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"Participating in a World of Choice practical aspects about Open Source and Microsoft" by Todi Pruteanu @ eLiberatica 2009
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"Participating in a World of Choice practical aspects about Open Source and Microsoft" by Todi Pruteanu @ eLiberatica 2009


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This is a presentation held at eLiberatica 2009. …

This is a presentation held at eLiberatica 2009.

One of the biggest events of its kind in Eastern Europe, eLiberatica brings community leaders from around the world to discuss about the hottest topics in FLOSS movement, demonstrating the advantages of adopting, using and developing Open Source and Free Software solutions.

The eLiberatica organizational committee together with our speakers and guests, have graciously allowed media representatives and all attendees to photograph, videotape and otherwise record their sessions, on the condition that the photos, videos and recordings are licensed under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 License.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. Participating in a World of Choice: practical aspects about Open Source and Microsoft Todi Pruteanu Zoli Herczeg Platform Strategy Manager National Technology Officer
  • 2. Agenda • Participating in a world of choice • Technical Collaboration • Open Source Heroes • Next
  • 4. {Silver, Moon}light • Enhanced cross-platform Silverlight capabilities with Moonlight • It works for Agora Media – 2 ITTRENDS Roundtables and 4 Agora Technology Conferences powered (live and on-demand) by Silverlight and Moonlight
  • 5. PHP on Windows • PHP Classes Blog on May 12, 2009: • Expression Web 2.0 – 5,000,000 PHP developers in the world – Broadens tool focus to support PHP site that developed 20,000,000 Web sites editing, built-in Web server – 2.13% from Romania • ADOdb – 83.87% on Windows – First LGPL/BSD Open Source project • Hm… that Microsoft has contributed to • SQL Server PHP Driver – Designed to enable PHP applications to be developed and deployed on SQL Server • IIS7+ FastCGI – Improvement the performance of PHP on Windows • PHPAzure (PHP SDK for Windows Azure) – Ppen source project to provide software development kit for Windows Azure and Windows Azure Storage – Blobs, Tables & Queues • …
  • 6. Web, virtualization
  • 7. Today's heroes don't need superhuman strength, or x-ray vision – they need communities, code and choices to develop and deploy amazing software. These {Open Source} Heroes are doing amazing work with open source software and Microsoft technology. Do what you love, do it well. OPEN SOURCE HEROES
  • 8. {Răzvan Hobeanu} “When I first started studying Windows internals, the lack of documentation made it seem as an impossible subject to research. Thanks to some people who released their code as open source, I finally understood the meaning of «sharing is caring»” Title: Software Consultant Place of work: Kenubi Location: Bucharest, România Inspiration: Rajeev Nagar, the Sysinternals guys Tools of the trade: Windows Installer XML (WiX) toolset, TortoiseSVN
  • 9. {Nicolae Crefelean} “It’s aberrant to keep the knowledge for ourselves. After I understood that I founded our community: PHP-Fusion Romania. Others understood that and we are team mates today. Microsoft understands that and it supports our project according to our needs. We want to develop (ourselves). I’m passionate with what I do and I’m glad stubbornness can endorse this kind of projects and gather people that share even more knowledge” Title: Founder Place of work: PHP-Fusion Romania Location: Bucharest, Romania Inspiration: My parents, sister, friends, people Tools of the trade: PHP, MySQL, Windows, other Open Source software + an apparently infinite amount of patience
  • 10. {Adi Andreiaș} “Interoperability allows us to get the best of both worlds. We're writing Python code on Windows Vista and using Microsoft tools and code gets deployed on Linux and Windows servers. The power of choice means that businesses can be more flexible” Title: Owner Place of work: Elvsoft Location: Cluj-Napoca, România Inspiration: Guido van Rossum Tools of the trade: Python, Django, jQuery, Eclipse, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Windows, Visual Studio, C#
  • 11. {Gabriel Enea} “Working for our customers is nice, working for our projects is great, but working on an open source project is exciting because it is a good way to express not only to the end users but also to developers, people like you - developers. It's like working with a big team, sharing experience, ideas and good solutions” Title: Owner Place of work: Iasi, Romania Inspiration: Life’s nature Tools of the trade: C#, ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET Entity Framework, Visual Studio 2008
  • 12. {Mihai Nadăș} (coming soon) “I always considered that, like imagination, software should not be limited. Source availability and community contribuition takes software at a whole new level. At we use tools that enable high flexibility and through it we get to deliver the best solution for our users.” Title: Co-Founder Place of work: Location: Cluj-Napoca, România Inspiration: Imagine Cup Tools of the trade: a power team, JavaScript, Erlang, PHP, Thrift, .NET Framework, LINQ2SQL, SQL Server, Windows
  • 13. {Alexandru Cîrcei} “We believe in the future of Open Source as a business model as well as we’re convinced all shops and related services will move to the Web. This is why we developed, an Open Source platform for e- commerce, delivered as a service (SaaS). The first one of its kind using Microsoft technology” Title: CoFounder Place of work: Location: Bucharest, România Inspiration: Morten Lund - Chief Ideologist Tools of the trade: a Power Team .NET Framework, LINQ2SQL, SQL Server
  • 14. Next steps • Participate: watch us closely on • Partner: BizSpark • Grow: build open source business with Microsoft • Learn: Windows Academic Program (CRK/WRK/ProjectOz), Rotor (SSCLI), Common Compiler Infrastructure (CCI)