maybe another function/person is more likely to buy.
    40. Choose the other one Think of another person in the same company that might be interested in your product or service.
    41. Metrics Use a CRM to keep track of your calls, the contacts, the companies, ... The more info you have, the better you can select your calls, the higher your succes rate.
    42. What is the best time to call? Once you have all that data you are going to see the times during the week with a high succes rate. That might be Tuesday afternoon or Monday morning. Depending on your product/service.
    43. Schedule your calls on thatday, and don’t do anythingelse. Don’t postpone yourcalls. If you stop calling, nomore meetings, no more sales.Keep pushing. Schedule cold calling
    44. What are you waiting for?
    45. Action!
    46. I called the secretary 4 times before I could reach the right contact. I called 10 different companies for 1meeting. 1 in 6 meetings results in a sale. It’s f*cking hard work! Your metrics might tell you that you have to pick up the phone 240 times to score 1 customer. A lot of work. But very easy if you want 4 more customers. Just make 960 calls. The more you do it, the less effort for one sale. But at the start expect big numbers.
    47. ,
    48. Have I got my dream job?I ‘ m entrepreneur now. I havea nice car, geek gadgets, I candress nicely and can attendnice events. The women are infact just one woman, my wife.And I like that. So I don’t care Ionly score 4 out of 5. 
    49. If you have questions. Shoot!