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eMarketer Webinar: Integrating Search and Display—Tactics for More Effective Advertising
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eMarketer Webinar: Integrating Search and Display—Tactics for More Effective Advertising


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Join eMarketer Principal Analyst David Hallerman and learn how to improve the process of buying, integrating and measuring search and display advertising.

Join eMarketer Principal Analyst David Hallerman and learn how to improve the process of buying, integrating and measuring search and display advertising.

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  • 1. David Hallerman Principal Analyst M A Y 1 9, 2 0 1 1 Integrating Search and Display—Tactics for More Effective Advertising Sponsored by:
  • 2. What we’ll look at today…
    • Finding the customer in the funnel: Useful to organize search and display—when to use which is a key question
    • Search and display together: How and when the two very different formats reinforce marketers’ efforts
    • The money involved: Large sums underscore the need to make search and display integrate effectively
    • Accurate attribution: Techniques used to expand insight into how display and search affect each other and the audience
    • Retargeting’s promise: One method to combine search and display that tends to get a high lift in results
    • Challenges: Aligning data can be difficult, accurate modeling is often costly, measurement is not easy ( but don’t let that stop you )
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  • 3. The Customer in the Funnel
  • 4.  
  • 5. The funnel idea is a fairly effective way to organize what is, in reality, a series of disparate customer touchpoints
  • 6. Ken Mallon, vice president and head of Yahoo! AdLabs
  • 7. Display tends to work best for up-funnel awareness , with that stage’s broad reach
  • 8. Effectively using the funnel scheme to integrate search and display
    • Even if the funnel concept is abstract …
    • consumers still move through a series of emotional and logical steps from awareness to purchase.
    • Marketing goals represented by the funnel’s top-to-bottom stages…
    • can be addressed by either display or search.
    • Customers in the digital space often create their own , less-ordered path to purchase…
    • so marketers should not get stuck looking for absolute ways of integrating display and search.
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  • 9. Search and Display Together
  • 10.  
  • 11. Search and display need each other: Together, they boosted brand recall metrics, but alone they had little or no effect
  • 12. Search lifts display, and display lifts search— no single pattern together
    • Search and display are greater than the sum of their parts—each format can improve results for the other at various audience touchpoints.
    • People know from their own experience that multiple ads affect their purchasing behavior—the challenge then becomes how to prove it in the digital space.
    • Real-world patterns: Often customers search, see display ads, search again, see more display ads, etc.
    • In that sense, conversions are frequently the result of an iterative process that also requires effective landing pages on a brand or retail website.
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  • 13. Holistic campaigns help gain the attention of those who ignore ads
  • 14. Rob Griffin, senior vice president, Havas Digital
  • 15. Marketers can lift organic rankings using display-ad-induced SEO
  • 16. The Money Involved
  • 17.  
  • 18. Display and search growth makes efficient spending essential ; will reach over $27 billion together next year 85% of 2012’ s total online ad spend will go to search and display
  • 19. Serious display/search spending: 38% of marketers budget $1 million-plus monthly
  • 20. Increased website spending is noteworthy because driving traffic is often goal of integrated search and display campaigns
  • 21. Steve Abramowitz, search marketing manager, Constant Contact
  • 22. Attaining Accurate Attribution
  • 23. Six major ad attribution types:
    • First click. Commonly used to uncover lead-generation value
    • Last click. Standard method for understanding conversion
    • First touch. Rewards upper purchase-funnel engagement
    • Channel touch. Shared credit model rewards all channels equally (online and offline)
    • Recency. Rewards proximity to conversion
    • Multitouch attribution. Blends the effects of different ads at different stages into a coherent model
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  • 24.  
  • 25. Alan Osetek, president, Resolution Media
  • 26.  
  • 27. Attribution modeling looks at the target audience’s path to conversion
    • Three steps…
    • Where did the audience come from?
    • ( Source analysis of search and display advertising)
    • How did they get there?
    • ( Interaction analysis of clicks and impressions)
    • How long did conversion take after first contact?
    • ( Time analysis of the process)
