English entrance exam into university


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English entrance exam into university

  1. 1. 高三英语单项选择 1000 题从 A, B, C, D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案:1. – Jack?-- ____.A. Present, Sir. B. I am, Sir C. Here, Sir D. Yes, Sir.2. ---What are you busy with ?--- We are carrying out a research ____ the causes of cancer.A. into B. onto C. to D. in3. ---____ the paper ?--- No, I have still got one page to finish.A. Have you done B. Do you do C. Did you do D. Had you done4. _____ in all parts of the state, pines are the most common trees in Georgia .A. Found B. Finding them C. To find them D. They are found5. They ___ the game.A. are disappointed at losing B. disappointC. are disappointing D. are disappointed6. – Will it rain tomorrow?-- No. I don’t doubt ________.A. whether it will rain B. that it will rain C. whether it rains D. that it rains7. Jasper is a great painter. He is _____ Picasso.A. as a great as B. as great painter as C. as great a painter as D. so great a painter as8. The great use of the school education is not so much to teach you things _____ to teach theart of learning.A. rather than B. than C. nor D. as9. Travelling from England to Scotland you _______.A. needn’t a passport B. don’t need to have a passportC. needn’t to take a passport D. don’t need take a passport10. The radio doesn’t work well; it needs_________.A. fixing B. being fixed C. to fix D. fixed11. – I was trying to repair that stupid machine, but I failed.-- Well, you_______. A. needn’t do that B. needn’t have done C. needn’t have D. needn’t12. The children had _____basketball.A. a great fun playing B. great fun playingC. great fun to play D. a great funny playing13. _____it is to jump into the water in hot summer!A. What fun B. How funny C. What a fun D. How fun14. He has done a job which is _____as the one I have done.A. as well B. as good C. as better D. so best15. The news finally came, which _____them all!A. disappoints B. disappointing C. disappointed D. disappointAAAAA BCDBA CBABC16. -- _____ the letter on your way to office. 当前第1 页共 64 页
  2. 2. --O K. I _______.A. Don’t forget posting; will B. Do remember to post; willC. Do forget to post; do D. Do remember posting; do17. He has collected ___ six hundred dollars.A. as many as B. so many as C. so much as D. as much as18. The Whites are leading a very happy life; the farm is big enough for them to ____.A. live on B. live C. live in D. live with19. He took a second driving test and finally ________.A. succeeded in passing it B. succeeded in itC. succeeded to through D. succeeded to pass it.20. They have got ___ so far.A. as many equipment as we do B. as much equipment as we areC. as many equipments as we have D. as much equipment as we have21. After graduation in 1997, he took _____degree in Florida .A. another B. the pother C. other D. others22. There we found one lion lying near the river, and ____under a tree.A. one B. the one C. the other D. another tiger23. I know nothing about him except that he works in ____company.A. certain B. some C. one D. an24. One the last day he _________.A. decided a big decision B. decided greatlyC. made a decision D. had made a decision25. He picked up an envelope ____50 dollars in it.A. containing B. contained C. which contains D. which was contained26. Tom received an invitation from Carrol but he ______.A. refused to go to the party B. refused herC. refused her to the party D. refusing to go27. They treated her very well _______one of the family members.A. like B. as C. as if D. seems28. After he won all the money they treated him ______a king.A. like B. as C. as if D. seemed29. Is this the piano _______ your familoy for over eighty years?A. belonged to B. belongs to C. belonged D. belonging to30. ______they have been working hard to find?A. Is that what B. Is that C. It is that D. Is it thatBDAAD AABCA ABADA31. The key you have just got ____ the front door.A. is used to opening B. is used to be openedC. is used to being opened D. is used to open32. There is a saying which ____like this: “ Still waters run ______.”A. goes; deeply B. comes; deep C. goes; deep D.comes; deeply33. The animal of this kind is _______; we’d better ________.A. dangerous; keep away B. is danger; keep away from itC. dangerous; keep away from it D. in danger; keep away 当前第2 页共 64 页
  3. 3. 34. Driving the halfway I _____ my car was out of gas.A. noticed B. find C. found out D. saw35. The policemen are searching for the ____car on the highway.A. damaging B. damaged C. destroying D. destroy36. In the last ten years she _____ like this; she is killing her health.A. works b. has been working C. worked D. is working37. She did not take the advice that she ___ at rush hour, so she got lost.A. not travel B. did not go C. should travel D. goes shopping38. – Have they found out the _____ of the fire?-- Yes. It was a cigarette end that _____ the fire.A. cause; started B. reason; causedC. causing; caused D. reason; cause39. –Do you know _______?--- Someone wants to find his dog back. A. what the notice says B. what the notice writesC. what is the notice written D. what does the notice say40. – You seem to have made another decision.---You are right. I am considering ________. California , you know, is my first choice. A. to move out B. getting out of here C. to move my house D. moving family41. She won’t come over for a visit unless________.A. being invited B. invited C. inviting D. was invited42. –Does it matter if I give it up this time?-- It ____if you do. You won’t have ______chance. A. does; the other B. does ; secondC. does matter; another D. does matter; the other43. They have made medicine from a new plant _____a cure for fever.A. used it as B. using as C. and used as D. used as44. ______the house was started before she went to Africa and now it is still under construction.A. Working B. Working at C. Working on D. Work on45. The new law has come into _____; surely it will have _____on industry of the country.A. affect; an effect B. effect; affect C. effect; an effect D. an effect; an effectDCCAB BAAAB BCDDC46. As we know, the coming of radio in this century made ocean sailing much ______.A. cheaper B. safer C. easier D. faster47. – I hear there will be _____ talk on English study tomorrow morning.---Do you mean ____ speech our teacher asked us to listen to?A. a; the b. the; a C. the; the D. a; a48. – Steve. We will take an examination in physics next week.--- Yes, but don’t work too hard. _______. A. It doesn’t matter B. All the best C. Take it easy D. Try your luck49. – Mary told me she would ______computer study.---Really? I’ll try my best to ask her to _____such foolish ideas. A. pick up; give up B. put away; give up C.give up; put away D. give up; pick up50. China daily is popular with students of English because it helps to improve ___ English. 当前第3 页共 64 页
  4. 4. A. our B. my C. one’s D. their51. When the people all over the world are of one heart, ______ becomes easy.A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything52. It is thought that a new system _____ the place of the old one in that company. But things aregetting worse and worse.A. must have taken B. will take C. won’t take D. had taken53. The young lady spoke so fast that I understood ____ of her speech.A. a little B. little C. a bit D. lot54. The largest collection, ______in England , was one of about 200 000 silver pennies.A. to be found B. has found C. being found D. ever found55. – I can see the problem. But I hope to win and ___________.---Well put. ______.A. so do I; So shall I B. so I shall; So shall IC. so I shall; So do I D. so do I; So I do56. Bruce _________his leg when he _____ in a football match yesterday afternoon.A. broke; played B. has broken; was playingC. broke; was playing D. was breaking; played57. We were very busy yesterday. Otherwise we _____part in the discussion.A. would take B. did take C. had taken D. would have taken58. – Look! What are those boys doing ______ the table?---Well, they are playing cards.A. on b. around C. under D. beside59. The famous scientist was going out _____ he found himself surrounded by lots of youngpeople.A. when B.before C. while D. after60. A computer cannot remember who_____; it simply does what _________.A. will use it; it is told B. uses it; it has toldC. used it; it is told D. has used it; it told61. The little girl couldn’t work the problem out. She wasn’t _____clever.A. that B. much C. many D. too62. As soon as the manager enterd his office, he began to ______the telephone.A.look up B. look upon C. look through D look for63. _____for his expert advice, he was able to help a great number of people with their personalaffairs.A. Being known B. Having known C. Well known D. Knowing64. –Excuse me, Madame. Is this plane _____take off soon?---Oh, yes. In five minutes.A. about to B. starting to C. beginning to D. to65. So far the young man hasn’t had any success; ______ he will keep trying.A. whenever B. no matter C. wherever D. howeverBACCD DABDC CDBAC ADCAD66. –Can I _________, sir?---Yes, please. Two dinks.A. order you B. have your order C. obey your order D. order 当前第4 页共 64 页
  5. 5. 67. Against ____advice from his friends, he insisted ____alone at the rush hour.A. a; on traveling B. the; to travel C. the; on traveling D. at; to travel68. The man insisted that he ____ nothing wrong and that he _____ free.A. had done; be set B. did; was C. had done; would be D. did; would be69. The telephone lines were brought down by the _____ trees and branches.A. fall B. fallen C. fell D. falling70. Don’t touch the ____ wire. It’s dangerous.A. alive B. lives C. lived D. live71. They live on their small farm ____ the family with corn.A. providing to B. provided C. providing D. provided to72. It’s hard for us to make a choice, which means we have not decided _____.A. to take a step B. to take which step C. which step to take D. to take what73. –It’s getting dark, Tim. Mum must be expecting me home.---Don’t worry. I’ll _____ in my car.A. send you home B. send you to homeC. take you home D. drive you to home74. Standing on top of the mountain, we watched the sun ____ the horizon.A. sink below B. sinking under C.sinking below D. sink under75. Leaves flying in the air, it _____ the old good days I spent in the mountain village.A. suggests B. suggest me C. thinks D. thinks of76. Though his salary is _____ , he always ____ money, in debt.A. good; lends B. fine; borrows C. fine; lends D. good; borrows77. When I suggested that someone in the village ____ his wine, he didn’t believe.A. must have drunk B. should drink C. have drunk D. has drunk78. I don’t know if he ____ us; if he ____, I’ll let you know.A. will come and help; comes B. comes and helps; will comeC. will come and help; will come D. comes and helps; comes79. At the meeting he gave us some suggestions, one of which was that we____ someone tocheck the information.A. sent B send C. would send D. should have sent80. Of the Kar’s boys, Robert is the richest; in other words, Andrew and Krist are _____.A. less rich B. less richer than he C. more poor D. not richer as he is.81. Seeing this, the boss ______ and he_______ Tod to serve the customer this and that.A. got excited; got B. got exciting; made C. excited; had D. exciting; force82. -- _____is that used for?---_____ the floor.A. Why; To cleaning B. What; Cleaning C. Why; To clean D. What; clean83. –Don’t you think it a very nice motorbike?--Yes, but would you please ____ it on my lawn?A. not to park B. not parking C. not park D. to not park84. After a long time for many years, he is now _____.A. sickness for his home B. sicking for his homeC. illness for his home D. sick for his home85. –Where do these books _____? 当前第5 页共 64 页
