eMarketer Webinar: Email Best Practices in the Age of Social and Mobile


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Join eMarketer Principal Analyst David Hallerman to learn best practices, case studies and the latest strategies for email marketing in this eMarketer webinar.

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  • Thank you David, that was terrific and we really appreciated the opportunity to sponsor such an informative webinar. I especially liked ABC. So a little bit about my company, Return Path. We are all about email. We provide the world’s leading inbox deliverability solution, because if your subscribers aren’t getting your emails in their inbox they certainly won’t respond. We also certify the best email senders, we tirelessly worked to improve and educate around best email sending practices and we protect subscribers from spam, phishing and other abuse.  Return Path provides marketers like you with the tools and consulting services you need to create and maintain a successful email program throughout the lifecycle of your subscriber. We do this by starting with a complete review of your email reputation to help you find the path to program success and engaged subscribers.
  • We achieve all of this through email monitoring tools that track your inbox placement rate (that is if your email was actually delivered to the inbox, not the junk or the spam folder), through an email certification program that provides special privileges at Yahoo! and Hotmail for mailers who qualify and through consulting solutions focused on optimizing your email program to maximize it’s true potential.
  • And we have helped hundreds of clients. Here are a couple examples of clients who have used our services to achieve their ultimate goal – increase in response and deliverability. CIG achieved double digit open and click through rates which lead to a 6% conversion for their new loyalty email program. RealtyTrac achieved a whopping 35% increase in conversion rates to their subscription service at Yahoo! once they got Certified. Twitter increased their Inbox Placement rate by 100% at Hotmail ensuring their subscribers received key notifications that would drive them back to the site.
  • David talked about some of the emerging trends in email marketing, and we want to point out how important it is to have a provider that can help you keep up with new developments. Here is an example of one of our great white papers that can help you understand how using the tools and services at Return Path can complement your ESP service for optimum results in your e-mail program.
  • Finally, I want to encourage you to continue your education by joining Return Path’s newest offering, our own exclusive CLUB INBOX. This is an online community for email marketers who want to ensure their email gets delivered, seen & clicked. Here you can connect with your peers and industry experts on the challenges you are facing and get solutions and real world advice for your problems. You will be able to access Return Path experts like myself and get useful information to help you make smart decisions about your email program. You can become a member at clubinbox.com and watch as we unlock sections of the club over the next few weeks. Thank you all for your time and thank you again, David, for a terrific presentation.
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