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Tape media programs
Tape media programs
Tape media programs
Tape media programs
Tape media programs
Tape media programs
Tape media programs
Tape media programs
Tape media programs
Tape media programs
Tape media programs
Tape media programs
Tape media programs
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Tape media programs


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Smarter Media Management
  • 2. Who are eMediaplus?
    New UK Start-up with Investment
    Working in partnership with Emedia Plus USA
    Different tape proposal to customers
    Providing environmentally robust tape media services to eradicate tape media in landfill
    Tape Media Services include new and recertified
    Complete tape management services
    • Market for Tape Recycling Services
    • 3. USA – Over $60M in tape re-use and refurbishment
    • 4. Africa – Over $10M in tape re-use
    • 5. Europe - $0M!
  • Mission Statement
    Reduce our clients tape media and management costs significantly through re-use, refurbishment and recycling.
    To eradicate landfill caused by crushed tape media.
    August 2008
    © Copyright 2008 COPAN Systems. All Rights Reserved.
  • 6. Save Cost and Save the Environment
    The ‘green’ message!
    Tape is environmentally bad. It is made up of hard and soft plastics, metals such as chromium, ferrous, etc
    All used tape is currently shredded and dumped in landfill
    Landfill leakage of heavy metals is dangerous
    60% of WEE waste is exported to developing countries
    There is an alternative that will save money, ensure data is eradicated and will preserve the environment
    Refilling and recycling photocopier toners is standard practice so why not apply the principle to tape media
  • 7. New Media Supply
    Supply of all formats of tape media
    Very competitive pricing
    Can be included in buy-back program
    All formats available
    LTO-x, SDLT, DLT, AIT, QIC, 4mm. 3490, 3590, etc.
    All brands available
    Imation, Sony, HP, Fuji, etc
    Supplied on short turnaround
  • 8. Recertified or Dual Life Media
    Recertified tape is previously used media that has been put through a stringent refurbishment process
    100% full length tested, 12 point inspected, 4 pass data erasure, data sanitised, drive tested, repackaged.
    All current and legacy formats available including reel-to-reel
    90 days satisfaction guarantee
    1 year system level performance
    Lifetime material and workmanship guaranteed
    Between 20-50% cheaper than new media
    No tape ends up in landfill
    Full ECO- certification process
  • 9. Where to use recertified media
    Many organisations have backup operations and archive
    Tape media is guaranteed for up to 30,000 read / write operations
    Backup tape is used many times over whereas archive media is written once and read rarely.
    Archive media is then usually crushed once the archive has expired
    Using recertified media for archives can reduce tape costs considerably
    Supporting archives on latest technology can also be expensive. So using older technology for long term archive with guaranteed availability can also reduce operational costs.
  • 10. Media Buy Back Program
    Emediaplus will buy your old tape media
    Improve your tape TCO by selling media for cash or credits
    Data eradication included within buy back
    Credits can be used against new media or recertified media purchases
    By selling your tape, you are helping the environment as no tape goes to landfill
    Reduce your costs for data eradication and tape disposal
  • 11. Data Eradication
    Clients are concerned over data eradication
    Crushing, although environmentally abhorrent does eradicate the data
    eMediaplus has developed a stringent process to ensure all recertified tapes are as ‘good as new’
    eMediatplus has developed proprietary technology to eradicate data where degauss is not permissible
    Independent verification of data eradication from Kroll Ontrack
    ‘No data could be retrieved’
    August 2008
    © Copyright 2008 COPAN Systems. All Rights Reserved.
  • 12. Data Eradication Process
    Obtain flat file list of Volume Id’s and ship to E-Media Plus
    Receive cartridges into secured area
    Degauss Cartridges and Discard unacceptable cartridges into recycling system. Provide Data Destruction Certificate and send to supplying customer.
    Unpack, scan and provide customer with Vol-ID listing of tapes received
    Receive customer verification to proceed with processing
    Sort, count, inspect and extract unacceptable cartridges
    Process through Tier 3 Data Eradication units to completely erase all data tracks
    * Some tapes (LTO-x) cannot be degaussed. Specialist data track eradication equipment is used.
  • 13. Overwrite with “1’s”s and “0’s” full length on production drives and extract unacceptable cartridges
    Degauss and discard unacceptable cartridges into recycling system,
    Remove all non-permanent labels such as Volume ID numbers
    Production and QC staff perform audit of completed cartridges
    Provide customer with Data Eradication Certificate ensuring all data has been eradicated.
    Data Eradication Process - contd
  • 14. Media Services
    Complete tape managed services available
    Supply and recycling of all media needs
    Off-site vaulting of tapes for archiving and DR available
    Protection to level 6
    Local service means timely retrieval and storage
    Data migration to and from different tape media available
  • 15. Summary and next steps
    eMediaplus is committed to better tape media services to reduce cost
    eMediaplus is committed to reducing environmental impact of IT consumables
    Give us a try:-
    Review your tape costs and processes to develop a TCO for tape
    Assess acquisition, management and disposal costs to reduce tape TCO
    Take a sample of recertified media and test it
    Try the data eradication and certification process
    Provide a quotation for tape buy-back to create a new revenue stream.
    August 2008
    © Copyright 2008 COPAN Systems. All Rights Reserved.