Colin Pons's Presentation at Emerging Communication Conference & Awards 2009 Europe


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  • 7 april 2006
  • 7 april 2006
  • Telephony was boring and fat on prices but not unpractical. Telephony prices started to drop after competition was enforced by regulators. VoIP has accelerated this trend but did not disrupt the industry so far. What competition and VoIP have accomplished is death of distance but not of the minute. Why, voip was too much like ordinary telephony at a lower price point. The VoIp offerings where to borring and too unpractical to be really disruptive, too fat on hype. We have forgotten VoIP was just a technology. However, there is hope at the horizon (and demonstrated in the last 3 days at eComm). Falling prices, shrinking suscriber numbers and rising costs make the telephony model obsolete. VoIP was not a business model innovation so far….
  • utsourcing: Payment providers, Telco, Distributie Key assets: software, software developers, super nodes Channels: device partnerships and Revenu: skype out (ca.10% of user base), sw licences 10 april 2009 VoIP Connect Vamo
  • Customer demand has changed over time. By the mid 90’s mobile telefony took off (biggest benefit: mobility, always reachable). By the mid 00’s we’ve come to identify another change: social networking, IM, chat (email was disruptive to the letter/mail; not to Telephony) PSTN has not addressed the changing needs, and ISDN was tooexpensive, unpractical and difficult. But Telco’s have seized upon mobile telephony becuase they had skills, motivtion and the resources for big investments. But they are missing out on SN. What about VoIP. It is roughly similar in offering but at lower price point. Hence attracted price conscience customers only (at high SAC) which are more likely to churn at a better ‘offer’. New entrants introduced the technology and it matured. But they forgot one thing: they attacked front and central the Telco’s who had every incentive to defend their market and revenues; but who had also the deep pockets, legal cloud and industry relationships to win; and VoIP players too fragmented and not user friendly enough. Hence all but one global, pure play, VoIP provider is left standing (ok a bit overdone but you get the point…) The sad fact is that there is a great opportunity that is not addressed accurately by Telc’s and cableco’s (mimick/copy Telco’s voice offerings only there revenu is in TV, Voice just a *free* byproduct). 7 april 2006
  • Voice or rather communication is not a red ocean. But the current products are. Telco’s are the sharks defending their territory with zeal. So where is the blue ocean, really? 7 april 2006
  • Syndication, Search, Conversation & Fulfillment (JP Rangaswamy, MD BT Design) They talk to each other using various forms of communication: email, audio, video, IM, blog, twitter They receive information because they said they were interestedin receiving that information. They subscribe They look proactively for information. They search for things And they transact business as a result. In the extended enterprise and partners. With customers
  • Mobility and smart device enable to have fine grained control over who we meet, talk to, intact with when and in which cotext. It is bi-directional. Mobile, smart device become the remote controls of our lives. How fast? Fast! The future is already here. Any iPhone? Androids? BlackBarry? Now don’t think the masses won’t follow. Our prediction is that by 2013 about half of our mobile subscribers will have a smartphone (a real one not an feature phone on steroids like a N97 – no offence). Some numbers: about 12m5 iPhone in 2009 ( Global Smartphone Unit Shipment Share (Gartner, CQ1:09)), iPhone 65% HTML Mobile Page Views Share (Net Applications, 4/09) Android 2% market share, but with 54 new android phones (not including other devices) on roadmap, and 8% HTML Mobile Page Views Share similar for mobile Internet and apps usage (but iPhone stronger here too) (Symbian has 49% unit marketshare but a meager 7% HTTP Page view share. The future of Internet is Mobile and it is bright.
  • 7 april 2006
  • People want convenience. They want personal (tailored) service: mass customixation like Nike and the Mini car are doing. 7 april 2006
  • 7 april 2006
  • Residential – Stickness; differentiation, customization, simplicity, relevance, user base Business – Value added integration, differentiation, increased value, relevance, Particpants from value web- enabling business by leveraging telco capabilities: location, identity management (SIM), user/usage data, charging 7 april 2006
  • 7 april 2006
  • Leveraging mobile device capabilities. Enabling smart living starting with home networking, allowing customers easy access to apps and content, device interworking, integration with people activities and jobs-to-be-done. Smart Office and Enterprise 2.0 similar concepts. Making peoples lives easier and more productive. And more FUN. What Telco’s need are partners to accomplish this. Telco’s do not have all the skills sets anymore to meet the evolving demand of our customers. High speed, continuous availability and access to cloud apps and content (incl own content stored in cloud) Personal info sync (user push vs network pull) Interoperability of devices Identity Management Remote Availability (any device, any time, anywhere) Liquid Bandwidth: ubiqitous, seamless, best availabale for application Let’s discuss how we can co-operate. How your ideas, concepts, innovations and/or propositions can add valu for the customer. We can provide you with the channel to the customer …..
