eInfochips - Security & Surveillance Overview


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eInfochips has strong expertise across the Security & Surveillance domain.

We leverage our IPs by integrating them into the solution and drastically reduce their time to market and provide a first-mover advantage along with cost benefits.

Please have a look at our expertise in this vertical.

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eInfochips - Security & Surveillance Overview

  1. 1. Security & Surveillance
  2. 2. Security & Surveillance Snapshot 30+ 20+ 200 25+ Products Developed Client Patents Engineering Professionals Solution Accelerators Product Spectrum Video Management NVRs & DVRs Video Analytics End to End Surveillance Offerings Cameras Access Control 2
  3. 3. Vigil360: Video Management Software Configuration     Manages up to 128 cameras, ONVIF Supportive Automatic detection of network devices Camera association and display on integrated MAP PTZ control for Optical and Digital Zoom Camera Video Management  Video Wall support  Scheduled and event based recording  Advanced search options based on rules, data, time, user 1 Analytics     In-built Analytics for Motion & Occupancy Detection Alerts via Email notification based on events Long term storage via VMS- network video recorders Out of Order condition Camera detection 3 Video Wall 2 4 Camera Mapping Vigil360 deployed at 50+ Stores of a US Based Retail Giant with 1000+ Cameras. Would be deployed in 3000 stores by 2013. 3
  4. 4. NVRs & DVRs Turn Key Design Capabilities  Analog & Digital Camera Support  OnBoard Analytics, Local Storage  Wired & Wireless Connectivity  GSM, CDMA, & GPS enabled  Web & desktop client, APIs for integrating in existing VMS Designed & Developed Mobile NVR • FCC Class A Certified • GSM, CDMA, & GPS enabled • Video Analytics • In built SATA Hard disk Mobile DVR • Low cost 8 channel DVR • Live HD (720p) & multiple SD • Wired & wireless (802.11a/b/g) • Encode/Decode (H.264/AAC-LC) Hybrid NVR • 10 channel of A/V capture from IP cameras & DVPB-HD • Video resizing, D1 to CIF with H.264 AVC video & G.711 audio 4
  5. 5. Multimedia Streaming Expertise Encode Decode Transcode Network Video Encoding Encoder HD H.264 AVC & SVC • Video Codec MPEG-2-4, H.263, WMV, M-JPEG, VP-6, MPB, VC-1 • Audio Codec WMA, AAC,MP3, G7111 Content Transmission Streaming Protocol • RTP, RTSP, RTCP • RTMP • HLS • SIP Content Management Consumption A/V Container MP4, MPEG2TS, 3GP • Expertise MP4, MPEG-2 TS, QTFF, 3GPP, ASF, FLV, OggVorbis, AVI • Set top box • NVR / DVR • PC, Laptop • TV • Mobiles eInfochips’ Field Deployed IP Oculus End-to-end media streaming framework for multi-format video streaming to any Internet-connected device 5
  6. 6. Mobile Enablement RTP / RTSP Video Player • Low latency live streaming player over Android & iOS • eInfochips RTP / RTSP Client stack integration • Compliant to RFC 2326 and RFC 1889/3550 • Supports compressed H.264, AAC and MPEG2 TS Video Monitoring application • • • • • • Mobile application for the Wi-Fi based IP camera Multi camera monitor and QR code based configuration Support of 2x2 and 3x3 view for Live Video and Play Back. Share cameras with different user accounts Alerts on Noise/Motion detection and Temperature threshold Supports RTP/RTSP and HTTP Live Protocol, H.264 and MJPEG Video Local Wi-Fi Connection Wi-Fi Camera Camera Configuration & Rules for Alerts Cloud based Remote Surveillance & Alerts Video Storage Event based OR Recorded Videos 6
  7. 7. Authentication and Access Control Units End to end Product Development Fingerprint, Finger Vein Recognition Card, Passport Readers Face and Picture Recognition Integrated Centralized Software Solution Multi-location, Attendance / Employee Tracking System Successfully deployed Across Airport Defense Enforcement Industrial Government 7