  6. 6. --Put them back _____they were.A. go; where B. lay; where C. lie; in which D. lie; whichBCADD CCCCA DAABA ABCDA86. – Let’s go skating, shall we?--That’s not a good idea; the ice is too thin _____ your weight.A. to bear B. bearing C. bore D. born87. –Have you ______?--Yes. Let me take you to a place to celebrate.A. paid B. got paid C. got paying D. pay88. It’s right of you to do that; you know, it ______one to be honest.A. gives B. takes C. pays D. offers89. I am bad ______names.A. in B. in remembering C. to remember D. at remembering90. He finished his school in 1992; he was ______that year.A. fifteen years of age B. at the age of fifteenC. fifiteen years age D. fifteen old91. – What are doing over there?-- I am eating my meal. Would you come______?A. to join B. and join me C. joining D. to take part in92. The vase rolled over the table, fell onto the floor and ______.A. was broken b. broke C. breaking D. broken93. They traveled ________, all the way up to Wisconsin .A. the north B. in the north C. north D. the south94. The old man came, _____a big dog.A. followed B. following by C. and following D. followed by95. Finally they managed to find a path _______.A. to follow B. following C. to go D. going96. _________ surprise you have brought us!A. What a B. What C. How a D. How97. – Are you married?--No, still______.A. one B. single C. separate D. myself.98. ________ several years he has been working like this.A. In B. After C. For D. Since99. ______ the windows ______ the pictures of different styles.A. Among; hang B. Between; hanged C. Among; hanging D. Between; hang100. She sat there without her shoes on, ________.A. watching B. watched C. looking D. looked101. – How much do you _____ mending a pair of shoes?-- $ 15. A. ask B. spend for C. charge for D. pay102. The swimming pool is 80 meters _____ and 40 meters _______.A. in long; in wide B. in length; in width C. long; in width D.in length; wide103. – These plants ______ lack of water. 当前第6 页共 64 页
  7. 7. --- You should have watered them. A. died for B. dead for C. was killed D. died104. _____ he stayed in England , he visited some of his friends.A. When B. During C. For D. In105. You two follow me; the rest _____ where you are.A. stays B. lay C. stay D. stayedABCDA BBCDA ABCDA CBAAC106. Dear Jenny, thank you for your letter which ______ on April 1st.A. arrived B. arrived at C. arriving D. arrived me107. _________, they delivered the message as quickly as they could.A. Arriving at B. On arriving C. When arriving D. Arrived108. I do believe that ______ swim across the river, but, in that situation, I ____ do that.A. am able; couldn’t B. could; was able toC. was quite able to; couldn’t D. couldn’t was able to109. He has got a very nice bike which has a basket ______ and a seat ______.A. in front; at the back B. at front; at the backC. in front; in back D. at the front; at the back110. –Where the hell are you guys _________?---Sports ground! A. heading for B. heading C. heading to D. head for111. When _______ America and Britain , this famous writer said that the same language _____the two people.A. talking of; separates B. talked of; separated C. talking; separates D. talks; separates112. Jane is a smart girl in the class who is prettier than _______.A. any other girls B. any other girl C. any girls D. any others113. The driver as well as ____ passengers ______ injured.A. other seven; got B. other seven; hasC. seven other; got D. seven other; has114. The English Channel , ______ England from France , is wide enough for her to swim across.A. separated B. separates C. is separates D. separating115. – What makes her so upset?--- ___________.A. Losing her bike B. because of her bike C. Lost her bike D. Because she lost her bike116. Finally they arrived at a place_______ sold cigarettes and other small articles.A. where B. which C. in which D. what117. She tried _______, but failed; now she could do nothing but wait till her husband came.A. to search the pockets her key B. searching her keys for her pocketsC. searching the pockets for her keys D. to search her keys for the pockets118. She ______ another match and in the light she made her way without making any noise.A. hit B. beat C. knocked D. struck119. Our trip was_______. We did not find anything unusual.A. exciting B. disappointing C. excited D. disappointed 当前第7 页共 64 页
  8. 8. 120. We tried _______ her milk to drink, but she did not get better.A. giving B. to give C. having given D. to have given121. ________ himself with great strength, he raised himself.A. Filled B. To fill C. Being filled D. Filling122. They were walking around the town _______ a place for the party.A. in search of B. to search C.searching D. searched for123. They all say TITANIC is a good movie which is worth ______second time.A. seeing the B. seeing a C. to see a D. being seen the124. – Who is the man_______ here?--- Captain Cook.A. in the charge B. under the charge C. in charge D. in charge of125. I remember _______ the key in the box under the bed, but it’s not there!A. putting B. to put C. put D. being putABCDA ABCDA BCDBA DABCA126. Can you tell me ______ to join the army?A. how does a person have to be old B. how old does a person have to beC. how old a person has to be D. how a person has to be127. –What did you think of the place?--- I didn’t care for it at ____first, but after ____ time I got to like it.A. /; a B. the; a C. a; the D. /; the128. -- _________.--- Thank you. I certainly will.A. Happy birthday to you. B. let me help you with your mathsC. Don’t forget to post the letter D. Please remember me to your family.129. – Why ask me to take that early bus?--- Because that bus _______ the 9:30 train at Boston .A. joins to B. joins up C. unites with D. connects with130. – What place is it?---Haven’t you found out we ______back where we ______?A. were; had been B. are; were C. were; have been D. are; had been131. The heavy rainfall has caused vegetable prices to rise daily ______ the last two months.A. by B.since C. for D. with132. I liked this new house, but I hadn’t expected it ______ so small.A. to be B. be C. of being D. to being133. I don’t know the ____ income of the family, but I do know it is very small.A. true B. real C. actual D. exactly134. Neither is that _______ . A. your nor is that mine B. yours nor is that me C. yours nor that is mine D. yours nor is that mine135.– You are not afraid of snakes, are you?--- No, certainly not. Not rats, not flies, and ____ ants. A. at best B. at least C. best of all D. least of all136.– How does Alma like her new work?--- She _____ with the hours. 当前第8 页共 64 页
  9. 9. A. can’t satisfy B. isn’t satisfied C. doesn’t satisfy D. hasn’t satisfied137.– How do you like this park?--- It’s wonderful. I never dreamed of ____- such a quiet place in this noisy city. A. having been B. there being C. having to be D. there to be138.Lu Xun said, “ The ____ were made by people.”A. tracks B. ways C. roads D. paths139. – Was he preparing for the exam yesterday evening? --- Yes, he’s _____ next month.A. to give B. to take C. making D. done140.– You seem to have had that car for years.--- Yes. I should sell it ________ it still runs. A. after B. during C. until D. while141. I’ll be surprised _____ an accident. He drives too fast.A. if Tom doesn’t have B. if Tom hasC. unless Tom doesn’t have D. unless Tom hasn’t142.– How about going to the cinema with me tonight?---I’ll ask my parents if they ____ me go.A. have let B. let C. will let D. are going to let143.For quite a number of pupils, their teacher’s advice is more important than _____of theirparents’.A. one B. that C. which D. what144.Jean could be a very pretty girl, but she ____to her clothes.A. pays no attention B. was paying no attentionC. paid no attention D. had paid attention145.The great use of the school education is not so much to teach you things _____ to teach the artof learning.A. rather than B. than C. as D. norCADDB CACDD BBDBD ACBAC146.Women are always thought _______the weak.A. of as B. of C. as D. of being147.After the party was over, the children were asked to _____the fire.A. put up B. put out C. put off D. put away148.– What caused the fire? --- ______. A. Because of a cigarette end B. cigarette end caused C. A cigarette end D. Because a cigarette did149. What a big surprise to see you here! I _______ you ____ still abroad.A. think; were B. thought; are C. think; are D. thought; were150.– I didn’t enjoy the play given by those young people.--- ______. A. Me, either B. Me, too C. I, either D. I, too151.– Either you have made a mistake or he has.--- I _________.A. have B. made C. am D. was 当前第9 页共 64 页
  10. 10. 152.-- ________.--- Yes. Two minutes earlier, we could have caught the bus. A. Miss B. Missed it C. Missing it D. Having missed it153.The day for the meeting ________, they all left the conference room.A. was fixed B. fixing C. fixed D. being fixed154.The lady in tight black dress ______ the dishes, thinking which was her choice.A. fixed upon B. fixed her eyesC. fixing her eyes upon D. fixed her eyes upon155.He was deep in thought with his eyes______ on the ceiling.A. fixed B. fixing C. fix D. to be fixing156.The young man was lying on the grass with his horse _____a tree.A. being tied B. tied to C. tying to D. was tied to157.This time every year we are driving down the country road, which ___ us home.A. brings B. gets C. lead D. takes158.– How was your holiday?--- Very nice, though I ______.A. get sunburn B. look sunburnt C. got sunburning D. look sunburning159.__________ I got home, the clock struck 12.A. When B. While C. During D. /160.Soon they got to a point where two roads met; they didn’t know _________.A. which road to go B. what road to goC. which road to take D. what road to take161.– Is it true that Jack _______?--- Exactly. He damaged a very expensive machine.A. got fired B. got a fire C. get fired D. fired162.The car _____ and soon it disappeared.A. moved off B. drove off C. drove away D. was moved away163.– Lovely day, isn’t it ?--- Yes, _______? A. is it B. isn’t it C. it is D. it isn’t164.A housewife is busy all day; she has house to clean, clothes to wash and kids________.A. to take care B. taking care C. to take care of D. taking care of165.Harry is far _____ his brother in English.A. over B. good C. well D. beyondABCDA ABCDA BDBAC AABCD166.The weatherman said that it is ____ to rain, but not _____.A. possible; probable B. probable; possibleC. possibly; probable D. probably; possibly167.He has _______good knowledge of _____English language but not much of English history.A. / ; the B. a; the C. / ; / D. the; the168.They climbed rocks, _____rivers and settled in the valley.A. across B. crossing C. crossed D. and crossing169.They were known as “ aborigines”, _____ “the first people of the country”.A. it means B. which mean C. that means D. meaning 当前第10 页共 64 页
