Student e induction 2013 2014


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To guide our students in accessing our various systems in the college. Including our VLE, eTracker, BKSB, Webmail, WIFI and support. This also covers our acceptable NETiquette.

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Student e induction 2013 2014

  1. 1. Date: July 2009 e-Access Student e-Induction
  2. 2. Student e-Induction Content: by the end of this session you will : 1- ERIC – Virtual Learning Environment - be aware of the services available on ERIC; - able to access EFC’s Virtual Learning Environment - ERIC; - able to login to ERIC 2- eTracker - grasp what eTracker is about and who can access it - able to log on eTracker - be able to see personal progress against your goals & assess standards - be able to plan your work – seeing your programme(s) in eTracker 3- BKSB - be able to access BKSB externally and internally - understand what BKSB is about - Be able to use resources on BKSB 4- Webmail - be able to access your College eMail account from anywhere at anytime 5- EFC Wi-Fi - be able to use our College free Wi-Fi 6- General e-Information - be aware of password change requirement - Netiquette aware - know how to get eSupport
  3. 3. Student e-Induction Module 1: ERIC Learn to access ERIC, the college Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  4. 4. 1- E.R.I.C. / What is it? What is ERIC? ERIC stands for Electronic Resources In College, it is a tool for teaching and learning and offers access to your course material and activities as well as a broad range of cross college services and information. It is an interactive learning and teaching collaborative platform that is accessible at anytime from anywhere. This is where you will access your course documents, briefs, handouts, online activities, etc… This is also where you can submit your assignments and share ideas, links, docs, comments and feedback with your peers and teacher.
  5. 5. 1- ERIC / How to access it? Accessing ERIC from anywhere & at anytime:
  6. 6. 1- ERIC / How to access it? If you forget the URL, you can Google it! ERIC@efc
  7. 7. 1- ERIC / How to access it? There is also a link to ERIC from EFC’s website:
  8. 8. 1- ERIC / Login Enter your Username: Student ID Number Enter your password: same as the network (For security reasons, you will need to setup your password on the network at EFC, prior to being able to access ERIC) 1 2 Click Login 3 Any Problem, Please come to Room 345 or call ILT x7777 You can also contact Vikki Liogier On t: 0208 502 8759 – e:
  9. 9. 1- ERIC / Overview This is Your ERIC Homepage
  10. 10. 1- ERIC / Overview You can access Your Online Courses as well as a number of Services and Information from this page.
  11. 11. 1- ERIC / YOUR HOME The navigation menu enables you to access EFC Services The ICONS menu enables you to access EFC Courses This is YOUR Course Overview Showing you all your enrolled courses as well as Services visited These are YOUR CONTROL Blocks My Places Calendar Navigation My Private Files Settings
  12. 12. 1- ERIC / YOUR HOME Make sure you Edit YOUR Profile and upload a thumbnail to personalise your account
  13. 13. Student e-Induction Module 2: eTracker Learn to access eTracker, the college performance monitoring system.
  14. 14. 2- eTracker What is it? What is eTracker? EFC uses eTracker to track your progress and provide you with an ILP (Individual Learning Plan). eTracker is a web based application, which enables teachers to track your performance against targets set. It also has e-Tutorial functionality built in, to carry out target setting, performance review and many other things related to your personal learning plan. eTracker provides you with an individual view so that you can interact with and follow your own performance. It will enable you to take greater ownership of your own learning,enabling you to plan your work better and set your own targets. All this can be done wherever you have an internet connection.
  15. 15. 2- eTracker / How to access it? Accessing eTracker from anywhere & at anytime:
  16. 16. 2- eTracker / How to access it? From ERIC, you can access eTracker by clicking on My Performance in your “My Places” Block
  17. 17. 2- eTracker / How to login?
  18. 18. 2- eTracker – Who for? Who can access it? • EFC Students can access their own profile • Staff at EFC • Parent(s) and/or Carer(s) can also access a limited view of the student they care for on eTracker.
  19. 19. 2- eTracker – Information What is available on eTracker? • Your profile and details • Your teaching Team’s details ( Teachers, Pastoral Tutor, etc…) • Prior achievement and MTG • BKSB - Initial Assessment and Diagnostics • Current performance • Your attendance and punctuality • Criteria and assessment view • Subject Reviews • Disciplinary and Cause For Concern • Targets and action plan • Learning Support needs • Personal Notes
  20. 20. 2- eTracker – Information
  21. 21. 2- eTracker – Student Guide More information on what can be found on eTracker and how to use it, please check our eTracker Student Guide Direct link to Student Guide on ERIC Direct link to Student Guide on eTracker
  22. 22. Student e-Induction Module 3: BKSB Learn to access the Functional Skills platform
