eDRG Innovative Reporting & Dashboarding - Business Values
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eDRG Innovative Reporting & Dashboarding - Business Values



Business Values for the eDRG Innovative Reporting & Dashboarding add-on for EMC Documentum.

Business Values for the eDRG Innovative Reporting & Dashboarding add-on for EMC Documentum.



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    eDRG Innovative Reporting & Dashboarding - Business Values eDRG Innovative Reporting & Dashboarding - Business Values Presentation Transcript

    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 1 euroscript Netherlands Delivering meaningful insight across your organizationeuroscript Netherlands eDRG - Business Values Innovative & Interactive Dashboarding & Reporting in D2
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 2 Innovative & Interactive Dashboarding in D2 eDRG is a powerful, EMC certified, and fully-integrated Documentum add-on that provides tailor made interactive reports and dashboards
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 3 eDRG solution overview eDRG Report Generator Information and overview Documentum users Controlled output in multiple formats User request Time scheduled non-Documentum users Event based
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 4 eDRG unique features  Powerful DQL implementation – Without the need of extensive training  History and trend analysis – Using the past to predict the future  Repeating variables – Multiple values for one variable  Integration with DCTM architecture – eDRG uses DCTM security model – Reports are DCTM objects – Infrastructure reuse
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 5 eDRG as the ultimate dashboard User Interface
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 6 eDRG for trend analysis The reduction in dossiers overdue might be caused by an increase in unassigned dossiers! Configure trend information reports in minutes!
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 7 eDRG for KPI Monitoring Employees can see which KPI is at risk and decide which task to start next Improve the self-management ability of your employees
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 8 Customer Service Centre dashboard eDRG for employee empowerment No extra agent needs to be assigned to queue 1 even though it has the longest waiting time. Strong dashboard improve self-management capacity
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 9 eDRG to optimize UI: Combine multiple D2 widgets in one Employees need to review 1000s of scan-batches a day. The many required D2 widgets and related actions would decrease employee performance dramatically. Performance is largely improved, as all information is provided in one interactive dashboard. Reduce the number of mouse-clicks from 12 to 1 !
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 10 eDRG to optimize UI - Example: review scan batch screen Approval of the scan-batch automatically acquires the next tasks, resulting in one-click approval
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 11 eDRG for Check & Review An employee validates the automatically assigned metadata of a scan-process. The Excel report also contains information important for the developer for issue resolution (e.g. ObjectId’s)
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 12 eDRG as your personal assistant By clicking the case name you open the dossier Reminders New documents (status = to be processed) Secondary case handler Primary case handler Employees have a complete overview of and access to their personal work
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 13 eDRG for agenda planning The agenda for a central committee meeting is generated based on ‘Final Decision Date’. Documents are directly accessible electronically Reduce meeting preparation time and make meeting documentation electronically available DossierType DossierID Subject Final Decision date Phase MLAV1 139339 X 13-1-2014 IV MLAV1 139411 17-1-2014 IV MLAV1 139424 21-1-2014 IV MLDD3 12708 12-1-2014 III MLDD3 12709 15-1-2014 III MLDD3 12814 21-1-2014 III MLDD3 12816 22-2-2014 II
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 14 eDRG to use D2 on iPad Essential functionality in D2 is hidden under the right-mouse click. An iPad has no right-mouse click. eDRG to make D2 functionally available for iPad No context menus. All actions through direct links for easier access on iPad.
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 15 eDRG to generate formal documents Reports are managed like other documents and deliver proof of correct execution of a business process Automatically generate formal documents
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 16 eDRG as alternative for Business Process implementation Ensure that business processes and rules are followed. People are informed of required actions, through dashboard reports or email. SOP's not yet read Date: 20-Apr-2014 SOP Nr Description Active Date Not Yet Read PR_2014_000529 Change to Startup Procedure Machine x317 15-Apr-2014 R.Russel PR_2013_001391 Clothing Instruction 20-Apr-2014 P.Patterson PR_2014_000632 Cleaning Method Machine x421 1-May-2014 A. Johnson W. DeWit J.McLaren PR_2014_000312 Startup Procedure Macine x421 1-May-2014 J.McLaren PR_2014_000993 CloseDown Procedure Machine x421 1-May-2014 B. Stephens R. Russel SOP to be read User: R.Russel SOP Nr Description Active Date Not Yet reviewed by PR_2014_000529 Change to Startup Procedure Machine x317 15-Apr-2014 R.Russel PR_2014_000993 CloseDown Procedure Machine x421 1-May-2014 R. Russel Implement business process assurance within hours
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 18 eDRG for Documentum support team Always have access to your current Documentum configuration “Can you please create me a list of … ?” ... “Nice! Can you provide this every week/month in Excel/PDF and send it to me by email?”
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 19 eDRG for Testing Example: A tester must validate the automatically assigned metadata of a scan-process. A report shows all To-Be-Checked information of the test case. HTML to review the test case. Excel to register remarks “in context”. It also contains data to assist the developer in issue resolution (e.g. ObjectId’s) Customer Case: 500+ test cases Individual test case: 30 min  2,5 min Total test period: 7 weeks  3 days
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 20 eDRG - Reporting as part of your workflow Workflow process Workflow process continued Example: During the price-setting process regarding a new order, a report with customer history is attached. The account manager can calculate the discount on this information. Support your employees in decision making
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 21 eDRG integration with Reveille performance management & monitoring Enhance log and server information stored in Reveille with Documentum metadata to create more valuable reports A possible alternative for audit trails with easier/faster access and allowing to combine metadata with server information
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 22 eDRG for multi-dimensional access to your content = Price Level Allow your users multi-dimensional access to information. Access standard Documentum functionality for content management Provide a custom User Interface in D2 avoiding PlugIns
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 23 eDRG Product Overview FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATIONS eDRG EMC DRS EMC BAM SQL Reportin g Services SAP Crystal Reports Configurable reports & dashboards √ √ Integrated within Documentum D2 √ Integrated within xCP TaskSpace √ √ Integrated within WDK web applications √ √ Variety of output formats √ √ √ Reports upon user request √ √ √ Scheduled reports √ √ √ √ History/trend reports √ √ Complex reports with multiple DQL’s √ √ √ √ The ECM market demands reporting and dashboarding functionality that goes beyond the current standard capabilities of EMC Documentum
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 24 eDRG Product Overview TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS eDRG EMC DRS EMC BAM SQL Reportin g Services SAP Crystal Reports No extra hardware needed √ √ √ √ No third party software required √ √ √ √ No customization needed √ √ √ Single installer √ √ √ Installer without manual steps √ Use of variables in reports √ √ Pre-filled variables based on user √ √ Seperate designer tool √ √ √ Query builder tool √ √ √ Security enforced √ √ √ eDRG meets the needs where current existing Documentum reporting tools are lacking, filling the product gap relative to customer needs
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 25 Main new functionality in eDRG 4.2  Extended report presentations – Office 2010 / 2013 output format – Open Documents format – Improved intelligent graphical presentations – Inherit layout from central stylesheet (also for PDF)  Documentation of all included reports and presentations  Report configuration export/import  User can save selected Report Variables  Hidden Report Variables (to set defaults, but not visible for end-users)  Generate and send a report to all users in a list
    • euroscript Netherlands eDRG – slide 26 eDRG. Delivering meaningful insight across your organization. Discover the eDRG for free for 30 days! Go to our website and download the full software and trial license: http://www.euroscript.com/eDRG Contact: eDRG@euroscript.com