  11. 11. 170.He must be the person who has been late a third time this week, __________?A. isn’t he B. hasn’t he C. mustn’t he D. must he171.– What have you ________ my film?--- I’ve got _______. I’ll go and get it this afternoon.A. done with; it developed B. done; it developedC. done with; developed D. done; it developing172.Jerry read the book you lent me, _______?A. mustn’t he B. didn’t he C. hasn’t he D. don’t you173.– Does this hat _________me ?---Well, I’m afraid the color is too bright.A. fit B. fit for C. suit D. suitable for174.Last summer I had ______ in the south of France .A. amusing experience B. a amusing experienceC. an amused experience D. an amusing experience175.Badminton is a _____ by an Englishman.A. game invented B. play inventedC. match inventing D. match invented176.I could have helped him out, to tell the truth, I _____ too busy.A. am B. was C. have been D. had been177.As we all know, Jack is experienced _____ the problem of this kind.A. to work out B. at working C. at working out D. for working out178.The natives could live for thousand years in the desert land _______ a foreigner could starve.A. on which B. which C. in that D. where179._________ of us knows how many of them have been killed in that accident.A. None B. No one C. Not all D. Not a one180.It will be a long time ______- he returns.A. until B. before C. when D. after181.I stood there patiently until he ________ his work.A. has finished B. would finish C. had finished D. finishes182.In the market I found the prices of vegetables were ______ high.A. very too B. fairly too C. quite much D. rather too183.The population of the country is 3 million, _____ Kooris.A. 1 % of which were made up of B. 1 % of it were KoorisC. and 1 % of which were made up of D. 1 % of them were184.He insisted on staying _________ back home.A. rather than going B. rather than goC. than going D. rather than to go185.When speaking in public, __________.A. speech should be understoodB. B. speech should be easy to understandC. one should make himself understoodD. one should make listeners understandABCDA ABCDA BCDAB CDAAC186._______ from his family for over two years, he is now eager to go back home. 当前第11页共 64 页
  12. 12. A. Having been separated B. Being separatedC. Separating D. Having separated187.The boy is not ________ he used to be; he looks ________.A. what; strong B. what; stronger C. that; strong D. that; stronger188._______ lying on the floor, the old man was immediately taken to hospital.A. Finding B. Being found C. Found D. Having found189.– I have a very bad cold.--- Well, have you ever heard of a saying which goes “_______ a cold and starve a fever?” A. feeding B. to feed C. fed D. feed190.– What are those men nover there?--- _________ Green Peace. A. A group calling themselves B. A group called by C. Called by D. Calling191.In that country about 80 percent of the population _____ farm.A. live on B. lives on C. live by D. lives by192.The animal is ______; we must do something to save it.A. dangerous B. a danger C. in danger D. dangerous one193.Not until he got to the factory _______that he had lost his papers.A. he found B. did he find C. had he found D. has he found194.– Sir, we have failed to work out this problem. What is exactly the right way?--- Look. Only in this way ________ , but you boys _____ a wrong way.A. you can work it out; take B. you can work out it; takeC. can you work it out; take D. can you work it out; took195.– How soon could they cover the distance?--- ____________.A. For two hours B. During the two hoursC. After two hours D. In two hours196.People at weekends go walking and _______ in the country, ________”bush”.A. camping; called B. camp; calledC. to camp; calling D. camping; calling197.They have rich and beautiful forests _____ in the south of the country.A. grown B. growing C. planted D. planting198.The meaning of the word is various ______ different situation.A. depends on B. depending C. depending on D. depended on199.– Will you go with us to the National Park?--- Well, it _______.A. depending B. depends C. depends on D. is depended200.________ to an Australian home, you will probably eat outside and cook meat on the openfire.A. Asking B. Being asked C. If asked D. If asking201.– Do you know where Mary is?--- She has gone away ____ the weekend.A. at B. on C. during D. for202._____ the office work, he came to the sitting room and relaxed a while. 当前第12 页共 64 页
  13. 13. A. Finishing B. Being finished C. Having finished D. Finished203.Meeting _________, managers left the room one by one.A. finishing B. being finished C. having finished D. finished204._______ in the Kooris for years, I decided to learn their langyage.A. Being interested B. interestingC. Having interested D. To be interested205.From the classroom window we saw a huge snake _____ the yard.A. crossing B. cross C. across D. having crossedABCDA ACBDD ABCBC DCDAA206.– Why not take _______ friend with you? Then you can share ______ cost of the car.--- That sounds like a good idea.A. a; a B. the; the C. a; the D. the; a207.– I am sorry to have shouted at you. I didn’t mean to be so rude.--- You were very angry. Anyway, __________.A. you’re welcome B. that’s right C. it doesn’t matter D. I’m sorry about that208.– How often do you go to see your parents?--- __________.A. In no time B. After a while C. In a short time D. From time to time209.They believe that the spirit stays with the body for three days, ______someone always stayswith the dead person.A. so during this time B. so during whichC. during this time D. so when210.Because it was snowing hard, buses could _________ get through, _____did taxi appear onthe street.A. both; and B. either; or C. not only; but also D. neither; nor211.No dictionary can ______all the English idioms.A. tell B. show C. say D. cover212.As a writer, she succeeded in calling ______ to many of the terrible wrongs that existed at thattime.A. interest B. attention C. notice D. mind213.He who is proud of his wealth has rarely _____else to be proud of.A. anything B. something C. everything D. nothing214.– She was in clas on Friday afternoon, but no one has seen her since.---She _____ an accident.A. might have B. might have had C. may have D. ought to have had215.The city ____ by an army of 600 men was difficult to take.A. defending B. to defend C. having defended D. defended216.Two fifths of the police _____ in the school near the town.A. has trained B. have trained C. has been trained D. have been trained217.We would like to go and thank him ourselves, but we _____ out his address yet.A. haven’t found B. hadn’t found C. didn’t find D. don’t find218.Was it because it snowed last night ____ he didn’t come?A. why B. that C. when D. then219.The purpose of the research had a more important meaning for them than ______. 当前第13 页共 64 页
  14. 14. A. ours B. with us C. for ours it had D. it did for us220.Believe it or not, he came _______.A. drunk home last night B. home last night drunkC. home drunk last night D. last night home drunk221.Work starts every day at 7 a.m. and goes on until late afternoon _____ a break at midday .A. by B. with C. for D. after222.Perhaps this is the only market ____ you can get such cheap goods.A. that B. of which C. by which D. where223.We _______ at the house as we _______ of buying it.A. looked; were thinking B. looked; had thoughtC. were looking; thought D. were looking; were thinking224.– Did you enjoy the book?--- Yes, it was so interesting that I couldn’t _____ it.A. get rid of B. break away from C. keep away from D. tear myself away from225._____ all the inventions have in common is ____ they have succeeded.A. What; what B. That; that C. What; that D. That; whatCCDAD DBABD DABDC BDDDC226.One of the orders that we received was that we ______ there on time.A. get B. got to C. arrived D. would get227.Thank you very much. Without your help, I _______the exams.A. could not pass B. could not have passedC. did not pass D. could not passed228.We have already placed an order ____ that company _____ the machines.A. for; with B. for ; for C. with; for D. to; with229.He is _____ an American as an apple pie.A. so B. the same C. as the D. as230.We all look forward ____ your beautiful country.A. to visiting B. to visit C. to D. visiting231._______, I cannot accept your invitation. Hopefully, we’ll get together some time next year.A. To my regret B. To regret C. Regretted D. For my regret232.– You should not have said that to her. It hurt her.--- I know. I regret ___________.A. to have done that B. to do that C. having done that D. I have done that233.– Shall I give you a hand?---I can handle it. ______.A. Thank you B. Thank you all the same C. it doesn’t matter D. That’s all right234.– Did you telephone the manager’s office?---Yes. He _______ back by noon .A. was expected B. expected C. is expecting D. is expected235.________, he has finished his job ahead of time.A. As is expected B. Which is expectedC. It is expected D. It is as expected236.I’d like _______ trip to Shanghai . Do you want to go with me?A. to have another B. having 当前第14 页共 64 页