    Twitter – #eMwebinar
  • 28. Manu Mathew, chief executive officer, Visual IQ
  • 29. Manipulating tons of data to get a handle on combined search and display campaigns is still at an early stage
  • 30. Alan Osetek, president, Resolution Media
  • 31. Multiple data sources example…
    • In one example, six sources for advertiser…
    • Bought display ads directly from publishers
    • Bought display ads through an ad exchange
    • Bought search ads on Google
    • Bought search ads on Yahoo!
    • Bought search ads on Bing
    • Optimized organic search on all three engines
    • They had six sources, two ( three? ) ad types, tons of data
    Twitter – #eMwebinar
  • 32. Web analytics: More robust than spreadsheets, but not used to full potential
  • 33. Ken Mallon, vice president and head of Yahoo! AdLabs
  • 34. Retargeting’s Promise
  • 35.  
  • 36. How retargeting methods help link display and search advertising
    • Classic retargeting:
    • users leave a website without buying or converting
    • afterwards are served a display ad from that brand or retailer on further sites
    • a variety of studies show that retargeting has almost as good an ROI as pure paid search alone
    • Search retargeting:
    • vendors aggregate keywords entered into search queries
    • marketers then buy display to target consumers based on their recent keyword searches
    • this method more fully combines display and search than classic retargeting
    Twitter – #eMwebinar
  • 37. Retargeted display ads lifted search results more than other targeting types
  • 38. Website visits are often key for combined search and display placements
  • 39. Video is not yet widely available for retargeting, but same survey found 29.6% of ad agencies retargeted video ads
  • 40. Complexity and Challenges
  • 41.  
  • 42. Several barriers to measuring search and display together Source: Efficient Frontier, Forrester Consulting, January 2011
  • 43. Major challenges for effectively integrating search and display
    • Aligning two very different forms of advertising—and search alone is diverse , with paid and organic
    • Gathering and tracking data from multiple sources
    • Building a model to measure disparate types of data
    • Weighing the contributions of separate ads seen at separate times
    • Making sure the ad creative is integrated
    • Getting departments to plan together , share data and coordinate efforts
    • Doing accurate attribution modeling can be costly
    Twitter – #eMwebinar
  • 44. Marketers find it difficult to measure search and display separately, let alone the two ad formats combined
  • 45. Manu Mathew, chief executive officer, Visual IQ
  • 46. Conclusions
  • 47. Integration is a slippery process
    • Connections between search and display will become increasingly essential over the next few years.
    • This trend will make digital advertising more intricate because accurate attribution modeling is inherently complex.
    • But digital advertising will also become more effective as marketers improve ways to reach customers at various touchpoints in the funnel.
    Twitter – #eMwebinar
  • 48. Steve Abramowitz, search marketing manager, Constant Contact
  • 49.
    • Marketers who make search and display work hand-in-hand better optimize their online ad spending.
    • Such holistic marketing helps campaigns tap into today’s complex media market.
    • The purchase funnel is helpful for understanding where display and search fit into the path to conversion—but consumers are frequently unpredictable .
    • Attribution modeling is a useful way to combine data from display and search, by giving credit where it’s due.
    • The value of unified online ad campaigns makes overcoming the challenges worth the time and money .
  • 50. Actionable Attribution Utilizes a profile-centric 1 st party cookie approach… Search Display Onsite Email Mobile Social … to support attribution and modeling similar to passive approaches.
  • 51. Actionable Attribution Search Display Onsite Email Mobile Social Take action and react in real time keyword banner hero image triggered email Search Display Onsite Email Mobile Social
  • 52. Multiple Touchpoints Drive Conversion Source: Forrester Research, Inc. - March 2011 “The Purchase Path Of Online Buyers”
  • 53. Passive vs. Actionable Attribution Passive Attribution Actionable Attribution Tells where they’ve been Tells when they arrive… … and lets you engage in a timely relevant manner.
  • 54. Learn More Brian Deagan CEO Knotice [email_address]
  • 55. Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar Integrating Search and Display—Tactics for More Effective Advertising Questions & Answers Registrants will receive an email tomorrow that includes a link to view the deck and webinar recording. For more discussion, please join us after the webinar on LinkedIn. Search for the eMarketer Group and click on Discussions. To learn about eMarketer Total Access please visit or contact us: (800) 405-0844 [email_address] Presented by: David Hallerman Principal Analyst, eMarketer, Inc. Sponsored by: