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  • Non linear process (go back and forward), mostly start experimentalThe organizational approach evolves from bottom up, into top down into a mixBusiness value increases in this evolution
  • Top down involvement (VP)Change management oriented, step by step approach, anchored within the organizationThoroughdeskresearch to identify social footprint and potential within target groupsFor example identified very valuable nice communities to engage with for example peoltry and egg, ruminanceetcObjectives are identified per target group
  • Soyouneedintegrated KPI’s andcontrolstodefine the relationshipbetweenthemandreally monitor yourvaluecreation.
  • Dyneema in a nutshell – world strongest fiber and its with when it matters (used all kinds of materials such as body armor and marine lines)Active monitoring in place, prepare engagement, seeding and conversations and evaluationContent and channel drivenProcesses in placeStarted with listening on external channels what’s happening on the brandBut still push oriented and limited connection to target audienceEmployee ownership
  • Youcannotdirectlyassign a monetaryvalueto a conversionthat takes placewith the customer journey, So we decidedtousevalue points as a start.
  • Keep onfinetuningyour controlsDefine a value index to calculate the real ROIBased on proofpoints
  • Evolution : expiremental -> controlled -> integrated Value creation through KPI defining and measuring KPI’s / indexes and correlating with classical financial metricsOwnership by employees themselves ; facilization and experise transfer by externals : you cannot outsource completely !Hardwire / software
  • Get ready for integrated social

    1. 1. Capturing business value through social media:Get ready for integrated socialB2B Summit June 18th LondonTheo VerweerdenMarketing program DirectorDSMJune, 2013Stijn van AertStrategy leadeFocus
    2. 2. Theo VerweerdenMarketing Program Director DSMtheoverweerdentheo.verweerden@dsm.comStijn van AertStrategy Lead
    3. 3. • Global leader in nutritional ingredients for feed, food and personal care• Market leader in anti-infectives and key pharma custom manufacturing player• Market leader in sustainable high performance materials• Merchant market leader in nylon precursor caprolactam• Innovator active in advanced biofuels, bio-based chemicals and biomedical materialsMaterialsNutritionMeet DSMHealth
    4. 4. We don’t believein social.
    5. 5. We don’t believe inintegrated social.
    6. 6. 1 2 3Three ways to approach socialExperimental Controlled Integrated
    7. 7. It’s a continuous learning journeyExperimental Controlled Integrated
    8. 8. Experimental socialKey characteristics• Isolated initiatives• Success stories• High waste• Brand impact risksControlled Integrated
    9. 9. The curious case of E-850A breakthrough innovation ofDSM NeoResinsrequesting your help
    10. 10. Controlled socialKey characteristics• Process and culture• Owned channelfocus• Window dressing• Start monitoringControlledExperimental
    11. 11. Example: DSM in Animal Nutrition & HealthUniversitiesProfessorsResearchersStudentsCustomers & PartnersR&D EmployeesEngineersNew Business DevelopersProduct ManagementMarketing & Sales
    12. 12. Integrated socialKey characteristics• Mixed paid,owned, earnedjourneys• ROI drivenengagement value• Social CRM focus(more 1-on-1)Experimental Controlled
    13. 13. The average customer uses10.4 sources before buying,twice as much as years past.- Google, 2011
    14. 14. EarnedPaidOwnedConsider social within the integrated digital landscapeDisplaySocialE-mailSEAAffiliatesWebsiteSEOContentpartnersAppsWebshop
    15. 15. I know half the money Ispend on advertising iswasted, but I can neverfind out which half.- John Wanamaker
    16. 16. Social mechanisms to influence your KPI’sSalesContactrequestsLeadgenerationInformationDownloadsSocialEngagementSubscrip-tionsReach Shares &ReachActiveEmployees
    17. 17. Integrated owned and earned social media
    18. 18. ENGAGEMENT AMBASSADORS20121500%60results 2012Integrated1272fllwrs974fansAVERAGE VISITORS (MONTH)AVERAGE REQUESTS (MONTH)125* Platform results before the start of the program are unavailable or uncomparable7
    19. 19. How to capture the valueof integrated social?
    20. 20. Assign value to your touchpoints to measureeffectiveness and keep testing your impact25 pointsPartner lead100 pointsContactrequest15 pointsSocial follower10 pointsShare contentAB
    21. 21. Social mechanisms to influence your business valueSalesContactrequestsLeadgenerationInformationDownloadsSocialEngagementSubscrip-tionsReach Shares&ClicksActiveEmployeesSocial value(points)Key digital value(points)Business value(Euro’s) Value index?1 point = X Euro
    22. 22. Key take aways1. It’s an evolution2. Focus on value creation3. Employee engagementand ownership
    23. 23. you.