  15. 15. C. taking D. to make another237.– I like your house very much.--- Thank you, but this house is ________.A. badly in need of paint B. bad in need of paintingC. badly in needing of paint D. badly in need of painting238.________, no one is sure who discovered America .A. As a matter of fact B. As the fact of matterC. As the matter of fact D.As a factual matter239.As I ______, I suddenly remembered that it was your birthday.A. to feed my cats B. am feeding my catsC. had feed my cats D. was feeding my cats240.The history of nursing ___ the history of man.A. as old as B. is old, also oldC. that is as old as D. is as old as241.– Do you enjoy listening to records?--- I think records are often ______ an actual performance. A. as good as or better than B. as good or better than C. like good or better than D. as good as any other242.– Does this bus go to the 84th street?--- No, 30th street is _______. A. the rather the bus will go B. as far as the bus goes C. only so far as the bus is going D. far as the bus is going243._______, you can stay the whole summer.A. Whoever it concerned B. As far as I’m concernedC. As you are concerned D. Concerning you and me244.My glasses cost me ______ the lost pair that I bought.A. times three B. three times more thanC. three times as much as D. as much three times as245.– Do you regret paying fifty dollars for the dog?--- No, I would gladly have paid ____ for him.A. as much twice B. twice so muchC. much twice D. twice as muchABCDA ACBDA ADADD ABBCDD246.He is always the first ______ and last ___________.A. to come; to leave B. coming; leavingC. to come; leaving D. coming; to leave247.I was about to leave the house ____the telephone rang.A. before B. when C. while D. after248.Remember, when you _____your work, you might go out and play.A. finished B. will finish C. have finished D. had finished249. Phoenix is a very nice city with plants and flowers ___the year round.A. grown B. planted C. planting D. growing250.– How much did you pay for that?--- I paid _____ that you paid. 当前第15 页共 64 页
  16. 16. A. half the money B. half C. the halves D. a half251.More than one girl _____, as we expect.A. has come B. had come C. came D. have come252.As we all know, two thirds of the earth’s surface is water, ___ a lot of fish.A. provided b. providing C. which provides D. it provides253.Jack is the ______- child in the family; he wants to have a brother.A. one B. single C. only D. separate254.Only in this way, directed by the teacher, ______work out the problem the day before.A. had they B. they could C. could they D. did they255.Hw went swimming on a hot day, ________.A. only to be drowned B. so as to be drownedC. in order to be drowned D. so that he could be drowned256.The wounded policeman ____though doctors made every effort to save him.A. died B. had died C. killed D. has been dead257.– Could you tell me where Mr. Smith lives?--- Well, he is ______here. He passed away three years ago.A. no longer B. no more C. not more D. not longer258.Your bicycle looks _____ as mine. When did you get it?A. same B. like C. the same D. /259.In the country area about one in ten ______ have enough to eat.A. haven’t B. aren’t C. hadn’t D. didn’t260.Now the city is ______ it used to be.A. three times as large as B. three time larger asC. larger as three times as D. as three times larger than261.The buildings of this style can be seen _________.A. all of Europe B. all over EuropeC. all the Europe D. all European262.30 % of the young trees, attacked by diseases, ________pine trees.A. is B. are C. was D. has been263.Tomato, which used to be called “love-apple”, is not ____but ______.A. fruit; vegetable B. fruit; a vegetable C. a fruit; a vegetable D. a fruit; vegetables264.-- _______ do you have in this season?--- You can have anything you want.A. What fruit B. Which fruit C. Which fruits D. What fruits265.The letter _____London, May 24th, 1898 .A. is dated from B. was dated in C. dated in D. dated fromABCDA ABCDA ABCDA BBCDD266._____-Maria will come to the party makes no difference.A. Whether B. If C. That D. How267._____ has been reported _____ sales of beef in China will increase.A. It; which B. It; that C. What; that D. That; that268.– What _______to stop this world _____hungry?--- Birth control.A. can be done; to go B. we do; going 当前第16 页共 64 页
  17. 17. C. can be done; going D. will happen; going269.We _______-word from him so far. Where could he be?A. don’t have B. haven’t any C. have no D. have had no270.His idea is ______ you’d better ____ a jar of jam at home.A. that; keep B. that; not to get C. which; keep D. which; not to get271.Products made in this factory ____ well; they have sold ___all their products.A. sell; out B. are sold; over C. sell; off D. are sold; away272.Farmers grow crops either to ____their family ___to sell.A. feed; and B. feed; or C. supply; or D. supply; nor273.If you offer him some help this time, since he once helped you, that would be ____.A. equal B. more equal C. fairer D. more fair274.If ________ guests we have, we would need ___ food.A. more; less B. fewer; more C. few; less D. fewer; less275.The problem with people in Africa ____that the more is given and the more ______.A. is; is needed B. are; is needed C. is; they need it D. are; they need it276.The reason ___ he is absent is ___he has a bad cold.A. why; that B. why; because C. that; because D. for; that277._______ people died ______ starvation that year will never happen.A. That; of B. That; from C. What; from D. How; of278.________ hard it might be, I will work it out.A. Whatever B. How C. However D. What279.You may give this message to _________ is at office.A. who B. whom C. whomever D. whoever280.You may have one of these; in other words, you have ______ you choose.A. whichever B. what C. no matter what D. no matter which281.They say in many western countries a large number of beef cattle ________.A. are raised B. is raised C. is risen D. rise282.He is ______ to come back tonight. Then we’ll have a small party.A. most like B. most likely C. mostly like D. very much like283.________cash crops will be produced next year is not yet decided.A. It B. What . C. That D. Which284.90 % of the debts _______ so far.A. is paid back B. have been paid off C. has been paid off D. are paid off285.In order to repay the money they borrowed, 60 % of the farmers _____cash crops.A. are forced growing B. is forced growingC. grows D. growABCDA ABCDA ABCDA ABCCD286.______life in a new country can be difficult, it can broadcast a person’s view of the world.A. If B. Although C. Because D. While287.– Have you seen ______ workers pass by?--- Yes, I’ve seen ____ them.A. woman; hundreds of B. women; hundreds ofC. woman; two hundred of D. women; hundred of288.--____________. 当前第17 页共 64 页
  18. 18. ---Thank you. I will.A. I wish you happiness B. I greatly appreciate our friendshipC. May I help you? D. Remember me to your family289.It was five o’clock in the afternoon ____they arrived at the hotel.A. since B. before C. that D. when290.You’d better change another book because ___page of the book is torn, and ______coverlooks old.A. the; the B. a; a C. a; the D. the; a291._______ that everyone stared at him.A. Too rude is he B. So rude was he C. Such rude he was D. So rude he was292.There were two small rooms in the house, ____served as kitchen.A. the smaller of which B. the small of whichC. the smaller of them D. the smaller one293.– Was the driving pleasant when you vacationed in Mexico last summer?--- No, it _____for four days when we arrived, so that the roads were very muddy.A. was raining B. had been rainingC. would be raining D. have rained294.Hillen used to be very shy but she has grown _______it now.A. without B. over C. away D. out of295.– Did you notice John was not at work today?--- No. If _____working, I would have noticed it.A. I’d be B. I wasn’t C. I’d been D. I weren’t296.– I can’t get my car ___on cold winter mornings.---Have you tried _____ the radiator with hot water?A. started; to fill B. starting; to fill C. start; filling D. to start; filling297.The building _____ in our school is for us teachers. Though there’s noise most of day, we stillfeel happy about it .A. built B. has been built C. being built D. to be built298.It is no longer a question now _____ man can land on the moon.A. that B. if C. whether D. what299.Some people believe that giving gifts is one way ____by others.A. to love B. love C. to be loved D. is loved300.Jenny ______ with him at that time, for I was having dinner with her in my home.A. can’t have been B. mustn’t have beenC. must be D. may be301.– Why does everyone like him?---Because he always ______ a good after-dinner joke.A. tells B. talks C. states D. says302.–your daughter must be pretty.--- But to tell you the truth, she is ____being such a beauty as you can imagine.A. far from B. as well as C. as a result of D. by means of303.The boy _____ he took notes.A. listened with attention B. listening attentively whileC. listened attentively before D. listening with attention 当前第18 页共 64 页
  19. 19. 304.– Shall I tell Ann how to improve for painting?---Yes, but ____ of suggestions may discourage her.A. a too long list B. too long a listC. list too long D. a list of too long305.However ________, the native people do have something in common.A. hard B. ordinary C. different D. poorBBDDC BABDC DCACA AACBC306.People sell their products ____advertisement in the newspaper.A. by putting an B. to put anC. by putting a D. putting an307.I _______ him to stop smoking, but failed.A. persuaded B. tried to persuadeC. try persuading D. tried persuading308.Thanks is a common _____ used in English. You can never use it too much.A. word B. words C. expression D. expressing309.I don’t think I will agree ____ you ______this point.A. with; with B. on; on C. with; to D. with; on310.I don’t like the way ______ he talks; he is so rude.A. that B. which C. where D. in that311.Could you keep silent a few minutes, please? You are here_________.A. in a way B. on the way C. in my way D. by the way312.The climate here in the country _______; it rained almost every day.A. didn’t agree with me B. never agrees with meC. doesn’t agree to me D. I didn’t agree with313.We are so _______ to see the same thing every day. Can’t you show us something______?A. boring; interesting B. bored; interestedC. boring; interested D. bored; interesting314.The movie, for one thing, is boring; for ______thing, it looks like ______.A. another; another B. the other; the otherC. another; the other D. the other; another315.Don’t worry about it. ____ time to learn English.A. It spends B. That takes C. Which takes D. It takes316.– Tommy, you should be reading your Maths right now.--- I know I ________.A. should be B. should C. should have D. did317.–What ______you here, my old friend?--- It’s you.A. brought B. has brought C. takes D. fetched318.It would ______us a ____ time, but fortunately, we didn’t.A. take; along B. take; longer C. have taken; longer D. have taken; long319.The _____ of economic development in our country went well.A. five year plan B. five-year-plan C. five-years-plan D. five-year plan320.-- __________office equipment been fixed yet?--- Yes, we have everything now. 当前第19 页共 64 页
