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Still Selling Like It's 1999? Meet the Modern Buyer


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Face it: nobody wants to be sold to. …

Face it: nobody wants to be sold to.

Today's modern buyer is mobile, digitally driven and socially connected -- able to make informed purchasing decisions without the influence of a salesperson. In fact, 57% of buying decisions are made before a salesperson is engaged. The modern buyer rarely buys anything without researching it thoroughly.

Forget "selling." The role of the modern seller is to educate and empower the buyer with information. Potential customers must trust you before they trust your brand. If you've helped them make the right buying decision, you'll have a customer for life -- better yet, a digital evangelist who will effectively do the selling for you.

In this webinar I'll show you how to:

-Create and curate content that empowers and enables prospects
-Feed your sales pipeline with people who will contact you when they're ready to buy
-Leverage social networks to your advantage
-Stop using LinkedIn as your online resume

Jill Rowley is a social-selling advocate, a speaker, and a trainer. Companies like Eloqua, and Oracle have enlisted Jill to help transform their lead-management processes.

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  • You must break through the clutter in order to be effective in social media. And there’s only one way to do that…
  • achieve this by sharing personalities of our employees (YOU)!
  • achieve this by sharing personalities of our employees (YOU)!
  • Ultimately, social selling is about establishing your personal brand which perpetuates to establishing trust.
  • You must break through the clutter in order to be effective in social media. And there’s only one way to do that…
  • Think about them, not about you
    Always have a clear audience in mind. What are they interested in? What do they care about?
    Share what your target audience might find interesting.

  • Your LinkedIn photo is an important part of your personal brand. Your photo is the first chance to build a strong first impression and build trust.

    Your photo represents your personal brand. Make sure you look professional.

    To edit your photo on LinkedIn:
    Logon to LI
    Choose Profile -> Edit Profile
    Click on the camera icon
    Upload a professional photo (choose edit photo to replace your current photo)
    Save changes
    Creating a buyer-centric LinkedIn profile
    The art of a LinkedIn invite
    Sphere of Influence training (who is your buyers sphere of influence & how can you connect, engage & amplify)
    How to share content across your Social Networks
    LinkedIn groups – which ones should you join and what do you do once you’re in the group
    Advanced Search in LinkedIn
    Setting up LinkedIn Signals
    Using LinkedIn Contacts
    Setting up LinkedIn Job Change alerts
  • Transcript

