"Sun Open Source Universe" by Vassilis Boulogiorgos @ eLiberatica 2008


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This is a presentation held at eLiberatica 2008.


One of the biggest events of its kind in Eastern Europe, eLiberatica brings community leaders from around the world to discuss about the hottest topics in FLOSS movement, demonstrating the advantages of adopting, using and developing Open Source and Free Software solutions.

The eLiberatica organizational committee together with our speakers and guests, have graciously allowed media representatives and all attendees to photograph, videotape and otherwise record their sessions, on the condition that the photos, videos and recordings are licensed under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 License.

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"Sun Open Source Universe" by Vassilis Boulogiorgos @ eLiberatica 2008

  1. 1. OpenSolarisMay 2008Vassilis BoulogiorgosSoftware Practice LeaderGreece, Balkans & Adriatic SeaSun Microsystems Inc.
  2. 2. Perspectives“Every software asset we produce is open source. If it isnt today, it will be pretty damn quickly.” Jonathan Schwartz CEO, Sun Microsystems January 2007
  3. 3. Suns Contribution to Linux EstimatedRank Company $ value 1 Sun Microsystems Inc 404 m Estimated Substitution Cost of Sun’s contribution 2 IBM Corp 116 m to Debian GNU/Linux 3 Red Hat Corp 76 m includes code in 4 Silicon Graphics Corp 61 m GNOME Linux kernel 5 SAP AG 60 m Mozilla OpenOffice.org 6 MySQL AB 45 m X.org and other projects 7 Netscape Communications Corp 41 m Source: UNU-MERIT report for the 8 Ximian Inc 39 m European Commission “Economic impact of FLOSS on innovation 9 RealNetworks Inc 35 m and competitiveness of the EU ICT sector” January 2007 10 AT&T 34 m
  4. 4. 2008: Sun acquires MySQL Driving market-tipping change in the $15B database marketplace Positioning Sun as the leading platform for the Web economy Expanding Sun’s reach into MySQL’s extraordinary LAMP user base Expanding MySQL’s capacity to deliver global service and support Affirming Sun’s position as the largest commercial open source contributor World’s Most Popular Open Source Database
  5. 5. Suns Open StackFlexible and Heterogeneous with Zero Barrier to ExitDatabase PlatformApplication Java Enterprise SystemInfrastructure Composite Application PlatformVirtualization Sun xVMOperating SystemPartnersArchitecture
  6. 6. What is OpenSolaris? ZFS DTrace CIFS Clearview IPS FMACommunity Participation + Solaris Innovation
  7. 7. OpenSolaris OS Release Redistributable LiveCD image Graphical installer GNOME/compiz desktop GNU tools; AMP/MARS deployment software Network package repository Leverages unique Solaris capabilities Easy to Get, Install, Use, Maintain pg8
  8. 8. OpenSolaris 2008.05 First release of the OpenSolaris OS First OS with ZFS as default file system Enhanced DTrace with D-Light Fast in kernel CIFS server New OpenSolaris package repositories Integrated & optimized AMP/MARS stack Fully supported for production deployments
  9. 9. Innovate in Real Time with DTrace “ [expletive deleted] It’s like they saw inside my head and gave me the One True Tool. ” View everything—from high level scripts to low level hardware Solve the gnarliest problems on the fly Safe enough to use in production, any time Serious fun for developers
  10. 10. BestSolaris ZFS File System End-to End Immense Data Integrity Data Capacity 64-bit checksums World’s first Copy-on-write 128-bit file system transactions Easier Huge Administration Performance GainsPooled storage model– no volume manager Especially architectedMove volumes between for speed systems
  11. 11. ZFS + DTrace Demo
  12. 12. OpenSolaris. Start It Up! Get It Experience It Install It Available Live CD Easy everywhere Graphical See the best Smaller faster in OpenSolaris, Supported on download risk free ~1000 systems Runs in popular virtualization environments
  13. 13. OpenSolaris Unlocks Your Potential opensolaris.com/get OpenSolaris: Get it. Use it. Learn it. Be Brilliant.
  14. 14. Thank you!Vassilis Boulogiorgosvassilis.boulogiorgos@sun.com