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For Slideshare   Final For Slideshare Final Presentation Transcript

  • Improving the Patient Hand-off ProcesseDoclistPatient Hand-offs for Healthcare
  • Improving the Patient Hand-off Process1. “Hand-off” Overview2. Understanding the needs for of an Effective Standardized Hand-off3. Patient Safety Associated with the Hand-off Process4. Key Components of an Effective Standardized Hand-off5. The Hand-off Environment and Best Practices6. How can improve efficiency and patient care.7. features8. Our Promise to our customers
  • 1. What is a Hand-off? A clinical hand-off is the temporary transfer of care and responsibility from the primary (outgoing) physician to the covering (oncoming) physician Verbal and written handoffs are customary and necessary in order to relay vital information about the patient and their anticipated needs View slide
  • 2. Understanding the need for anEffective Standardized Hand-off An effective Hand-off process is vital for several reasons Multiple physicians participate in the care of each patient. Proper communication is imperative. Communication failures during the hand-off process often lead to uncertainty in decisions on patient care An ineffective hand-off process could result in patient discharge delays, duplicate tests and compromised patient safety Increased hand-offs with reduced resident work hours View slide
  • 3. Patient Safety associated with theHand-off Process.Transfers of care have been identified as an importantcause of adverse clinical outcomesImproving hand-offs is a national patient safety goalMost unanticipated adverse events are caused bycommunication breakdowns
  • 4. Crucial Aspects of an EffectiveStandardized Handoff Patient Identifiers Name/ Record Number/Location Severity of illness Working problem list Intervention on anticipated problems Tests and consults pending Code Status History pertinent to immediate problems
  • 5. The Hand-off Environment and BestPractices Interruptions are common and unavoidable, but can be obstacles to an accurate and precise hand-off. Take the time to go to a quiet place and be uninterrupted during your hand-off The Hand-off is a two way street. Effective Two-Way Communication that is Clear and Accurate is necessary in order to „close the loop‟ on proper patient care.
  • 6. How eDocList can improve efficiencyand Patient Care Intuitive and user friendly  When compared with other sign out methods, eDocList is simple and intuitive Time and Cost Savings  The ease of maintaining the list means more time for patient care  Time savings mean cost savings, making an affordable investment for your institution. Accessible: is accessible online on any computer with internet access, which affords residents the option to access their patient data remotely.
  • 7. Features 100% HIPPA compliant with industry standard encryption Unlimited number of services per group account Powerful, easy to use patient hand-off list Fully customizable and easy on-line setup Phone and email support to guide you through customization  Click here for a free trial
  • 8. Our Promise at To provide you with the necessary tools you need to improve the logistics of your patient management system. Enable you to provide personalized patient care, and create an environment for improved efficiency and less room for human error. Offer a real-time tracking system with a streamlined, efficient, and easy-to-use interface. provide world class service to each and every customer. continually research new and innovative methods to improve eDocList performance and provide our customers with the latest technology and tools to comply with new industry guidelines Provide you with the peace of mind that your patient data is safe, secure and 100% HIPAA- Compliant Please contact us today ! 248-325-8615 KMJ Health Solutions, Inc./