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E banking security-06-integrate-or-outsource

  1. 1. Integrate or outsource your back office
  2. 2. 06 Integrate or outsource your back office • Back office integration is crucial to achieving reliable, flexible and commercially successful eBanking security. • Make sure that all systems communicate with each other like they should. • None of the systems are able to function optimally wíthout the other.eBankingSecurity.net
  3. 3. 06 IT creates new business • A well integrated back office will add business value to your bank. • When systems communicate, necessary changes can be implemented fast.eBankingSecurity.net
  4. 4. 06 Bring your back office to the front line • Be sure to make your IT staff a part of the new solution from the very start. • Involve system stakeholders in evaluating the needs and choosing the right solution in order to address those needs. • External suppliers should be able to act as a supplement to your internal resources if you need additional expertise.eBankingSecurity.net
  5. 5. 06 Integrate internal systems… • Different internal systems need to talk to each other, but what about the systems that are only indirectly linked to eBanking security? • The logistics system, for example will play en important role in the fulfillment and roll- out of the security solution.eBankingSecurity.net
  6. 6. 06 … and external systems • Some of your back office systems might not be yours, literally speaking. • Project stakeholders may be found outside your organization as well. • You might even want to outsource your entire eBanking security solution and set up a complete authentication-as-a-service solution.eBankingSecurity.net
  7. 7. 06 Is your back office future-proof? • With a future proof back office that adds flexibility to security, you will be well- equipped to face the future.eBankingSecurity.net
  8. 8. Want to know more? eBankingSecurity is your guide towards a more reliable and strategiceBankingsecurity solution. The seminar series, the guide book and the website with it’sthoughtprovokingblogs and in-depthknowledge are all there to help you start asking the right questions and making the right choices. Visit ebankingsecurity.net to findoutmore!eBankingSecurity.net
  9. 9. Every bank has itsowncharacteristics: different customers, differentrequirements, different languages and different cultures. Onesizedoes not fit all. Ezio Suite is the mostcomprehensive, versatileand easy-to-implementeBankingSecurity solution is designed tomitigateeven the mostadvanced attacks, as well as themostcommonmistakes by endusers. It’seasierto deploy, easier to use and simpler to upgradeas your needschange.Read more at Gemalto.com/ebanking
  10. 10. The Ezio Way is a 9 step process helping bankssucceed with their Ezio implementation, and get thebest out of themostcompleteeBankingSecurityoffering on themarket, Gemalto’s Ezio Suite.On the EzioWaywebsite you get detailedinsights fromexperiencedprofessionals, quickinterviews andeducational films as well as eyeopeningoverviews ona number of interestingtopicswww.ezioway.com