  20. 20. A. Have B.Has C. Are D. Is321.You may find the answer _____ page 25.A. at the top of B. at the topC. on the top of D. on the top322.We did the work ______, and as a result, we were taken in.A. to their satisfaction B. to their satisfiedC. satisfied D. to their satisfy323.The advertisement ____ always ____ people’s attention.A. in big print; pays B. in big print; drawsC. with big print; pays D. with big print; catches324.A man may be known ______- he keeps.A. by the man B. by the womanC. by the company D. the firm325.We have 24 offices, each ____computers.A. is equipped with B. equipped byC. is equipped by D. equipped withABCDA CADAD ABCDB AABCD326._____of modern agriculture, more and more waste is produced.A. With the development B. With the developingC. By the development D. By the developing327.– Do you have any idea which to choose?--- Well, you’d better take this one. It’s ______in price and good in quality.A. lower B. cheaper C. high D. higher328.– What are you advertising ______?---________. I need a place to stay at.A. for; The house B. to; A houseC. for; A flat D. to; A room329.Since advertising can increase sales of production, _____it can _____the price.A. so; reduced B. so; reduce C. /; be reduced D. / ; reduce330.A dark cloud is a _______of rain.A. sign B. signing C. mark D. signature331.Deaf people talk ________.A. with signs B. with sign language C. by signs D. by speaking sign language332.Seeing the man on the bike with a boy at the front and the other at the back, the policemansigned _______stop.A. to the man B. to the man toC. for the man for D. to the man for333.A ________may be given ____means of flags, lights, and guns.A. sign; by B. signal; in C. signal; by D. sign; in334.There are many other ways to advertise _______ broadcast advertisements on radio and TV.A. except B. as well C. beside D. besides335.– I spent $ 20 for this shirt. How much is yours?--- I just paid ______.A. half the money B. half 当前第20 页共 64 页
  21. 21. B. halves D. the half money336.As this apple is too big for her to eat, let’s cut it _____.A. in half B. in halves C. into half D. as a half337.Part of the family _______ out on holiday. They are supposed to be back at the end of thisweek.A. is B. are C. was D. were338.I know that half of ____ I spend _____ is wasted.A. that; to advertising B. what; to advertiseC. what; on advertising D. what ; on advertise339.It’s high time they ________ to reduce the cost of production.A. take measures B. took measuringC. should take measuring D. took measures340.Please post this to us if you want to _________.A. make your life easier B. make life easyC. take life easier D. take your life easy341. Readings of this sort have _____ on the children.A. an ill effect B. have a effect C. a badly effect D. affect342.I’ve been waiting here____ morning; they haven’t showed up yet.A. all the B. the whole C. whole D. the all343.– Is this the newspaper __________?---Yes, it is.A. of yesterday B. yesterday’s C. for yesterday D. to yesterday344.Mail or gifts posted by companies to customers ________ advertising.A. are another B. is the other C. are other D. is another345.I don’t think I am ____ ; it is said that _______- is the mother of success.A. a failure; failure B. failure; a failureC. a failure; a failure D. failure; failureABCDA ABCDA ABCDA ABCDA346.In the past five years Tomlison with his daughter _______all over the world.A. has travelled B. traveled C. have traveled D. were traveling347.– Can you see what is written on that?--- It _____”No Camping”.A. reads B. is read C. writes D. is reading348.I am here not because I want to earn money ________I want to educate the children.A. but B. but because C. but for D. and because349.Staring into his eyes, I could see a _______ look in his eyes.A. puzzle B. puzzling C. puzzled D. puzzley350.The purpose of the advertisements is to ______people’s attention, _____them to buy thethings.A. pay; attract B. draw; persuade C. attract; persuade D. attract; persuading351.Generally speaking, children living in a city can not _____ ox ____ cow.A. tell an; from a B. tell; fromC. tell a; from a D. tell; from a352.A person will ____ remember the advertisement but not the name of the products. 当前第21 页共 64 页
  22. 22. A. possible to B. possiblyC. be possible to D. be possibly to353.Seeing from the foot of the mountain, clouds are seen beautifully ____over its top.A. hung B. hanged C. hanging D. being hung354.– She isn’t feeling very well today.---You’re right. ______ to have caught cold.A. It appears B. It appears thatC. She appeared D. She appears355.He escaped from death, because he changed his plan _____ the last minute.A. at B. in C. for D. on356.His life was devoted to _____the poor out.A. helping B. help C. being helped D. having helped357._______by the noise, they had to finish the meeting early.A. Being disturbed B. DisturbedC. Disturbing D. Having disturbed358.______by the sales figures, they decided to go out and ______.A. Excited; to celebrate B. Exciting; celebrateC. Excited; celebrate D. Exciting; celebrating359.The news _____ them, they decided to go out for a celebration.A. excites B. excited C. having excited D. exciting360.The old lady died from the _____on her head; she was _______when cleaning windows onthe ladder when she fell off it.A. injury; injured B. wound; wound C. wounded; hurt D. hurt; injured361.They made their way in the shop _______shoppers.A. crowded with B. crowded C. crowding with D. was crowded with362.We must take some photographs ______the microcomputer.A. for B. of C. with D. from363.He was about to leave ______the telephone rang; ______was from his mother.A. when; that B. before; which C. when; it D. before; this364.This time last year I paid a visit ______Shandong which is 5000 kilometers _____.A. for; far away B. to; far away C. for; away D. to; away365.Mrs Baker has her hair _____every Friday afternoon after work.A. done B. do C. doing D. being doneAABCD ABCDA ABCDA ABCDA366.– What’s the date today?---It’s _______.A. Sunday B. August the nineth C. the first of May D. October fifth367.–Did Li Hua’s parents leave her any money?--- No. She has to support _______by selling newspapers.A. on her own B. by herself C. alone D. herself368.________arriving in Tibet , the soldiers at once joined them ____their work.At; with B. On; in C. For; with D. After; to369.–When did the concert_____?---Oh, two days ago. 当前第22 页共 64 页
  23. 23. A. happened B. take place C. hold D. start370.–Will you ______me ____out this problem myself?---OK.A. make; work B. permit; working C. let; work D. allow; work371.–Did you find your new dictionary?---Yes. I found it ____I had left it.A. in where B. in the place whichC. where D. which372.---There is a lot of smoke coming out of the teaching building.---Really? It _____be a fire, most probably.A. can B. ought to C. have to D. must373.______ has already been pointed out, grammar is not a set of dead rules.A. As B. It C. That D. This374.Be sure to go to the concert with me, _____?A. will you B. aren’t you C. mustn’t you D. don’t you375.Everybody in our country, men and women, old and young_____sports and games.A. are fond of B. enjoys C. got in for D. take part in376.–Will you go to the exhibition tomorrow?---Yes. I will go ____it’s windy.A. if B. even though C. as soon as D. as though377.– I’m going to Qingdao . Would you mind looking after my dog?---__________.A. Sorry, I have no time B. I’d rather notC. With pleasure D. No, I wouldn’t378. Hainan is _______-island.A. China ’s second largest B. the China ’s second largestC. the second China ’s largest D. China’s the second largest379. – This is _____room I told you about. --- I see. Is it _______bright one?A. a; a B. the; a C. the; the D. a; the380.The bus driver was badly ___on both legs in the traffic accident.A. wounded B. broken C. injured D. destroyed381.Without your help, I _____the exam last term.A. haven’t passed B. wouldn’t passC. would have failed in D. failed in382. _________, so she had to be sent to hospital.A. Being ill B. Her mother was illC. Her mother being ill D. Having been ill383. --_________progress you have made this year! ---Thank you. But I have a long way to go.A. What a good B. How rapidC. What great D. How big384. – Tom spent his childhood in England . Is it true? --- No. It was in China ______he spent his childhood. 当前第23 页共 64 页
  24. 24. A. where B. that C. which D. in which385. ________he realized it was too late to return home.A. No sooner it grew dark thanB. Hardly did it grow dark whenC. It was not until dark thatD. It was until dark thatCDBBC CBAAB BCABC CBCBC386. This passage is ____A Tale of Two Cities.A. taken from B. brought from C. taken into D. brought into387. I ________ him for a foreigner. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?A. have taken B. took C. take D. had taken388. I want to change my desk. It _______too much room.A. took up B. has been taken up C. takes up D. is taken up389. A reminder is something which reminds somebody______somebody or something else.A. from B. for C. with D. of390. Please make a note ______ you have any questions when reading.A. where B. in which C. which D. that391. Did she make a mark ______she found the word?A. where B. in which C. which D. that392. For little kids, drawing is ____.A. necessary done B. necessarily doneC. necessary to do D. necessarily to do393. It’s hard for people to make their way ________.A. in the rushing hours B. at the rushing hoursC. at the rush hours D. on the rush hours394. The children were packing up in a hurry, for the night ________.A. draws near B. drew nearerC. was drawn near D. drew near395. – He looks as if he _____the answer. --- He has.A. has known B. knows C. had known D. knew396. – You seem to have learnt it by heart.--- Yes, I_________. A. seem B. have C. do D. did397. There _____an old tree here. I wonder how they could manage to remove such an old tree.A. seemed not B. not seemedC. didn’t seem to be D. didn’t seem to have398. – Do you know you ______to be here by 7:30 ? --- Yes, I do.A. are supposed B. supposeC. are supposing D. supposed399. _______they say, just take your own way.A. No matter B. WhatC. However D. No matter what 当前第24 页共 64 页
  25. 25. 400. – I see something lying in the corner, moving --- Let me see ________.A. what is the matter B. what the matter isC. what matter D. matter is what401. ______noise, please! I have something important to tell you.A. Less B. Not C. Little D. Much402. We might as well take a rest; we have ____trying paper.A. run into B. run out of C. ran out D. ran across403. The other day on the street he ___one of his friends whom he hadn’t seen for ages.A. run into B. run across C. ran into D. ran away404. ______, and listen to the teacher carefully. A. Gathering B. GatherC. Gathered D. Having gathered405. The excited speaker was talking on, _________.A. a crowd gathered B. a crowd gatheringC. gathered a crowd D. gatheringABCDA ABCDA BCADB ABCBB406. ________to get rid of waste ___a big problem for the human beings today.A. How ; is B. What; is C. What; are D. How; are407. She is in hospital now____treatment.A. receives B. being received C. receiving D. received408. ___ waste water was put into the rivers, and lakes which were badly polluted.A. At one time B. At a time C. One time D. A time409. It is _______that the letter will ____you this afternoon.A. most like; arrive B. likely; reachC. mostly like; get D. best like; reach410. Never chase two rabbits _________.A. at one time B. one time C. at a time D. for a time411. It will be a long time ___we see each other; take care and good-bye.A. before B. until C. after D. for412. Though he told me a second time about it, _____I didn’t understand.A. but B. still C. however D. but yet413. A cat is similar ____a tiger in many ways.A. with B. for C. to D. form414. Bad luck. It never rains but it _________.A. is poured B. pours C. pouring D. poured415. _______drinks the polluted water gets sick. A. People who B. Person who C. Anyone D. Anyone who416. This is the book _____with the world population.A. dealing B. dealt C. to be dealt D. being dealt417. That man is difficult _________.A. dealing B. dealt with C. to deal with D. to be dealt with418. I spent _______ of my time in this work.A. a plenty B. a good many C. a good deal D. great deal 当前第25 页共 64 页