  23. 23. 3- BKSB / How to access it? ERIC’s Homepage You can access BKSB through ERIC using the LINKS menu BKSB Diagnostic Tests and Functional Skills support resources
  24. 24. 3- BKSB / How to access it? There is also a link to BKSB from EFC’s website:
  25. 25. 3- BKSB / How to access it? Accessing BKSB Student Portal from anywhere & at anytime:
  26. 26. 3- BKSB / Login Enter your REFERENCE: Student ID Number Enter your FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME 1 2 Select your Group e.g. YR111212900/FO1V1 BTEC Diploma in Health and Any Problem, Either come to Room 345 or call ILT x7777 You can also contact our Functional Skills Coordinator - Clare Cook - Room 126 t: 0208 502 8645 – e: Click to log in 3 4
  27. 27. 3- BKSB / What is it? BKSB is an online resource that includes in depth assessments and a range of materials to help you improve your skills in English, Maths and ICT. When you take a diagnostic test in BKSB it will produce an individual learning plan where you can see what you are good at and what you need to work on in terms of these skills. The BKSB ILP will direct you to a range of online resources, some interactive, that you can use independently, or as guided by your lecturers, to help you improve your skills in these areas. The results of what you do in BKSB will show in E-Tracker. BKSB materials help prepare you to take the nationally recognised Functional skills qualification at the level appropriate to your course. Tests and assessments happen throughout the year. Your teacher will advise you of the details.
  28. 28. Student e-Induction Module 4: webmail Learn to access your college eMail with webmail
  29. 29. 4 - webmail / How to access it? Accessing your EFC eMail from anywhere & at anytime:
  30. 30. 4- webmail / How to access it? There is also a link to webmail from EFC’s website:
  31. 31. 4- webmail / How to log on? Enter efc + your Username: efcStudent ID Number Enter your password: same as the network (For security reasons, you will need to setup your password on the network at EFC, prior to being able to access webmail) 2 3 Click Log On4 Select whether you are working from a private or shared 1
  32. 32. Student e-Induction Module 5: EFC Wi-Fi Learn to access EFC Free, the college free Wi-Fi Limited to the Street, Refectory, Reception and LRC Areas
  33. 33. 5- Wi-Fi Access EFC Wi-Fi is identified on your device as: EFC-FREE Once connected your device browser will redirect to the following page:
  34. 34. 5- Wi-Fi Access EFC-FREE Username & Password CHANGE MONTHLY. Where can I find the log on details? • Moodle homepage • EFC flat screens. A list is also below: efcjanuary - resolution efcfebruary - valentine efcmarch - flowers efcapril - chocolate efcmay - maypole efcjune - solstice efcjuly - barbecue efcaugust - sunscreen efcseptember - harvest efcoctober - pumpkin efcnovember - firework efcdecember - christmas
  35. 35. Student e-Induction Module 6: e-Information Find out about change of password requirements, NETiquette, acceptable use policy and where to find eSupport
  36. 36. Student e-Induction IMPORTANT Students’ password change every 6 weeks. This will affect your ability to access Moodle, eTracker and webmail. Make sure you change your network password prior to a holiday as you will NOT be able to do so outside of the college.
  37. 37. EFC NETiquette What is NETiquette? Netiquette is mainly referring to behaviour while using Internet facilities such as individual Web sites, emails, newsgroups, message boards, chat rooms or Web communities. Netiquette requires that people post constructive and relevant messages on places like Usenet newsgroups. Some examples of netiquette are listed below, • Not using someone else's name and pretending to be them. • Not posting or distributing material that is deemed illegal. • Not using abusive or threatening language. • Not posting racist remarks regarding peoples sex, race or gender. • Not spamming message boards or chat rooms with useless or repeated messages. • Not trying to obtain or use someone else's password. • Not trying to obtain personal information about someone. At EFC, we strongly believe that EVERYONE should feel respected, safe and encouraged to learn. Please before using EFC online facilities do make sure you read our ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY. A copy is available on ERIC e-ACCESS page. Thank you.
  38. 38. Student e-Induction e-SUPPORT Any queries about student cards, webmail, hardware, software or any IT / Wi-Fi network access, please come to the ILT Room 365 or call 020 8508 8311 x7777 – e: For any queries regarding BKSB, please contact Clare Cook, Room 126 t: 0208 502 8645 – e: For any queries regarding ERIC and eTracker, please contact Vikki Liogier, Room 366 t: 0208 502 8759 – e:
  39. 39. e-Induction – Presentation You will find a copy of this presentation on ERIC’s e-Access page under the SUPPORT menu Direct link:
  40. 40. Conclusion You now know how to access: ERIC, eTracker, BKSB, Webmail & EFC free Wi-Fi. We hope you have found our student e-Induction practical and valuable. At EFC we believe in supporting learning and teaching from anywhere at any time! If you have any queries or need further guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us. The ILT & eLearning Team @ EFC