Moneyball for inside sales hiring


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Major Pain Point: Finding quality sales talent to grow your business.
Attracting the right type of sales people has gotten more and more difficult. The competition for talented sales people has become increasingly competitive. Unlike ten years ago, large companies provided extremely comprehensive training to their new hires and there was a robust pool of seasoned sales reps.
Today this is no longer the case. Larger companies have downsized and/or outsourced. The average SMB today is forced to roll the dice on a direct hire, completely outsource the function, or go through the dreaded temporary agency. All the risk was on the company. Why this matters! .. Analyzing data from more than 100,000 business decision makers, Chally discovered that 39% of B2B buyers select a vendor according to the skills of the salesperson rather than price, quality, or service features. 1988 by the sales force consultancy Chally Group

Value-Added Inside Sales Staffing
Getting people back to work one new inside sales rep at a time.

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  • Selling the appointment and the partner.
  • What I’ve learned: People don’t necessarily have to have specific sales experience to excel in a sales environment. We’ve all heard it before especially in sports – It’s the intangibles that matter.
  • Moneyball for inside sales hiring

    1. 1. The Moneyball approach to insidesales.PID . 1
    2. 2. Why take this approach? Education and  Gallup studies show that experience alone are not talented people who are the best predictors of taught the fundamentals future performance. If of a position quickly they were, the accuracy outperform those of their of sales hiring would be experienced counterparts much higher. A report by who lack the right talents. Salesleadershipdevelopm claims the wrong hire in sales is made over 68 percent of the time.PID . 2
    3. 3. So what are you buying? Just like the movie you are buying runs in the world of business you are buying sales. If you are buying sales what matters? Good sales people are very important and can be the David Ortiz in your overall business and marketing strategy.PID . 3
    4. 4. Would you find value because others have overlooked the Greek God of Cold Calling because he didn’t have prior telemarketing or sales experience?PID . 4
    5. 5. What if you looked for a different set of criteria when looking for a sales rep such as motivation over sales experience?PID . 5
    6. 6. Let’s compare hiring inside sales people to baseball prospects using the Moneyball model:PID . 6
    7. 7. Strikeouts Too many strikeouts by a hitter equates to 150 calls made per day with a very low conversion rate. Don’t know how to get through the gatekeeper and not having engaging conversations with decision makers. Sales Myth: Effort still matters but sales isn’t about numbers anymore. 7PID .
    8. 8. Past Performance Past stats like hit .280 and 20 HRs (against National League pitching) is like saying you achieved 150% of quota selling virtualization to server farms 5 years ago. The point, anyone can do it an it’s typically way over rated and comes with a huge ego and a huge salary.PID . 8
    9. 9. On-base percentage How many people are you talking to every day in business? Have more quality conversations = get on base more and score more.PID . 9
    10. 10. Slugging percentage. Is the percentage of conversations you are converting into qualified opportunities.PID . 10
    11. 11. Pitcher walking too many… Too many walks by a pitcher is like getting prospects interested but afraid to really qualify them and gain commitment.PID . 11
    12. 12. Good defense.You need good defense, how many people are younurturing to ensure they are left with a favorableimpression of yourself and your company.Not whether you win or not it’s how you play the game.PID . 12
    13. 13. 21 Doors approach  Hire for attitude and potential  Recruit smartly and differently  Temp to Perm Route  Provide sales foundation training  Ongoing 90-day onboarding program  Share the risk financial model  Match company’s culture Temporary to direct-hire model offers companies a low-risk way to staff jobs when trial periods have proven useful in evaluating employee skills, quality, and overall fit.PID . 13
    14. 14. Why 21 doors?  Management team started and grew a 150-person B2B call center focused prospecting, lead generation, and appointment setting.  Personally excelled in inside sales environments.  Trained 1000’s of inside sales reps and VARs on prospecting.  Experienced first-hand the pains of direct and indirect hiring, training inside sales people.  Shared-risk option if sales training is included.PID . 14
    15. 15. 21 Doors Core Values  Never take the easy way out.  Leave your baggage at the door.  Be a trusted partner with all our clients.  Honesty in all dealings. Issues deal with immediately and accept responsibility.  Provide an environment where people can excel and be empowered.  Help people get careers not jobs.PID . 15
    16. 16. Value-Added Inside Sales Staffing Getting people back to work one new inside sales rep at a time.PID . 16
    17. 17. 21 Doors Group 1 Washington St. Suite #4024 Dover, NH 03820 Will Gibney 603.842-8342 @21doorsgroupPID . 17