  26. 26. 419. We must do something to stop the pollution and protect the world _____harm.A. to B. with C. for D. from420. They wandered around the village, _____the ____ bike.A. seeking; missing B. sought; missedC. seeking; missed D. sought; missing421. The plane was out of ____, but now we are in completely________ the situation.A. control; control of B. control; controlC. control of control D. controlling; control422. Children are taught to be active ______ the environment.A. to protect B. in C. protecting D. in to protect423. I would buy one soft-drink can, but I _____ money on me.A. didn’t have B. don’t have C. had to D. won’t have424. She is going to _______ a show on ______tonight.A. make; 5 Channel B. take; Channel 5C. make; Channel 5 D. take; 5 Channel425. Can you imagine _________?A. what his doing B. What is he doingC. what he is doing D. he is doing whatACABC ABCBD ACCDA ACBCC426. Jerry is now out of reach; she is traveling __________.A. in the Europe B. in an European countryC. in Europe D. in European427. I’d like to thank you very nuch for every effort you _____me.A. have made for B. have taken forC. took for D. made428. Material, such as paper and glass , ____ collected, sorted and ______ again.A. is; using B. is; usedC. are being used D. is; being used429. Waste paper can be reused ________ new paper, which is called recycling.A. as B. for C. for making D. to be made430. I found an old pot _____ in the ground.A. buried B. being buried C. burying D. to be buried431. ________ with the results of the experiment, she started to try again.A. Disappointed B. DisappointingC. Being disappointed D. having been disappointed432. The answer ______ the teacher, she asked the little boy to try a second time.A. disappointed B. disappointingC. being disappointed D. having been disappointed433. _________, and Charles felt hopeless.A. Because he was sentenced to deathB. As he was sentenced to deathC. Sentenced to deathD. He was sentenced to death434. They saw a lady beautifully ________. 当前第26 页共 64 页
  27. 27. A. dressed B. dressing C. being dressed D. well dressing435. __________, they managed to escape in a boat. A. Defeated and alive B. Defeating but alive C. Defeated but alive D. Defeated and alive436. The reason ______ the accident occurred is still unknown.A. why B. what C. how D. which437. I have no idea ______ children starved to death in northern Africa .A. how much B. what C. where D. how many438. ______her education, she was anxious to find a job.A. Finishing B. FinishedC. Having finished D. Being finished439. _____ two years to ________after the sick woman, she badly needed a holiday.A. Devoting herself; look B. Devoted; lookingC. Devoting; looking D. Devoted; looked440. _________, she was now dressed up for the party.A. Taking a shower B. Having taken a showerC. She took a shower D. Taken a shower441. _______ we shall be able to defend the camp or not is another matter.A. Whether B. If C. What D. That442. My companions are not used to _______-.A. drinking strong B. drink strongC. strong drink D. strong drinking443. People all over the world should work together; no ____country can save the environment.A. alone B. single C. lonely D. one444. I am mad with them. They never take me _____.A. seriously B. serious C. seriousness D. very serious445. The moment I got onto the train, it was _________away.A. pulling B. pulled C. being pulled D. about pullingCABCA ABDAC ADCBB ACBAA446. – There is a football match tomorrow, you know. --- What ____pity! I haven’t got ______ticket for tomorrow.A. a; a B. a; the C. the; the D. the; a447. After a long walk, they were _______ very tired, but _____ of them would stop to rest.A. all; neither B. both; none C. all; none D. both; neither448. Was it _____ Tom’s carelessness ____ your keys were all lost?A. because; which B. for; whatC. because of; that D. since; /449. – Excuse me, have you ever been to Japan ? --- __________.A. No, I don’t B. Never C. Sorry, I can’t D. Don’t mention it450. Among them I like this kind of food ______, for it is ____ sugar and water.A. best; mostly B. best; mostC. most; best D. most; mostly451. The English teacher often said in class, “Let’s ______in English.” 当前第27 页共 64 页
  28. 28. A. talk B. say C. spoke D. tell452. _______, the workers still continued working.A. Since it was snowing B. It was snowingC. Late as it was D. Though it was early453. Our teacher told us ________ story _____ we all never forget it.A. so an interesting; so that B. so interesting a; whichC. such interesting a; that D. such an interesting; that454. Man _______a battle against pollution at once.A. must start fighting B. had to start to fightC. is starting fighting D. is beginning fighting455. – I must apologize for ______you so much. --- That’s all right.A. to have troubled B. bringing trouble toC. being troubled D. having troubled456. By the time we got to the hospital, the patient ______ for half an hour.A. died B. had diedC. had been dead D. has been dead457. It is no good _________. You should _________.A. to smoke; give up B. smoking; give it upC. smoking; give up it D. to smoke; give it away.458. He tried to _____to cook a meal on the island but he failed.A. light fire B. make a fire C. make fire D. set fire459. This is one of the best films ______ this year.A. they have been shown B. that has been shownC. that have been shown D. which has been shown460. – Where does Mr Zhang live? --- He has been on the island _________the end of the Long March.A. since B. by C. in D. at461. The number of people who _______cars _____increasing in Beijing .A. owns; are B. owns; is C. own; is D. own; are462. The leader ordered that the soldiers _______ to the front at once.A. sent B. should send C. be sent D. should take463. So little ______agree on the plan that they could not settle their differences.A. did they B. do they C. they did D. they did not464. ________come, please tell him to wait for me at the gate.A. He should B. Should he C. If he D. If he would have465. – You must do as you are told. --- Oh, I must, _____?A. should I B. mustn’t I C. needn’t I D. must IACCBA ACDAD CBBCA CCABD466. He doesn’t think you are able to do this alone, __________?A. does he B. doesn’t he C. aren’t you D. is it467.Though he has retired, I think he is ____ to attend college.A. old enough B. young enough C. enough young D. enough old 当前第28 页共 64 页
  29. 29. 468. If you sit still on_______, the boat will not shake.A. another end B. other endC. the other end D. the end469. By the end of next year we ______- our middle school.a. have finished B. will finishC. had finished D. will have finished470. If we paint the wall a bit blue, we will make it look_______.A. prettier B. more pretty C. nice D. more nicer471. Here is a rule for you to remember: No drawing ____on the wall. A. is done B. does C. is drawn D. are done472. He sat there with his eyes ______upon the ceiling.A. fixing B. fixed C. closing D. having closed473. That old lady won’t stop me _____the radio.A. to listen B. listening C. listening to D. hearing474. I have a good sleep on Sundays. I _____ until lunch time.A. get up B. don’t stay in bedC. will get up D. don’t get up475. There is a hole _______the wall _____ a gun is pointing outside.A. in; through which B. on; from whichC. in; that D. on; which476. On the board is a notice ______”No Smoking!”A. said B. saying C. which is written D. to say477. – Tom, I can’t see your text-book. --- Miss Red, I _____ it here but I can’t find it any more.A. bring B. brought C. take D. took478. ______ it is snowing today, you’d better walk to school.A. Because B. Since C. As D. For479. ________ tired after a long day’s work, they went bed early.A. Having been B. To be C. Been D. Being480. He couldn’t _______ last night, because he was thinking how to finish his work early.A. go to bed B. go to sleepC. go to the bed D. fall sleep481. Is everything you do ________?A. done B. to be done C. has been done D. had been done482. That is a five-story building; his room is on_________.A. the third storey B. storey twoC. the third floor D. the floor two483. – What do you think of the painting? --- It looks a bit ugly ______ it is.A. when B. as C. while D. for484. Those villagers looked ________ at the house washed away by the flood.A. sad B. sorrow C. sadly D. with sad485. The work is well done with all the electric wires __________.A. fixed up B. fixing C. fixing up D. to be fixed 当前第29 页共 64 页
  30. 30. ABCDA ABCDA BBCDB ACBCA486. They say the repair work _____ the office building will start on Monday.A. on B. at C. over D. for487. The house is so old that it calls ________ .A. to repair B. for repairingC. for being repaired D. repairing488. The two countries were _______ between 1989 and 1991.A. peace B. at no war C. at peace D. at peaceful489. The police arrived _____ two minutes after he dialed 911.A. at the scenery B. the sceneC. on the place D. on the scene490. On the platform he ______ his trouble to a man who was there waiting for train.A. explained B. talkedC. made an explanation d. explained for491. Jasper is one of his three sons who ____in the army; the other two ______in the navy.A. is; are B. are; are C. is; is D. are; is492. We have a long summer season _______six months.A. which last B. lasting C. lasts for D. that last for493. I know ______type of machine is needed but I have no idea which type.A. certain B. two C. some D. an494. The board that he _________ there two days before _____there.A. laid; laid B. had laid; lieC. lay; lay D. had laid; lay495. – Is Mary still at work? --- Yes, but she said she ______ a holiday next Saturday. She’ll pay a visit to Italy .A. will go on B. went on C. took D. went on for496. Hardly ______-out when it began raining.A. had he stepped B. did he stepC. he had stepped D. stepped he497. Nowhere else _________ find such a beautiful scenery.A. you can B. can you C. we can D. we are able to498. A bomb sent the ship _______ to the bottom of the sea.A. to sink B. sunk C. sinking D. being sunk499. __________, the woman drove off.A. Filled with gas B. Being filled with gasC. Filling the car with gas D. Having filled the car500. He rushed out of the house, __________the door open.A. leaving B. left C. having left D. and leavingABCDA ABCDA ABCDA501. This is a long hard winter, with everything _______, white.A. covered B. covered by C. covering D. covered with502. Jack as well as his classmates _______the importance of the matter.A.. realize B. realizes C. have realized D. are realizing503. Of the two problems the first one is _____ . 当前第30 页共 64 页
