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Pitor Cofta's presentation at eComm 2008

Pitor Cofta's presentation at eComm 2008






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    Pitor Cofta's presentation at eComm 2008 Pitor Cofta's presentation at eComm 2008 Presentation Transcript

    • Identity and Trust Enabling Layers of the Future Communication Landscape Piotr Cofta, Chief Researcher, BT We essay a difficult task; but there is no merit save in difficult tasks. Ovid
    • 21 CN
    • The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate. Joseph Priestley 1733-1804
    • No 'more ' but 'better ' communication
      • Create the network with people in mind
      • Understand how people communicate
      • Prepare technical design guidelines
    • Communication is autopoietic
      • Communication exists to sustain communication
      • Self-inflicted problem of unbound growth
      • Improvement through communication shortcuts
    • ISO/OSI reference model c.a. 1980 'seven layers'
    • ISO/OSI Society
    • Identity layer ISO/OSI Society Address IP Network Identity
    • Trust layer ISO/OSI Society Transport Trust Reliability TCP
    • Identity and Trust
      • Identity and trust are constructed to combat the growing complexity of communication
      • Identity and trust are both social constructs
      • They exist because we communicate
      • They are side-effects of communication
      • They serve as communication shortcuts
    • Identity
      • It is not an address, name, post code, card, PIN or fingerprint
      • Your identity is my perception of your persistent interacting 'whole'
      • "I construct your identity"
    • Identity as a communication shortcut
      • Identity encapsulates past , allowing for consolidation
        • (I know him, so...)
      • Identity defines communication endpoint
        • (Mom, are you there?)
      • Identity guarantees targeted delivery of signals across the society
        • (Could you please tell your friend...)
      • Identity removes the need to start from scratch
        • (As we have agreed...)
    • Identity Protocol
      • Future 'Identity Protocol' layer is about active construction of identities
      • Self-determination and autonomy (incl. privacy)
      • Social relevance (incl. communities)
      • Flexibility, openness and interoperability
    • Trust
      • It is neither virtue nor weakness, neither an emotional tweak nor a calculated move. It is a necessity .
      • Trust is an expectation of predictable future behaviours of an intentional entity
      • Trust does not imply benevolence, only adherence to type
    • Trust as a communication shortcut
      • Trust encapsulates future , by setting default expectations
      • (I cannot imagine Bob doing this...)
      • Trust is a type selector , simplifying interpretation
      • (Alice is a doctor, she will get it right..)
      • Trust decreases semantic gap in understanding
      • (We are so alike, no need to explain everything...)
      • Trust increases meaning while decreasing volume
      • (That goes without saying...)
    • Trust & Control Protocol
      • Future 'Trust & Control Protocol' is about assessing justified trust
      • No trust -> enforcement without understanding
      • Total trust -> understanding without communication
      • Justified trust -> trust that is matching trustworthiness
    • http://www.designedfortrust.com Designed for Trust
    • http://piotr.cofta.eu
    • [email_address]
    • An eComm 2008 presentation – http://eCommMedia.com for more