Cullen Jennings's Presentation at Emerging Communication Conference & Awards 2010 America

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  • 1. Global Identity for Communications Cullen Jennings, Ph.D. Presentation_ID © 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 2
  • 2. Communication happen between many communities Need for easy, secure, inter community collaboration Colleagues Family Friends Competitors Customers Vendors
  • 3. Business Cards
  • 4. Device support
  • 5. Privacy Conventions
  • 6. Current State for Communications: Islands of Innovation bridged by the PSTN Community A Community B PBX Gateway Gateway PBX Video Rich Caller ID Inside the organization: Voice Presence Wideband Audio Alert on Available
  • 7. Current State for Communications: Islands of Innovation bridged by the PSTN Community A Community B PBX Gateway Gateway PBX Between organizations: Voice Only
  • 8. The Growing Disparity ... Single Organization Global BASIC VOICE BASIC VOICE CALLING NAME/NUM CALLING NAME/NUM eo Vid Joe Joe 123 123 Roster Rich Caller ID ALERT ON AVAILABLE COLLAB Communication innovation time is landlocked by the PSTN
  • 9. ViPR Technology The Verification Involving PSTN Reachability (VIPR) technology a way for systems to conduct secure, high- quality, voice and video calls across the internet - using their existing telephone numbers - without the need to re-provision or replace currently deployed infrastructure
  • 10. How VIPR Works
  • 11. Before ViPR
  • 12. Publish Numbers to DHT
  • 13. Validation
  • 14. Internet Call
  • 15. Anti-Spam
  • 16. Combining Three Powerful Technologies To provide a mechanism to move calls from the PSTN and send them over the internet DHT: PSTN: SIP: For scale, reduced cost, and For allocation of name and For its flexibility and feature open participation model validation of ownership of a delivery name
  • 17. Blue Sky Computing
  • 18. VIPR Standardization Work IETF Submissions: draft-rosenberg-dispatch-vipr-overview draft-rosenberg-dispatch-vipr-pvp draft-rosenberg-dispatch-vipr-reload-usage draft-rosenberg-dispatch-vipr-sip-antispam draft-rosenberg-dispatch-vipr-vap draft-ietf-p2psip-reload VIPR:Verification Involving PSTN Reachability Encouraging industry wide interoperability from the start