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Irv Shapario's Boaz Zilberman's presentation at eComm 2008
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Irv Shapario's Boaz Zilberman's presentation at eComm 2008


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Phone Mashups Integrating Telephony & the Web Irv Shapiro CEO, Ifbyphone, Inc.
  • 2. How do customers close the deal?
    • The web might be the latest, greatest thing …
    • And the Kelsey Group* found that 70% of Americans are using the Internet as their primary source for finding local businesses.
    • However, they also stated that while local businesses recognize the power of the web to deliver leads, an overwhelming majority of businesses prefer the phone over an email when it comes to closing a deal.
    • This creates a gap between a user’s desire to access information from a traditional telephone and the accessibility of the information on the web.
  • 3. Phone mashups bridge the gap Phone Mashups Combine Data from the Web with Access From Any Telephone.
  • 4. Phone Mashup Best Practices Require
    • Technology agnostic API
      • any language
      • any host
      • any data
      • any location
    • Dialog Support
      • Voice Forms (IVR)
      • DTMF
      • Text to Speech
      • Automated Speech Recognition
    • Call Management
      • outbound (termination)
      • inbound (origination)
      • scheduling API (host managed services)
    • Support Services
      • Documentation
      • Blog
      • User Support Forum
      • Free development accounts
  • 5. Phone Mashup Example Driving along. Lost. See phone number on building. Dial Telephone Access Geotagging Mashup and speak current location and destination phone numbers. Directions for navigating from the first telephone number to the second are read to the user. MASHUP 847 676 6500
  • 6. Mashup Example Internals Voice Form prompts for current location and destination phone numbers and post/gets them to mashup. Provide reverse address lookup Provides directions Read the directions to the user via TTS. GeoTagging Mashup Data Sources
    • Geotagging Mashup receives phone #s in HTTP request variables.
    • Get reverse lookup via StrikeIron API.
    • Get directions from Mapquest.
    • Replies to Ifbyphone with the directions formatted as XML.
  • 7. Ifbyphone Architecture Applications Developer Tools Application Layer Telephony Related Services API’s Ifbyphone Platform Integrated Telephony / Communications Proprietary and Patent Pending Technologies Smart Click to Call Call Routing Customer Interactions Voice Broadcast Dev. Support Reports Billing Customer Support EXTENSIVE FAMILY OF HTTP/HTTPS BASED APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACES FULLY AUTOMATED CALL PROVISIONING, VOICEXML/CCXML GENERATION, CALL ROUTING PSTN VOIP FULLY REDUNDANT MULTIPLE DATA CENTERS MULTIPLE TELCO CARRIERS INTERNET WEB BROWSERS Web Site
  • 8. Ifbyphone API Overview
    • Voice Form (IVR) Setup
      • Create Voice Forms via the Ifbyphone web site
      • Click to test – Ifbyphone will call you and play the form
    • Web Initiated Calls
      • Click to XyZ API
        • Connect to a Voice Form, CTC, Find Me, Voice Mail, Virtual Receptionist (Voice Menu)
      • Outbound Call Scheduling API
      • Reminder/wake up call API
    • Inbound Calls
      • Ifbyphone does a post/get to your server
      • Access fields as if they came from an HTML form
    • XML over HTTP
      • No VoiceXML/CCXML to learn
      • If you can build a HTML forms based application you can build a Phone Mashup
      • Support for HTTP and HTTPS
  • 9. How do you keep the costs down? Telephony and IVR costs are kept low by leveraging the best of Open Source, Custom Software Development, carrier grade VoiceXML/CCXML technologies and G711 carrier grade VOIP peering.
  • 10. Ifbyphone Backend Architecture Dialog Controller Cluster Asterisk Call Control Cluster Voxeo VoiceXML/CCXML Cluster Basic Applications Route Directly to Asterisk Smart Applications Utilize both Voxeo and Asterisk Resources >500,000 lines of custom code
  • 11. Ifbyphone Free Accounts
    • Phone-Me-Now Accounts
      • 100 free minutes/month of zero configuration click to calls
    1,000,000 minutes of free phone calls per month
    • Phone Mashup Accounts
      • 100 free minutes/month with complete access to API and Voice Forms
      • Call 312 252 1759 and enter your pin to test Inbound Calls
    • Facebook Anonymous Calls
      • 100 free minutes/month of Facebook Member to Member
  • 12. Phone Mashup Frameworks
    • GEO Mashup Example
      • Telephone number based driving directions
      • Just call: 312 252 1758
    • Facebook Phone-Me-Now
      • Allows visitors to your Facebook page to place anonymous phone calls to you. Supports blocking calls, call history, 100 free minutes per month.
      • Listed in chat and messaging categories
    • Content Management Modules
      • Joomla
      • dotNetNuke
  • 13. Developer Resources
    • Everything You Need For Phone Mashups
    • Contact Information
      • [email_address]
  • 14. An eComm 2008 presentation – for more