  31. 31. A. the most important B. more importantC. the less important D. less important504. We are busy all day long, and now there is lots of repair work for us _______.A. to do it B. to be done C. to do D. to do them505. Our guide has organized _________.A. a tour of the temple for tomorrowB. a tomorrow tour of the templeC. tomorrow’s tour of the templeD. a tour of the temple to tomorrow506. The temple is 20 kilometers _______. Let’s take a _______.A. away; taxicab ride B. away; taxi’s rideC. far away; taxi ride D. far away; ride507. More than one stone ______ so far.A. have been washed B. has been washedC. are washed D. had been washed508. An expert with 40 workers ______the work. They are supposed to finish the work next week.A. have started B. start C. has started D. are starting509. If you are obey the rules ______visitors, you will ____here in our country.A. for; enjoy B. to; enjoy your stay C. to; enjoy staying D. for; enjoy your stay510. Without his help, I ____ the test given on Monday.A. couldn’t have passed B. couldn’t passC. won’t pass D. don’t pass511. I need one more _______ my collection of Bird stamp.A. to complete B. to have completed C. finishing D. to have finished512. I have ______ works of Shakespeare. I have spent $ 300.A. completed B. a complete C. finished D. a completed513. It _______ six years since I saw you last.A. was B. have been C, is D. had been514. Was it six years ago _______ we met for the first time?A. which B. When C. since D. that515. The trip cost us more than we ________.A. had expected B. expected C. expect D. have expected516. There is nothing in the bag but an __________.A. article of clothing B. piece of clothingC. clothes D. dress517. Don’t forget _______- waiters; in England , people give ____to waiters and taxi drivers.A. to tip; tips B. to give tip; tip C. tipping; tips D. tipping; tip518. The farm is huge, lying between the valleys, and ____ an area of 15 square kilometers.A. covered B. being covered C. covering D. covers519. Finally came the news________everybody in the twon.A. astonished B. to astonish C. that astonished D. that was astonished520. Soon the news ________ across the whole country, ______the people.A. spread; exciting B. spread; excitedC. was spread; excited D. was spread; exciting 当前第31 页共 64 页
  32. 32. ABCCA ABCDA ABCDA AADCA521. One should keep ______facing danger.A. quiet B. calm C. still D. silent522. -- ________I go there, too? --- No. You _______.A. Must; can’t B. Need; mustn’tC. Can; needn’t D. Must; don’t have to523. In China , ______ bicycle is ________popular means of transportation.A. the; a B. a;/ C. the; the D. a; the524. – Shall we go swimming? --- OK. I’ll just go and get ________.A. to change B. to be changed C. changed D. changing525. – Our guests are arriving from Shanghai at 10: 30 . --- Really? I ______ it _______ 12:30 .A. think; is B. thought; wasC. have thought; will be D. had thought; will be526. We wrote a letter of thanks to _______ had helped us.A. who B. whom C. whoever D. whomever527. He must ______ a shower, for I can hear the water ________.A. have; run B. be having; runC. have; running D. be having; running528. – Excuse me, but could you tell me the way to 24th street ? ---__________.A. Sorry, but I’m a stranger myself B. OK. It’s not far from hereC. Yes. Go ahead. D. Well, you will get there.529. ________is well known, ______Hong Kong returned to China on July 1st, 1997 .A. It; that B. It; which C. As; / D. As; as530. –Jack fell off a ladder yesterday, but he is all right. --- He is lucky. He _______ himself badly.A. could wound B. could have woundedC. could hurt D. could have hurt531. –Do you think the bad weather will __________? --- I _________.A. go on; don’t hope so B. keep up; hope notC. take up; think not D. keep on; don’t think so532. Not until we got off the bus _____ that his wallet _____.A. he found; was stolenB. had he found; had stolenC. did he find; had been stolenD. had he found; had been stolen533. – Do you mind if I smoke here? --- ___________.A. You’d better not B. Yes, you can smokeC. Of course D. No, please don’t 当前第32 页共 64 页
  33. 33. 534. _________several times, but he still doesn’t know how to do it properly.A. Being shown B.Having shownC. Having been shown D. I’ve shown him535. There _______no strong earthquake in this area in the near future, people are easy in mindA. is B. will be C. being D. is going to be536. Since the plan has been worked out, we must put it into _________.A. practice B. reality C. action D. fact537. – Does he work hard? ---Not at all. Nobody else could be ________.A. harder B. more hard-working C. lazier D. more lazy538. – Shall I tell them the news? ---No, I would rather they _______ know.A. won’t B. don’t C. wouldn’t D. didn’t539. His German isn’t very good even _____he’s stayed in Germany for over two years.A. now B. though C. when D. after540. My grandfather is over 95 and _____ is worse, in poor health. He _____ goes nowhere.A. that; almost B. what; nearly C. which; nearly D. what; almostBDACB CDACD BCADC ACDBD541. You may ______a lady by asking her age.A. anger B. angry C. be angry D. be angry with542. It’s rude ____you to ask his salary the first time you ____him.A. of; meet B. of; met C. for; meet D. for; meet with543. Take care of yourself. See ____ you don’t catch cold.A. if B. when C. that D. whether544. You ________me earlier, but you didn’t.A. should tell B. should have toldC. shall tell D. could tell545. I don’t trust that man; he is the guy who _________.A. never eat his word B. never keeks sayingC. always eats his word D. keeps his word546. Sorry not ______you, but you know I was terribly busy then.A. have helped B. helpC. to have helped D. to be helping547. What do you think of my new dress? Just speak _______.A. your truth B. heart C. your mind D. really548. Good to see you again. I ______ I______not see you here today.A. thought; could B. thought; canC. think; can D. think; could549. I’m looking forward to ______to Hong Kong .A. visiting my visiting C. visit D. my visit550. You _______so much since I last saw you .A. changed B. are changingC. have changed D. had changed551. I need your help. Your friendship is a great help to me. I________. 当前第33 页共 64 页
  34. 34. A. meant it B. mean C. meant D. meant serious552. _______every means that could be tried been tried?A. Is B. Has C. Are D. Have553. Sorry. I always ________you.A. understand B. not understandC. misunderstand D. don’t understand554. When you are speaking, you’ve got to make yourself ______.A. understand B. understoodC. be understood D. being understood.555. I’m very glad _______you here today. Nice day.A. to meet B. to have met C. having met D. meeting556. I’d go to hell _____stay with you.A. than B. rather C. rather than D. better than557. I’d rather _______a boat, doing nothing at all.A. sit on B. to sit in C. sitting in D. sit in558. He is as changeable as Moon; he is sure to change his mind _______.A. at the last minute B. on the last minuteC. in the last minute D. for the last minute559. We are determined to get _____before May Day.A. the work done B. work being doneC. the work do D. the work to do560. We have been invited ______this Friday. Could you stay home alone?A. to dinner B. for a dinnerC. for dinning D. to dineAACBC CCADC ABCBB CDAAA561. After the little boy finished his meal, he asked the lady _______.A. for more B. more C. many more D. for many562. At the post office he asked ______.A. stamps B. some stampsC. four stamps D. for four stamps563. The ball went over the fence and the football player asked a boy to ______ it.A. bring B. take C. fetch D. give564. My father asked ________.A. Tom and me to help B. me and Tom to helpC. I and Tom to help D. Tom and I to help565. – What did you aunt say? --- She asked me ______ leave yet.A. not to B. don’t C. that I shouldn’t D. that I don’t566. Those are very pleasant rooms. How much do you _____them?A. want B. demand C. ask for D. ask567. Let’s go and find out _______.A. whether she at home or not B. whether at homeC. whether home she is or not D. whether or not she is home568. – May I help you? 当前第34 页共 64 页
  35. 35. ---Yes, please. Can you tell me how much _________?A. these hats cost B. do these hats costC. have these hats cost D. will these hats cost569. Many people worked on the project, but in terms of dollars and cents, the cost was ______.A. few B. very little C. hardly any D. not many570. However much ______, it will be worth it.A. does the watch cost B. costs the watchC. the watch will cost D. the watch costs571. –How many books does he have? --- He possesses ________them.A. plenty of B. very much C. a great deal D. an amount of572. –Is the radio bothering you? --- It certainly is. I’d like it _______off.A. turning B. to turn C. turned D. turns573. To ask someone for help is to turn ________him.A. to B. for C. on D. by574. To reject an offer is to turn it _________.A. out B. over C. back D. down.575. Please don’t leave without ______the lights.A. you turn off B. to turn offC. turning off D. you’ll turn off576. –What excuse did John give for his rudeness at the meeting? --- He didn’t even mention it, ______ explain it.A. let alone B. and even notC. or not D. as opposed to577. –Shall we go ? ---No, ________.A. not allowed B. not shallC. shall not D. let’s not578. The chairman requested that _____________.A. the members studied more carefully the problemB. the problem was more carefully studiedC. with more carefulness the problem could be studiedD. the members study the problem more carefully579. The history of nursing _____ the history of man.A. as old as B. is also oldC. that is as old as D. is as old as580. – What shall we get Jane for her birthday? --- ___________. A. What is she wanting B. What does she want C. What she wants D. What she is wantingADCAA CDABD ACADC ADDDC581. Have you ever ________the Atlantic ?A. Flown along B. Flowed alone 当前第35 页共 64 页
