Phil Wolff's Presentation at Emerging Communication Conference & Awards 2010 America


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  • Long before Google Glass, I was talking about augmented reality and its architecture, challenges managing the field of view, interruption and alerting, the gesture language Tower of Babel, the needs for layer discovery protocols to enable AR mashups and interplay, infrastructure capacity points of pain, and the emergence of new social conventions. On the public policy side I wrote about privacy for public conversations, data portability mandates (no lock-in), AR-free zones, Net Neutrality for the AR era, and the need to offer Carterphone-like protections from data carriers to AR consumers.
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  • Let's meet a friend and walk down the street, our conversation charged with augmented reality.
  • Gatekeeper bots help you screen, find, schedule, negotiate people to visit. Overlay: Tungle suggesting times with Amy

  • recognizes their faces at a distance, tells you to turn around to greet them, and makes them glow as they approach.
    Photo: On the street.
    Overlay: “Amy’s here” alert, with direction arrow
    Photo: turning on the street
    Overlay: see “Amy” glowing

  • scores the other person's wardrobe and accessories. Foto: Amy drinking coffee.
    Overlay: “Gucci knockoff”, “UC Berkeley Store: $34.95”, “Amazon Wishlist: Pearl Earrings, learn more”

  • shows a hovering frame with their latest credit score, criminal background check, and public updates. Photo: Bill at café table.
    Overlay: “Experian:” 4 of 5 stars

  • dampens your heads-up social peripheral vision so you can pay attention to each other. Photo: Amy and Bill start talking with each other
    Overlay: seesmic twitter stream, rich and fully populated
    Photo: Amy and Bill talking more
    Overlay: Seesmic stream minimized

  • reminds you of who your closest mutual friends are with a two-second montage of faces. Photo: Amy talking,
    Overlay: “you both know” over a frame showing faces and names

  • Interpreter bots overlay live subtitles in your first language. Photo: Ordering from a waiter/waitress
    Overlay: English/French

  • listens in as you talk, whispering private tips and reminders in your ear.
    Photo: Bill talking, wearing Nuance earbud
    Overlay: Speech bubble “Amy’s mother’s name is Gail”

  • adds a third participant's avatar as we walk and talk down the street. Photo: Amy and Bill walking
    Overlay: Charley’s avatar walking with them

  • tells us we have three more minutes on this topic. Photo: Amy, Bill looking at Zoho alert
    Overlay: Alert “3 minutes left on ‘Pick a movie’

  • I see my RSAbot flash a caution halo over your head when it thinks your voice, facial expressions, and body language show deceit or that you are very likely to become violent.
    Photo: Bill earnestly talking to Amy

  • suggests a nearby lunch place we might like and books a table for us, including a chair for the avatar and a blank wall for projections.
    Photo: Amy and Bill talking about food while walking
    Overlay: Yelp showing ratings over doorways
    Photo: Amy and Bill sitting at table in a café at the wall
    Overlay: Avatar sitting with them, American Idol showing on the wall

  • places poster ads on blank walls as we walk by, some optimized by our mutual Buzz history, others unique to each participant. Three versions of the same photo of Amy and Bill sitting
    No ad, blank wall
    “Chelsea Clinton for Senate 2016”
    “Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge – Happy Hour Tonight”

  • has been creating a composite video stream from our respective Logitech PoVcams, (annotated with links from Zemanta…)
    Ustream web page with POV photo from lunch, chat room with people commenting

  • links to related conversations you might like. Closeup of page showing
    Zemanta’s logo
    “Conversations you might like”
    “Carol and David – same spot, same day, last year”
    “Ed and Faith – similar topic (live)”
    “Gary, Harry, Ike – same café (live)”

  • reminds us there’s a flashshmooze in five minutes
    Photo: Sitting and talking
    Overlay: “Meetup: eComm Flashschmooze at 21st Ammendment in 5 minutes”

  • helps us recap our action items and commitments for our next meeting

    Photo: Two of us in a café with a whiteboard on the wall
    Overlay: On the whiteboard, in marker handwriting script, “Agenda: 1. Review goals for campaign” green checkmark, “2. Daily metrics?” green checkmark, “3.

  • Interpersonal interaction started in the real world and the software community started by modeling behavior they observed in real life.
    The first generation of AR for conversation will reverse the flow, bringing the benefits of newly defined online social experiences to face-to-face real life encounters.
    Let's meet a friend and walk down the street, our conversation charged with augmented reality.
  • Phil Wolff's Presentation at Emerging Communication Conference & Awards 2010 America

    1. 1. • Eyeware becomes AR’s delivery platform • Gestures/speech become the mouse/keyboard • Relatively thin client – Sense locally – Info via the cloud
    2. 2. Gatekeeper bots
    3. 3. Flickr
    4. 4. Fashionista
    5. 5. Equifax
    6. 6. Seesmic
    7. 7. Plaxo
    8. 8. Systran
    9. 9. Nuance + Bing
    10. 10. SecondLife
    11. 11. Zoho Agenda
    12. 12. RSAbot
    13. 13. Yelp Monocle
    14. 14. Google AdWalls
    15. 15.
    16. 16. Zemanta
    17. 17. Meetup
    18. 18. Basecamp
    19. 19. Assume • The architecture becomes open • Browsers separate from content • Multiple layers at the same time • Layer Stores
    20. 20. What we don’t know
    21. 21. Managing field of view • Display overload – Like: Scarce desktop and browser pixels • Fight for prominent positioning
    22. 22. Interruption and Alerting • Interruption overload – If you thought Distracted Driving was a problem… • Rapid Contextual Filtering
    23. 23. Gestural Language Tower of Babel • No standards • Some examples show the way – Workshop, anyone?
    24. 24. Layer Discovery Protocols • Enable AR mashups and interplay
    25. 25. Infrastructure Capacity • Bandwidth bottlenecks • Mobile CPU/Storage/Battery • Wireless coverage • PAN bandwidth • Relevant content density
    26. 26. Social conventions • Etiquette • Taboos
    27. 27. Public Policy • Privacy for Public Conversations • Data Portability Mandates • AR-Free Zones • Net Neutrality for AR era • AR Carterphone
    28. 28. Walk and Talk: Augmenting Conversation Phil Wolff @evanwolf +1-510-444-8234