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  1. 1. Student MagE P P I N G F O R E S T C O L L E G EWishing allStudents and staffaHappy andSafe SummerWe wish every one of youlots of success andhappiness, whether you arecontinuing with your studieshere, or leaving to start anew chapter in your life.The Learner EngagementTeam - Gina Binazir, SallyCurtis and Julie Riley areleaving through redundancythis week and would like tosay ‘Farewell and thank youfor all your wonderfulsupport. We had lots to smileabout’.Time to sayfarewell25 June 2013
  2. 2. Staff from the Guide Dogs for the Blind came toCollege again recently to train Health and Social Carestudents. The training taught students a few simplesighted guiding techniques, which means they will feelready and confident to help blind and partially –sightedpeople if needed.The 2½ hour practical session showed the difficulties ofgoing up or down stairs and steps, getting through door-ways and taking a seat. For more information pleasevisit: www.guidedogs.org.ukJemima Panda, Sarah Aryeh,Stephanie Sloughly, Chloe PrenticeEnrichment ActivityOn Saturday (yes – Saturday!) 25thMay, the followingstudents completed the Emergency First Aid at Work, an ac-credited 6 hour course:-Menelik Ekani-Robinson (Sport)Billie Johnson (Childcare)Zakariah Khan (Childcare)Sathurna Satgunarajah (Art & Design)Andrew Steadman (Sport)Farihah Ullah (Art & Design)They all enjoyed and benefitted fromthe course and interacted well witheach other, and particularly likedpractising bandaging and resuscita-tion techniques on each other.They all agreed that the course wasvery interesting; well worth coming induring the weekend for, and, asZachariah (Zach) commented, ‘…youlearn so much from this.’Well done to all of them – their certificates are coming soon. Enrichment Activity
  3. 3. I took the Life and Living Skills to the Lee Valley Boat Centre to drive motorboats on the river Lee at Broxbourne.We had a fantastic time in the glorious sunshine. We got to see lots of wildlife. The students were great and learned aboutboating etiquette and how to be safe on the river and around water. By Kathryn LoweAlex Munro, Ryan Branch, Ryan Lowe, Zoe Sheret, Matthew Brown, Lee Ewin, and Louis SouthSinan Sahin andJaysharee Kakkad fromthe Department forWorks and Pensions (theJob Centre) visited thecollege to give talks tothree groups of Level 2Secretarial students andHealth and Social Carestudents about the worldof work.They began by talkingabout choices available to young people after finishingschool , going on to university; seeking apprenticeships;choosing to volunteer or doing paid work.They advised students of good job-seeking sources, such asthe Internet and recruitment, and they gave tips onspeculating job opportunities. Students took away with thema comprehensive list of useful job search websites.They also emphasised the importance of maintaining a CVrelevant to every job applied for.The students that attended the talk completed evaluationforms.They all agreed that the presenter kept them interested inthe topic; that it was a good use of their time and that theylearnt something from the talk.Comments from the students:-Thanks for the advice , Ive really enjoyed listening, Reallygood, answered many of my questions , The presenter keptme interested in the topicThe world of workLee on the LeeEnrichment Activity
  4. 4. Business students enjoying an end of term BBQMatthew Robinson– Jayes (above)BTEC in Sport (coaching) Level 3student wins a NUS student card forhis fantastic 100% attendance.Left: WinnersKristian Stopherand Shai WatsonBTEC ‘Level 1 for ITUsers’ studentsenthusiasticallytook part in an endof year table tennistournament. Shaiwon the competi-tion and wasawarded £10 andKristian camesecond his prizewas £5.Thank you to TutorGill SantosAndrew and Lisa running the BBQNew Student Union (SU) for 2013—2014From left to right: Sam Zeff, Student Governor (studying IT), Charlotte Edwards-Roscamp, President (studying A levels),Dimitar Manov, Student Governor (Travel +Tourism) and Kyra Borella, General Secretary (A levels).If you would like to get involved in next year’s SU please see Charlotte the President or the new Student Liaison Team inSeptember.
  5. 5. On Monday the 20thMay,for an end-of-termtreat, 30 students, fromdifferent courses, wenton a coach trip, organised byEnrichment, to Thorpe Park.A bonus to the day was that it didn’train! The students agreed that theyenjoyed the trip – they were gladthat they didn’t have to queue uplong for the rides; some students hada chance to be thrilled by Saw, Colos-sus and Nemesis twice. Brave souls!All credit to the students for beingsuch a great group. Their goodnature, (even while waiting for thecoach that was half an hour late!)and behaviour were a credit to thecollege. It was a pleasure to be on thetrip with them. By Sally CurtisEnrichment ActivityAbigail Fordham and Hiyra DunkleySecretarial hit Thorpe ParkWed 5 June!
  6. 6. Monday 24th JuneLevel 2 Music- ‘Motown &Soul’ Live performance onthe Outside StageLevel 3 Performing Artspresent Musical Theatre‘The Pajama Game’7.30pm in the TheatreTuesday 25th JuneLevel 3 Dance & Level 3Music— ‘eNgage’2pm in the TheatreHair & Beauty Extravaganza7pm in the TheatreWednesday 26th JuneLevel 3 Music Year 2Final Showcase3pm and 7pm in the TheatreArt & Design ExhibitionPrivate View7pm (by invitation only)Thursday 27th JuneArt & Design Exhibition10.00am– 4.00pm ArtDepartmentLive MusicFrom 2pm outside theTheatreShowcase of Mediastudents’ work2pm in the TheatreLevel 3 Media present‘The Newcomers AwardsShow’7pm in the TheatreFriday 28th JuneArt & Design Exhibition10.00am– 4.00pm ArtDepartmentLevel 3 Dance presentUrban Dance3.00pm in the TheatreThis week...Food SafetyTwenty students from L3 Travel and Tourism, took the Food Safety course, accredited by RSPH (Royal Society for the Promotion of Health).The course is ideal for anyone working, or thinking of working, in a restaurant or café. It covers food hygiene; risk assessment; moving andhandling food, fire safety and noise.The course involves 4 hours tuition and a short exam afterwards. All the students enjoyed the course and passed. As the Food Safety qualifi-cation is recognised nationally, it would enhance your CV and could improve your career prospects!Enrichment Activity
  7. 7. StThank you to AyubNouinou and Deniz Husseinfor their photography andarticles for the StudentMag throughout year– verytalented!Student Mag Editor Julie Riley