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Secure Coding 2013, Meenu Dogra, Hacking Technologies.

Secure Coding 2013, Meenu Dogra, Hacking Technologies.

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  • Here is an example of our approach in action. This is the Koobface attack, which is still active in the wild.Starts as a link to a non-existent video on a malicious site sent via IM, email, or webmail. The first layer of protection is web filtering to block access to the site. If the user clicks on the link, he would receive a phony alert telling him his player is not working, and to download a non-existent new version on a malicious site. By clicking on the “OK” button on the phony Error message, the user is actually instructing his system to install the virus. Antivirus protection would detect the file that the user is trying to install, and block itOnce installed, the worm would try to propagate. The IPS technology would detect the propagation effort, and block it before it could succeed.


  • 1. LHSSS-5 Secure Coding Meenu Dogra Software Engineer www.LearnHackingSecurity.com
  • 2. About Myself Meenu Dogra Software Engineer Specializes in Secure Coding/Application Development Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Speaker – Webinars Email : Meenu . Dogra@eCoreTechnoS.com
  • 3. Internet – World Wide Connectivity»95.6% people are online right when they wake up Reading Online News Online Online Banking / Shopping Transactions Internet Social Sites – E-mails Connect Everyones
  • 4. Business Strategy – Being Online• Each and every organization now want to be online. » Online Business Strategy • Selling Products Online • Online Marketing (Social Websites + Ads) • Online Products Analysis• But it can be a huge Risk for their Business » So, Developers need to make a “TRUST OF SECURITY”
  • 5. Security – High Priority• Online Security is a biggest challenge » Developers Issues • Operating System Vulnerability • Firewall Security Breach • Network Security Flaws • Intrusion Detection System Vulnerability • Application-based Vulnerability
  • 6. Secure System Development Life Cycle
  • 7. Secure System Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) Requirement Design Implementation Verification Analysis
  • 8. SSDLC
  • 9. SSDLC
  • 10. SSDLC
  • 11. SSDLC :: Graphical Explanation
  • 12. SSDLC
  • 13. LHS Connections and Updates #HackingTechnoS Get Latest Facebook Hacking & Security Updates Security Updates Connect with us Subscribed on Facebook.com/HackingTechn Hands-On Labs LHS/ePaper ologies
  • 14. Resources http://www.eCoreTechnoS.com www.LearnHackingSecurity.com http://www.HackingTechnologies.com http://www.GetHackingSecurity.com