  36. 36. C. flown across D. flowed across582. – James has just arrived. --- Oh! I didn’t know he ________until yesterday.A. will come B. was comingC. has been coming D. comes583. – I wish you had brought your wife with you. --- I’ll get her _____on the next trip.A. coming along with me B. to come on with meC. to come along with me D. with me to come along584. Jean ________ a cold when she was in Los Angeles .A. came by B. came down withC. came into D. came off with585. – This picture of cowboys is terrible. --- It ______ out better than I expected, for I was facing the sun.A. had come B. would have comeC. came D. comes586. My father will be here tomorrow, but at first I thought that he ______today.A. was coming B. is coming C. will come D. comes587. I was looking forward to ______, but no letter came to me.A. hear him B. hearing himC. hearing from him D. hear588. – I told you to look up that matter. ---All right, I’ll _________.A. look up it B. look up C. look it up D. it look589. To respect someone is to look ________ to him.A. up B. on C. at D. ahead590. Western Nebraska generally receives less snow than eastern Nebraska _______.A. does B. in C. it does in D. in it does591. My wife wants me to _____ my shoes.A. go away with B. get rid ofC. get them killed D. mending592. Mary never tells anyone what she does for a _________-.A. job B. work C. profession D. living593. When Tom’s mother wasn’t feeling well last night, Tom washed the supper dishes,________?A. didn’t he B. did he C. don’t they D. did they594. – I bought a radio today. --- How much ______for it?A. did they pay B. do you payC. did you pay D. did it paid595. – Why is he stopping the car? ---He says it will ____ to get out and stretch our legs.A. do us good B. be better of usC. do us well D. be fine of us 当前第36 页共 64 页
  37. 37. 596. Cars moved very slowly in the 1920s, but they ______ move more quickly than in 1910.A. were to B. did C. will D. can597. – Why are you so upset about losing a pen? ---That was a _______pen!A. ten-dollars B. tens-dollarsC. ten-dollar D. tens-dollar598. – What did you win for having the best costume at the Party? ---Two _______.A. ten-cents toys B. ten-cent toysC. toys of ten vents D. toys of ten cent599. She ________ from a fall by catching the railing.A. prevented herself B. saved herselfC. stopped D. held her own self600. – Are you done with the book I gave you? --- Not quite. I have read all _____ the last chapter.A. but B. until C. just D. yetCBCBC ACCAA BDACA BCBBA601. You didn’t spell _____word right; you missed _____ “ u” here.A. the; an B. the; a C. a; an D. a; a602. We decided to turn to _______can help us.A. whoever B. anyone C. someone D. whomever603. – Is Mr White out of danger? --- No, _______ than before, I’m afraid.A. no better B. a little betterC. not worse D. no worse604. –Don’t forget to turn off the light when you leave. --- I _________.A. mustn’t B. won’t C. don’t D. can’t605. – Will you go to Li Ping’s birthday party? ---No, _______ invited to.A. if B. until C. when D. even though606. –What’s wrong with our lunch? --- Cooks are late ______ it again, ____often happened before.A. with; as B. for; with C. to; that D. with; it607. – It was very kind of you to have carried the box for me. --- __________.A. I’d love to B. Thank you for saying soC. My pleasure D. My duty608. – You look so excited. I suppose you won the game. --- You _______it.A. are guessing B. will guessC. guess D. have guessed609. John is _______of the students who ______able to get the first place.A. the one; are B. the only one; is 当前第37 页共 64 页
  38. 38. C. one; is D. only one; are610. From the school name _______ on it, we decided that the package belongs to a student.A. to be marked B. markingC. marked D. having marked611. – Are you hungry now? --- No, not _______.A. a little B. a bit C. at least D. the least612. I like a house with a garden more than _____ with a swimming pool.A. one B. the only one C. that D. it613. Only _____ the way to the valley besides Tom.A. can Mark know B. knows MarkC. does Mark know D. Mark knows614. On the way to the market, Mrs Turner _____ to see one of her old friends.A. called on B. called at C. dropped in D. visited615. Children are always ____ about what they see for the first time.A. pleased B. curious C. interested D. fond616. Having done three experiments without rest, they were _____out to go on with ______one.A. so tired; a fourth B. so tiring; the fourthC. too given; the fourth D. too worn; a fourth617. We had a wonderful time that day. It was years______ we had enjoyed ourselves so much.A. since B. when C. until D. that618. The reason for his absence is _____ he had to look after his sick wife.A. why B. because C. that D. whether619. The meeting is to begin at 4;00 p.m. and we are _____to be there a bit earlier.A. invited B. supposed C. allowed D. hoped620. People were used to ______ clothes of cotton and wool, but now more and more othermaterials are used to ____ clothes as well.A. make; making B. making; makeC. making; making D. make; makeBAABD ACDBC BADCB DACBB621. Some New Year’s parties begin _____ ten or eleven o’clock in the evening.A. with B. in C. at D. on622. He lives _______ 23 Arthur Avenue .A. at B. in C. on D. with623. We are ________ our desk now.A. with B. at C. in D. on624. The principal is ________ the door now.A. with B. at C. in D. on625. She usually comes back fro her work _________.A. at noon B. in noon C. on noon D. with noon626. He had learned English well _______ the end of six month.A. in B. at C. though D. by627. – I think John will win the race. --- Yes, he started off ______ a great speed. 当前第38 页共 64 页
  39. 39. A. with B. at C. though D.by628. John may win the first prize. He has started _____ the speed of 80 miles.A. at B. of C. on D. in629. Belva Lockwood taught school for many years and became a lawyer in 1873 _______43.A. age B. the age C. at the age of D. she was at the age630. He entered a university __________-.A. when he had sixteen yearsB. when sixteen years were his ageC. at the age of sixteenD. at age sixteen years old631. – What will you do with your apartment when you leave? --- John will take ______ the apartment and pay the rent.A. up B. in C. over D. along632. When I met Jenny’s sister, I took a liking _____ her immediately.A. to B. for C. on D. in633. Hospital doctors don’t go out very often as their work _____ all their time.A. takes away B. takes in C. takes over D. takes up634. To look like one’s father is to take _____ him in appearance.A. from B. over C. after D. for635. Did you say that our neighbour ______ in the accident?A. badly hurted B. was badly hurtedC. had badly hurted D. was badly hurt636. – There is a police car in front of our neighbour’s house. --- What do you suppose _______?A. is happened B. has happenedC. would happen D. did happen637. It ________ a year ago.A. has happened B. happenedC. happens D. was happened638. I like this warm weather. It feels _____ spring. A. like B. as C. like as D. as like639. He felt ________ that he should leave.A. strong B. strongness C. very strong D. very strongly640. The old vase will ________ an attractive lamp-holder.A. compose B. form C. make D. be shownCABBA BBACC CBDCD BBADC641. When he was in college, he used to speak ______English language.A. the B, / C. a D. an642. It is the part ______ you can enjoy the show. A. that B. where C. in which D. when643. It is in the place _________ it was given days ago.A.where B. that C. in which D. when644. It was 1998 ______ he spent his first Christmas in England .A. that B. in which C. where D. when 当前第39 页共 64 页
  40. 40. 645. It was many many years ago _________ he paid his first visit to London .A. that B. when C. since D. for646. It is I who _______ on duty today.A. am B. are C. is D. has been647. – What were you doing when she called? ---I had just finished my work and ________.A. was starting to take a bath B. was started to take a bathC. to start to take a bath D. starting to take a bath648. – You were late again this morning. ---I think you had better _____on.A. to start to be B. start beingC. started being D. to be649. We don’t sell foreign newspapers because there is no _______ for themA. request B. claim C. requirement D. demand650. – Why are you unhappy? --- The other students made ________.A. of me the fun B. fun of meC. fun with me D. with me the fun651. When the fire broke out, __________.A. the house became emptying B. the house had emptiesC. the house had emptied D. the house was made empty652. I could just see a car in the distance, but I couldn’t _________ what color it was.A. make out B. look to C. look out D. take in653. – I’m leaving now. --- Make sure ______ the door.A. for you to lock B. to have lockedC. of locking D. you lock654. The subject of these lectures _______ by the lecture committee.A. announces B. have beenC. announced D. has been announced655. Legal tender is any type of money that must, _______, be accepted in a payment of a debt.A. law B. by law C. its law D. which law656. – Did you feed the baby milk? --- No, he can ________.A. feed for himself B. feed by himselfC. eat by himself D. eat for himself657. – Is she older than you? --- Yes, she is older than _________two years.A. me for B. I am by C. I for D. me by658. My roommate lost a lot of weight ______ every day.A. to exercise B. for exerciseC. for exercising D. by exercising659. – How can I help you the most? --- __________. 当前第40 页共 64 页
  41. 41. A. For you to stay B. To stayC. By staying D. With your staying660. – How did you pay these workers? --- Well, as a rule, they were paid ________.A. by an hour B. by the hourC. by hours D. by a hourABBDA AABCB DADDB CBDCB661. By the time he retires, Professor Baker ____ for almost forty years.A. will teach B. has taughtC. will have taught D. will be teaching662. By the time he gets home, his aunt ______ for Puerto Rico .A. will leave B. leaves C. will have left D. left663. “X” _______ for the unknown quantity.A. puts B. stands C. sits D. goes664. The old man asked her to leave because he _______-in that chair.A. used to sit B. was used to sitC. used to sitting D. was used to sitting665. I _______ bacon and eggs every morning.A. am used to eat B. used to eatingC. am used to eating D. use to eat666. – Why was Fred so upset? --- He isn’t used _______ criticized. A. be B. to be C. to being D. having been667. –It’s too bad you fell down during the race. --- Yes, but I could never ________ the other runners anyway.A. catch up with B. have caught upC. have caught up with D. catch up668. – When did you give that to Mr. Bell? ---As soon as I could last week; I ________ it to him.A. had given B. would give C. gave D. was giving669. – Did you have a good time? --- Wonderful. You really gave me some excellent advice _______ the best places to visit.A. in B. on C. above D. over670. – Where did you get that handsome picture? --- It was _______ by my father.A. given for us B. a gift to usC. given to us D. a gift for us671. The rescue party ____ four days later when no traces of the missing hikers could be found.A. gave up their hopes B. put away their hopesC. cherished hope D. gave up hope672. – Dick certainly has a bad cough. ---If he’s sensible, he will give up __________.A. the smoking B. smokingC. to smoke D. to be smoking 当前第41 页共 64 页