    • 1. #SocialSelling Market & Sell to the Modern Buyer @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 2. The  ABC’s  of  Social  Selling  –  Always  Be  Connec2ng   @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 3. 78%  of  Sales  Using  Social  Media   Outsell  Their  Peers   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 4. Benefits  of  Social  Selling   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 5. Customers  expect  companies  to  feel  personal   and  authen2c     @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 6. ADAPT  OR  DIE  BE  REPLACED     Become  transparent,  responsive,  &  collabora2ve  or   else  risk  being  “leK  in  the  dust”  by  compe22on     @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 7. HOW?     share  the  unedited  voices  &  personali2es  of  your  employees!   @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 8. Buying  process  has  changed   Buyers  are  self-­‐educa2ng  via     SEARCH  &  SOCIAL   @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 9. 57%  of  the  buying  process  done  before   engaging  sales   Then   Now  VS.   @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 10. 92%  of  B2B  buyers  start  search  on  web…   @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 11. 82%  of  the  world’s  online  popula2on  can  be  reached  by   SOCIAL  NETWORKS   Source:  insites-­‐   @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 12. The  Power  of     Peer  to  Peer  
    • 13. Buyer  to  Company:  33%  Trust  
    • 14. Buyer  to  Buyer:  92%  Trust  
    • 15. Meet  the  Modern  Buyer   Digitally-­‐driven   Socially-­‐connected   Mobile   Empowered   @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 16. Unlimited  access  to  real-­‐2me  informa2on     about  your  company,  products,     compe2tors,  customers,  industry     experts  and  influencers  
    • 17. Decision-makers are more knowledgeable. Unlimited  access  to  real-­‐2me  informa2on     about  your  company,  products,     compe2tors,  customers,  industry     experts  and  influencers   "The best reps are not just present in social media, they position themselves as credible and influential sources in customer networks." - Sales Executive Council
    • 18. It all comes down to trust.
    • 19. 1 9 You have to break through the clutter.
    • 20. 2 0 Always look at things through customer’s eyes.
    • 21.   You  need  more  tools!     Would you try to maintain your territory with only hammer & nails? (Phone & Email) @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 22. Social  selling  leverages     your  professional  brand  to  fill  your  pipeline         with  the  right  people,  insights,      and  relaPonships.     #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 23.   Build  Your  Personal  Brand   Op2mize  for  the  Buyer;  not  the  Recruiter   @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 24. Use  Social  Networks  to  Find,  Listen,  Relate,   Connect,  Engage  &  Amplify  your  buyers  and  their   sphere  of  influence     @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 25. Content:     R  E  A  D    what  your  buyers  are  reading   and  share  that  content  across   your  Social  Networks   @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 26. The   on  Content   The         @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 27. 1.  Buyer-­‐centric  LinkedIn  profile   2.  The  Art  of  a  LinkedIn  Invite   3.  Sphere  of  Influence  training   4.  LinkedIn  groups   5.  Advanced  Search  in  LinkedIn   6.  LinkedIn  Contacts   7.  LinkedIn  Job  Change  alerts   8.  Share  content   @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 28. Establish  a  professional  presence  on     LinkedIn  with  a  complete  profile  Create  a  professional  brand   Prospect  efficiently  with  powerful     search  and  research  capabili2es  Find  the  right  people   Discover  and  share  valuable  informa2on  to  ini2ate   or  maintain  a  rela2onship  Engage  with  insights   Expand  your  network  to  reach  prospects  and  those   who  can  introduce  you  to  prospects  Build  strong  relaPonships   Op2mizing  LinkedIn   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 29. Showcase  your  skills   Create  a  professional  brand   Use  the  right  tone   What  would  prospects  or  customers  want  to  know   about  you?  Be  descrip2ve.  Tell  your  story.   Complete  your  profile   Aim  for  100%  profile  completeness   Add  rich  content   Slideshare  deck,  presenta2on  video,  etc.   Add  skills  and  generate  endorsements   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 30. Check  who  viewed  you   Find  the  right  people   View  prospects   View  details  of  poten2al  prospects  in  your  1st  ,  2nd  ,  and   3rd    degree  networks   Expand  your  viewing   Use  Lead  Recommenda2ons  to  find  more  prospects  at   your  accounts   Your  ac2vity  drives  views  of  your  profile.  Engage  with   relevant  people  who  look  at  you.   ProacPvely  search   Use  advanced  search  &  Lead  Builder  to  pinpoint  people   more  efficiently   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 31. Engage  with  insights   Reach  out  to  prospects   Share  valuable  informaPon   Post  relevant  content  that  can  help  you  become  a   trusted  source  of  insight     Stay  in  the  know   Join  groups  and  follow  your  prospects,  customers,  and   their  compe2tors  to  keep  up  to  date   Engage  with  your  network   Share,  like,  and  comment  on  content  posted  from  your   network     Reach  your  prospects  with  InMails,  connec2on  requests,   and  other  messages   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 32. Build  strong  relaPonships   Focus  on  decision  makers   Focus  on  connec2ng  to  senior  level  people  at  your   prospects  and  customers   Connect  with  contacts   Connect  with  your  network  and  with  prospects  aKer   introduc2ons   Connect  internally   Your  colleagues  will  be  able  to  provide  you  warm   introduc2ons   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 33. How  can  I  measure  how  well   I’ve  adopted  social  selling?   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 34. ABC  co   Create  a  professional  brand   Performance  on  four  key   dimensions,  each  worth  25  points   Find  the  right  people   Engage  with  insights   Build  strong  relaPonships   16   15   8   18   Social  Selling  Index   57   LinkedIn’s  Social  Selling  Index  measures   adop2on  of  prac2ces  on  a  0-­‐100  scale   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 35. SSI  leaders  create     45%  more  opportuni2es  per  quarter     than  SSI  laggards.   SSI  leaders  are     51%  more  likely  to  hit  quota     than  SSI  laggards.   45%  more  opportuni2es   51%  more  likely  to  hit  quota   Based  on  a  global  study  LinkedIn  ran  in  Q4  2013  of  Q3  performance  for  reps  focused  on  new  business  and  reps  focused  on   exis2ng  business.  Respondents  reported  performance;  they  were  matched  to  their  LinkedIn  profiles  to  understand  their  SSI.SSI   leaders  have  an  SSI  >  70;  SSI  laggards  have  an  SSI  <  30   Why is social selling important? #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 36. Add  a  Professional  Photo   •  To  edit  your  photo  in  LinkedIn:   1.  Log  onto  LinkedIn     2.  Choose  Profile  -­‐>  Edit  Profile   3.  Click  on  the  camera  icon     4.  Upload  a  professional  photo   (choose  edit  photo  to  replace   your  current  photo)   5.  Save  changes   Represents  your  personal  brand   #SocialSelling   jill_rowley  
    • 37. The  Good,  the  Bad,  and  The  Ugly   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 38. Is  this  a  good  LinkedIn  profile?   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 39. Is  this  a  good  LinkedIn  profile?   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 40. Good  Headline  &  Shortened  URL   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 41. Your  LinkedIn  Summary  is  about  YOU   @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 42. The  Art  of  a  LinkedIn  Invite   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 43. Recommenda2ons  Establish  Credibility   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 44. Search  Results:  7x  views  with  a  Photo   @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 45. Don’t  be  Single  Threaded   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 46. Join  Groups  on  LinkedIn   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 47. Use  Your  Alumni  Network   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 48. Get mobile! Download the app
    • 49. 1.  Pick  a  simple  and  short  username  (this  is  your  brand)   2.  Create  a  personal  profile   3.  Upload  a  good  picture  (no  eggheads!)   4.  Include  your  LinkedIn  URL  in  your  bio   5.  Listen  first,  find  your  voice   6.  Follow  influencers  and  experts  in  your  field;  Create  lists   7.  Share  things  that  are  useful  and  relevant  to  your  followers   8.  Do  no  just  self-­‐promote  or  share  your  stuff   9.  Engage  with  your  followers  (@reply,  RT  and  menPon)     10.  Use  #hashtags  –  example  is  #SFPRSummit  #B2B  #B2C       @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 50. Is  this  a  good  Twiser  profile?   @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling  
    • 51. Personal  Branding  on  Twiser   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 52. Twiser  Lists:  Cloud  Compu2ng   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 53. Twiser  Lists:  Big  Data  Analy2cs  
    • 54. 78%  of  Sales  Using  Social  Media   Outsell  Their  Peers   #SocialSelling   @jill_rowley  
    • 55. The  ABC’s  of  Social  Selling  –  Always  Be  Connec2ng   @jill_rowley  #SocialSelling