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"Bucharest air quality management system build entirely with FLOSS software" by Vasile Craciunescu @ eLiberatica 2009
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"Bucharest air quality management system build entirely with FLOSS software" by Vasile Craciunescu @ eLiberatica 2009


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This is a presentation held at eLiberatica 2009. …

This is a presentation held at eLiberatica 2009.

One of the biggest events of its kind in Eastern Europe, eLiberatica brings community leaders from around the world to discuss about the hottest topics in FLOSS movement, demonstrating the advantages of adopting, using and developing Open Source and Free Software solutions.

The eLiberatica organizational committee together with our speakers and guests, have graciously allowed media representatives and all attendees to photograph, videotape and otherwise record their sessions, on the condition that the photos, videos and recordings are licensed under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 License.

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  • 1. Company LOGO Bucharest air quality management system build entirely with FLOSS software Vasile Crăciunescu National Meteorological Administration - Bucharest, Romania Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 2. Introduction Air quality is a major issue for all the important cities in the world. Bucharest is no exception. The air pollution in Bucharest, due to traffic and industry, is abundant, especially in areas the human population is concentrated. The fast rate of economic growth is bringing more sources of air pollution. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 3. Bucharest air pollution sources Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 4. 1990 Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 5. 1990... 2000 Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 6. 1990... 2000... 2009 Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 7. Bucharest reality Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 8. Air pollution effects... Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 9. AIRAWARE Project AIRAWARE project, funded in the EU LIFE framework, is aiming to build a pilot air quality monitoring and forecasting system to ensure a sustainable development of the rapidly expansive urban areas in Bucharest, minimizing and preventing the air pollution impact on human health. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 10. Project partners The AIRAWARE system users list include the main local and national authorities in the domain of air quality monitoring, forecasting, air pollution abatement and mitigation of impacts, such as: • National Meteorological Administration • Regional Environmental Protection Agency of Bucharest • Direction for Public Health of Bucharest • Centre for Urban Planning of Bucharest • Institute of Biology of the Romanian Academy • Meteo-France (as strategic European partner) Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 11. Components The AIRAWARE system has a distributed architecture with dedicated sub-systems for: • air quality monitoring • numerical modeling and forecast • geospatial portal for data integration, visualization, query and analysis • slow-flow and rapid-flow feedback Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 12. Components Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 13. System data flow Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 14. Behind the scene... • Free and open source software • Open standards • Open data Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 15. FLOSS software Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 16. Open Standards (OGC/ISO) • WMS (Web Map Service) • WFS (Web Feature Service) • WCS (Web Coverage Service) • CWS (Catalogue Service) • WMC (Web Map Context) • GML (Geography Markup Language) • GeoRSS • GeoJSON • KML (Keyhole Markup Language) Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 18. Graphical interface The web interface was designed according with end-users needs. The goal is to obtain a simple and friendly environment for air quality spatial data management. The webmapping interface has the following outline: • The central map contains the cartographic representation of the spatial data stored in the GIS database. • The overview map facilitates the user orientation and provides a mechanism for interactively re-centering the main map to a point selected with a simple mouse click. • The layers list is used to determine the way the map is composed and displayed. • The toolbar contains all the instruments needed for map navigation, database search, feature selection, buffer creation. The functionality of these tools is very similar with the one contained in every GIS desktop application. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 19. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 20. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 21. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 22. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 23. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 24. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 25. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 26. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 27. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 28. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 29. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 30. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 31. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 32. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 33. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 34. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 35. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 36. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 37. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 38. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 39. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 40. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 41. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 42. Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 43. Future work • Finish the validation phase • Go public • Go on TV • Send text alerts Project LIFE AIRAWARE
  • 44. The end Thank you for your attention Project LIFE AIRAWARE