  • The renewed focus will mean new life to Telco’s ….
  • 7 april 2006
  • 7 april 2006
  • Colin Pons's Presentation at Emerging Communication Conference & Awards 2009 Europe

    1. 2. Telephony Is Dying, Are Telco’s? Colin Pons Service & Technology Office
    2. 3. Is Telephony dying? VoIP is dead?
    3. 4. Telephony was the Killer App
    4. 5. 12 mei 2009 W&O STO Technology and Innovation
    5. 6. 10-11-09
    6. 8. VoIP is all about cheap calls Traditional Carriers Alternative Carriers ........but we have eComm Dependant on Internet, PC 99.999% Reliability Internet & PC based Anywhere, anytime Convenience ISDN Suppl. Services Voice, Video, Contactsc Features Any POTS/ISDN device Web 2.0, Mashups (no Fax) Interoperability No (or Limited) compliance Full compliance Regulatory Customer Svc Full support None or Limited support Multimedia, FMC, RCS Innovation Little in mainstream Cheap Calls High Tariff Price
    7. 9. Telefonie Business Model is dead
    8. 10. VoIP was not much Business Model Innovation
    9. 11. The Business Model Canvas [Model by Alex Ostenwalder]
    10. 12. [Schematic by Alex Ostenwalder]
    11. 13. VoIP targeted price conscience consumers, missed real demand - Telco: incentive and resources to defeat new entrants 10-11-09 PSTN (incl Mobile) VALUE TIME VoIP VoIP 2000 Missed Opportunity Mobile Telephony 1995 Social Networking 2005 Customer Demand High end Demand Low end Demand
    12. 14. 10-11-09 Voice Red Shark Infested Ocean
    13. 15. What About The Customer Proposition ?
    14. 16. 12 mei 2009 W&O STO Technology and Innovation [Source: Norman Lewis]
    15. 17. 12 mei 2009 W&O STO Technology and Innovation [Source Material: Norman Lewis]
    16. 18. … results in shifts in the communications landscape 7 mln. NL members > 370 mln. registered users [Source: IBM Institute of Business Value] Development
    17. 19. Impact and size of community increase with evey computing cycles
    18. 20. What Are Jobs-To-Be-Done?
    19. 21. New Innovations Increase Complexity And Frustration For Customers
    20. 22. Increasing complexity a real frustration Computers Storage Web Sites Monitoring / Domotica Game Console Gateway Screens Communicatie devices Support
    21. 24. 10-11-09
    22. 25. Mobile Devices Enterprise Apps Social Networking The Next Communication Platform
    23. 26. 10-11-09 Next Generation Platforms Driving Unprecedented Change in Communications, Business Processes and Commerce. Calls Messages Status Updates Content Sharing Chat Conf Calls Account, Opportunity data
    24. 27. Trans sector Innovations Required
    25. 28. The Times Are Changing <ul><li>Demographics </li></ul><ul><li>Societal </li></ul><ul><li>Economic </li></ul><ul><li>Legal </li></ul><ul><li>Environment </li></ul><ul><li>Management </li></ul><ul><li>Households </li></ul><ul><li>… . </li></ul>10-11-09
    26. 29. 10-11-09 Roadmap Voice 1927 1956 1968 1989 1983 2008 2004 20?? Past Smart Homes
    27. 30. The Customer Experience Model Voice en Messaging TV Data access (Fixed and Mobile) Data Center At Home On the go In the Cloud At Office Klant en hun device domein “ Home en Office Solutions” Telecom Provider “ Telco Solutons” Applicatie en Content domein “ Enabling Apps en Biusiness”
    28. 31. 10-11-09 Roadmap Voice Wireless Wired Personalized liquid bandwidth evaporates in the ether a wired-wireless eco-system 10 5 10 4 10 3 10 2 10 1 10 0 10 -1 10 -6
    29. 32. There is renewed life for Telco’s
    30. 33. 10-11-09