  8. 8. Camera Design And Development Expertise across Camera Types Turn Key Camera Design 20+ Camera Designs Home Surveillance HD IP camera PTZ Camera ONVIF Compliant On-board API for Analytics Plug-in Dome Infrared Awarded Product of the Year 1080pHD Dome Camera with in-built DVR & Storage Our Own IP Camera Reference Designs Based on TI DM6446 DaVinciTM and Maxim MG2580 Achieved industry benchmark Dome Camera IPNET Camera Resolution, speed, form factor, dynamic range, certification Developed, Night Vision Camera Mobicam TI DM355 based Multi-FPGA Video Board Developed, High Mega Pixel IP Camera TI Netra / Centaurus DM 816X based Design 20 Megapixel 8
  9. 9. Industry Focused Solutions • Home Automation Residential • Remote Surveillance • Baby Monitor Enterprise • Access Management • Centralized Monitoring Industrial Retail Automotive • In-Store Monitoring • Customer Behavior Analysis • Traffic Monitoring • Bus Surveillance • License Plate Recognition • Quality Inspection & Control • Automation • Events based Device Control 9
  10. 10. eInfochips’ solution for Retail industry Solution Features Inventory Management RFID based handheld Scanner Remote Surveillance 128 Camera, In-built Analytics Centralized Video Archiving Forensic Search, people tracking Barcode Scanner with Zigbee Faster Checkout, Two way Comm. Customer Footfall Analysis Tracking via Barcode Scanner Benefits Prevents Theft, Fraud Insurance Claims | Increases Staff Productivity | Customer Behavior Pattern | Promotion Effectiveness 10
  11. 11. eInfochips’ solution for Home Surveillance Solution Features Portable Android Device Complete control of home devices Remote Surveillance Integrated Wi-Fi enabled Camera Off-the-shelf Sensor Door, Glass break, Motion Detection Web Portal & Mobile App. Remote Monitoring & Control Benefits Prevents Theft| Remote Surveillance| Scheduled Usage via Mobile of home devices | Rules based alerts on Mobile 11 11
  12. 12. eInfochips’ solution for Automotive Local Display Monitoring Room Solution Features Mobile NVR Development LD Continuous Recording, event based HD Cameras Ethernet Mobile NVR Wi-Fi Local SSD Local Display & Storage HDMI Output for display, SSD and SD Storage Bus Control integration Ignition, CAN, GPS, Accelerometer, RTC Integration with VMS Remote Monitoring & Control Proprietary Video Player for Encryption Bus Dashboard Benefits Switching between HD/SD recording on events for disk space| Driver Monitoring | Tamper proof Video for insurance claims 12
  13. 13. Key Differentiators Readymade, field deployed IP/ building blocks for faster development across the product spectrum • Cameras, Video Management Software, Viewing software, Storage, Access Control units Experts in Video Streaming, Management & Storage Solutions • Expertise in Media Encapsulation & Synchronization Protocol, 10 Video Streaming IPs • Capability to build storage security solutions using industry leading encryption (AES) and water-marking techniques Analytics Development & Integration • Pre-built Image processing libraries • Worked with leaders in Video Analytics: Object Video, Aptina, Harmonic Expertise in leading standards and 3rd party tools/platforms • Current & evolving standards like Pelco-P, Pelco-D, ONVIF, PSIM • Leading processors (e.g.TI , Marvell, Maxim, NXP, Freescale) and OS (Android, Vista Linux , QNX) 20+ Camera designs enabling clients to win Awards & Recognitions • Worked with 5 out of top 12 leading Image Sensor companies (Sony, Aptina, Toshiba) • Enabled Image Sensor Companies to Win 50+ designs, sales of over 2M Cameras 13
  14. 14. Thank you..!! For more information, write us at marketing@einfochips.com or visit www.einfochips.com 14