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Raj Singh - Presentation at Emerging Communications Conference & Awards (eComm 2011)
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Raj Singh - Presentation at Emerging Communications Conference & Awards (eComm 2011)


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Please see blog

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1.
  • 2. Trends and Opportunities in Mobile Enterprise
    Raj Singh
    EIR @ SRI
  • 3. Smartphones Are Penetrating the Enterprise
    Individually liable devices
    BYOD: Bring your own device
    IT used to push back; now the employee pushes back
    Significant growth in MDM (Mobile Device Mgmt)
    Managing devices, remote wipe, network certificates, enterprise app stores
    Deployment, upgrades, secure
    How do I make the enterprise data secure?
  • 4. Enterprise App Demand Is Surging
    Employees are demanding more apps
    Email and browsing isn’t good enough
    Enterprise app stores are emerging and are mostly empty
    Google Maps, Evernote, Dropbox; lack of horizontal enterprise apps
    Landscape littered with point solutions
  • 5. Enterprise Mobile Market
    $7.5B for mobile cloud enterprise in 2014 (Juniper, 01/10)
    100M smartphones, 2015 (estd, Tom Ahonen, 05/10)
    ~40% of iPads or more are going into the enterprise (80% of Fortune 100)
  • 6. New School of Enterprise Apps
    Older enterprise apps are heavy-weight, don’t leverage the cloud (very mono-lithic)
    Focus on micro-apps (almost point-apps but horizontal), solve a specific problem, lighter-weight
    Great importance on UI/UX – leveraging social (eg Salesforce Chatter); consumer thinking in enterprise app design (consumerization of IT)
  • 7. Enterprise Data Is Finally Available
    Challenge with enterprise mobility has been getting to the data
    SAAS has enabled “Company Out of a Box”
    No more on-premise integration but rather OAuth-like connectors into cloud-services (eg Corp Doc Store, Corp Wiki, Corp Email etc)
    New problem is can you trust these services with access to critical enterprise data but consensus is that CIOs are “opening-up”
    Is it inevitable? Or will we tighten-up again and repeat a cycle?
  • 8. Go to Market Starts with the Employee
    Business to Individual (B2I)
    Sell directly to the employee vs to the enterprise
    Model proven by Dropbox, Evernote, Yammer, Webex and others
    Employees can expense (send monthly email invoice to employee)
    B2I eventually translates to B2B sales
    Other channels include:
    Enterprise App Stores
    Systems Integrators
    Operator/OEM reseller channels
  • 9. Enterprise Biz Model Has Evolved
    Previously SI (systems integration) represented a significant chunk of revenues
    More horizontal = less or templated customization
    Trial to Paid or Free to Paid are most common models
    Subscription tiers will need to be tested, annual subs are not uncommon
    B2I does face price compression over time but conversion rates blow traditional consumer apps out of the water!
  • 10. Sample Apps!
  • 11. HR Applications
    New employee setup, paperwork, insurance, email, training
    Company calendar
    Address book, events, holidays, birthdays, news
    Personal profile
    Insurance, wages, group, passport, travel
    Address book
    Org charts, group charts, product charts
    Employee utility
    Taxi concierge
    Flight / travel bookings
  • 12. Team Applications
    Post to internal Chatter
    Salesforce Chatter, Socialcast
    Workflow & Admin
    Expense reports, holidays, vacations, meetings
    Compliance related activities
  • 13. Sales Applications
    Meeting preparation (InsideView)
    During the meeting (MightyMeeting)
    Retrieve documents
    CRM mobile (Salesforce)
  • 14. Reporting Applications
    Mgmt, Sales
    Revenue / Finance reports
    Engineering reports
    Bugs, Product, Tasks
    Product reports
  • 15. Facility Applications
    In-door mapping (mashups)
    Find employees, conference rooms
    Find local restaurants, coffee shops
    Report damages in facilities
    Track guests/visitors
    View geo-comments
  • 16. Summary
    Enterprise mobility is a hot area
    Trends are pointing to an explosion of enterprise apps
    Demand is continuing to grow (95%+ mid-market / SMB have smartphones / tablets)
  • 17. Questions
    Raj Singh
  • 18. Appendix
  • 19. Small Sampling of Companies
    But you haven’t heard of many of them
    App Stores: OnDeego, Good, Sybase, Google, JackBe, RIM(and others)
    MDM Providers: MobileIron, Sybase, Frontline (and many others)
    Apps: PageOnce, LeapFactor, Worklight (and many others)
    Reporting: RoamBI, Microstrategy (and others)
    More Point: Accenture, Slalom Mobility