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David Wang's Presentation at Emerging Communication Conference & Awards 2009 Europe

David Wang's Presentation at Emerging Communication Conference & Awards 2009 Europe






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    David Wang's Presentation at Emerging Communication Conference & Awards 2009 Europe David Wang's Presentation at Emerging Communication Conference & Awards 2009 Europe Presentation Transcript

    • 2009 | Westergasfabriek | Amsterdam | http://eComm.ec
    • Wave Federation Building An Open Network (by David Wang)
    • Google Wave is a product Wave is a technology wave is to Google Wave email is to Gmail
    • What is Wave Federation? Enables independent wave providers to interoperate Draft Federation Protocol Spec: http://waveprotocol.org/ The spec is iterating: it's developing in the open
    • Why Wave Federation? Encourage adoption of wave and ensure users have a choice in their wave provider The internet is built on open APIs and standard protocols We don't want wave to be a silo'ed communication tool Pick a solution based on price or features or .... Avoid different organisations building Wave like systems that don't interoperate
    • Any organisation can be a wave provider Similar to how anyone can put up an SMTP server and host their own email today
    • Some technical background...
    • Wave Data Model Wave collection of wavelets Wavelet collection of participants and documents unit of concurrency unit of wave federation
    • Wave Federation: Sharing Wavelets Wave servers run OT/CC Wave servers share updates to wavelets Still only one server owns a wavelet The wavelet id determines which domain owns it domain: “initech-corp.com" id: "conv+3sG7”
    • When to Federate? An AddParticpant operation contains an address from another wave provider e.g address david@googlewave.com, hannon@acmewave.com A participant’s domain determines where to send ops
    • Example: Bob on Acmewave wants to talk to Milton at Initech Corp. Bob's client sends AddParticipant(“milton@initech-corp. com”) acmewave.com looks up initech-corp.com's waveserver acmewave.com pushes the AddParticipant operation initech-corp.com requests the wavelet history For future ops on that wavelet, acmewave.com will: accepts ops from initech-corp.com transmits ops to initech-corp.com initech-corp.com "passively" accepts ops from acmewave The result: Bob and Milton are happily waving each other
    • Wave Federation Architecture - Delta Flow
    • Data stays in your network On-premise solution If you don't add anyone from the outside the data stays in your network Scenario: confidential chat between colleagues in a company
    • Where we've come so far... Published the (draft) protocol spec Google Wave Federation Protocol Google Wave Conversation Model (incl. Blip model) Open sourced ~40K lines of code http://code.google.com/p/wave-protocol/ Java, Apache 2.0 Effectively 2 Components: Wave Model + Operational Transformation FedOne: Basic Prototype Client/Server With an early crypto library
    • FedOne Executable spec for the wire protocol NOT the beginning of a reference impl Hello, World “simple” implementation
    • FedOne
    • What we're doing now... Opening up a federation port on WaveSandbox.com This port is still highly experimental Updating the FedOne client/server The client does a better job displaying OT The server understands the new protocol manifest Published a Google Wave Contributors Licensing Agreement Encourages community-based development for open source patches
    • Demo
    • Where we're headed... Iterating towards a reasonable stable set of specifications Gain more experience running an open federation port Ship an open federation port on wave.google.com Open source the lion's share of Google's client & server Develop a production quality reference implementation Google can't do this alone!
    • Bottom Line We’d like to work with you. http://www.waveprotocol.org/ http://groups.google.com/group/wave-protocol/
    • Q&A
    • Headline Sponsor Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors 2009 | Westergasfabriek | Amsterdam | http://eComm.ec