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Developing a Cutting Edge Social Enterprise Software Strategy that Leverages Your SharePoint Investment  Sponsored by Moxie

Developing a Cutting Edge Social Enterprise Software Strategy that Leverages Your SharePoint Investment Sponsored by Moxie






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    Developing a Cutting Edge Social Enterprise Software Strategy that Leverages Your SharePoint Investment  Sponsored by Moxie Developing a Cutting Edge Social Enterprise Software Strategy that Leverages Your SharePoint Investment Sponsored by Moxie Presentation Transcript

    • Developing a Cutting Edge SocialEnterprise Software Strategy thatLeverages Your SharePoint Investment !by Dion Hinchcliffe!
    • Moxie Webinar! Sources of Lessons Learned:
 The 2.0 Adoption Council! •  Over 200 large firms! •  Practitioners of Social Business and Enterprise 2.0! •  Only companies with over 5,000 employees! •  Our research and insight into these hundreds of firms drive best practices and lessons learned!® 2010 Dachis Group. Confidential and Proprietary!
    • Moxie Webinar! The drivers for next-generation business!•  Pervasive global connectivity •  New friction-less interaction platforms •  Focus on network effects •  Information superabundance •  Inherent transparency, openness, and broadcast •  The rise of social capital
    • Social As A Global Trend
    • The Map of Social Software Opportunity Innovation Creating new rapid Growth Leveraging Innovation growth online products •  Product Incubators powered by: •  Open Supply Chains •  Peer Production •  Product Development 2.0 •  Jakob’s Law •  Some Rights Reserved •  The Long Tail •  Blue Ocean Reinventing the  •  Network Fostering  Effects customer relationship  Innovation to drive revenue: •  Internal Innovation Markets •  Customer Communities •  Open innovation • Customer Self-Service •  Database of Intentions •  Marketing 2.0 Change Management Driving costs down through •  Transformation Communities less expensive, better 2.0 •  2.0 Education solutions: •  Capability  •  Lightweight IT/SOA Acquisition •  Enterprise mashups Improving productivity •  Expertise Location Business Remodeling and and access to value: •  Knowledge Retention Restructuring •  Enterprise 2.0 •  BPM 2.0 •  Open APIs •  Employee Communities •  Crowdsourcing •  Cloudsourcing •  Prediction Markets •  Pull Systems Transformation Cost Reduction
    • The Elements of Social Business The strategic application of High value, high scale, social computing to cost effective, and enterprise challenges: emergent business Social Business Design Dynamic Signal outcomes Hivemind Metafilter Ecosystem Social Busine enterp rise ec s osyste m s rnet t ane Inte extr customers + world t ane business partners intr workers The significant social computing trends of the last half decade Source: Dion Hinchcliffe, Dachis Group, 2010 http://dachisgroup.com
    • What are the key elements of a social software platform? •  A holistic social view community that meets business needs •  Software that puts people and their relationships at the core of their function •  User profiles that list all of the connections you have with others •  Activity streams that display an ongoing set of events and messages taking place in your social environment •  Essential: Social applications that makes most activity public by default
    • Driving the Agenda: Today’s Social Networking Landscape Unified Comm 2.0 Public Social Networks Interaction and Social Business Worker Us Online Community Trust, Engagement, Reputation Customer Microblogs Communities Community Mgmt Social Web Tech & Standards E2.0 Workflow The Social Web 1-2 billion B2C E2.0 Compliance B2B people Trading World Wide Web Business Partners Customers + Public Key Point: New technology and approaches are evolving faster than platforms like SharePoint are
    • The Evolution of the Enterprise Intranet Theme • Peer information sharing 2.2 • Collective intelligence • Social business solutions 2.1 2010s 2.0 Most Theme organizations 1.5 • Content management are here today • Self-service • Productivity apps 1.4 1.3 2000s 1.2 Theme • Basic intranet presence 1.1 • Informational directories • Content push1.0 1990s From http://blogs.zdnet.com/Hinchcliffe
    • Internal vs External Social Networking Becoming highly porous
    • Microsoft SharePoint: The “Default” Social Software Platform •  About 80% of large organizations already have and are using SharePoint/MOSS!•  Capable document-management tool!•  Not always perceived as an adequate social software platform! •  Millions spent on customization is common!•  Frequent Criticism: Requires heavy customization, has poor social computing capabilities, and is difficult to use, too structured, and heavyweight!•  Often your first and/or biggest challenge!
    • Significant Recent Social Software Examples •  TransUnion - 50x ROI in high value scenarios •  IBM - 29% reduction in e-mail volume •  Siemens - Eliminating e-mail entirely •  GE - Entire company has transformed to enterprise social media + UC
    • Where Can Social Intranets Best Be Applied? (social media in the enterprise) Enterprise 2.0 & Product Development 2.0 Open Business Models crowdsourcing online cloud computing community mashups open APIs SaaS social analytics,enterprise search
    • The motive forces of21st century business ^! hat we t •  Network effects kno w of so •  Peer production far! •  Self-service •  Open business models •  New community power structures
    • Moxie Webinar!Why Are Good SocialSoftware PlatformsDifferent?! •  Maturation of techniques that leverage how people work together best! •  Realization of the power of emergent solutions over pre-defined solutions! •  Nearly zero-barriers to use! •  Highest degree of visible shared value! •  As well as...!
    • Moxie Webinar!The 2010 Social BusinessLandscape!
    • Moxie Webinar! 10! Strategies for Driving Business Value with Social Software!
    • Moxie Webinar!1! Define Your Problem First.
 Select Your Technology Later.!
    • Moxie Webinar!2! Understand What Makes Social Software Work Best. Focus on Those Aspects.!
    • Moxie Webinar! Good enterprise search is a central3! pillar of a successful social intranet. Itʼs also the key to ROI.!
    • Moxie Webinar!4! Invest in a robust community management capability. Itʼs whatmakes social software deliver long-term.!
    • Moxie Webinar!5! Everyone needs a little collaborative literacy, make sure they get it.!
    • Moxie Webinar! Social intranets arenʼt like6! classical enterprise software.! Actively encourage emergent and unintended consequences.!
    • Moxie Webinar!7! Pick the right social platforms.! Social is not a single product.! Also, itʼs OK to get it wrong, once.!
    • Moxie Webinar! Social Intranet 8! Donʼt make it optional.! Donʼt make it a second class citizen.! Provide clear usage policies.!
    • Moxie Webinar!9! “You Can Skip the Pilot”; or! “Your Pilot Is Your Rollout”!
    • Moxie Webinar! Social intranets are a platform,10! not an app. ! Leverage the platform.!
    • Please Submit Questions Slides: dion.hinchcliffe@dachisgroup.com
    • Employee SpacesBrian K. MagierskiCo-founder, Chief Strategy Advisor © 2010 Moxie Software Confidential
    • Connect People. Share Knowledge. Deliver Results.!  Leading & most complete Social Enterprise Software vendor, over 600 customers - $4.6B market by 2013!  Strategic partnership with IDEO to deliver unparalleled user experience!  Privately held venture-funded company, backed by Oak Investment Partners & Foundation Capital 2
    • Spaces by Moxie Social Enterprise Software Employee  Engagement   Customer  Engagement     Collaboration   Innovation / Ideation Knowledgebase™       Web Self-Service Multi-channel Web Service   Expertise / Profile   Support Community   Social Media Monitoring   Social Media Response 3
    • Moxie Architecture Social Engagement Layer People / Groups / Projects Search / Filtering / Recommendation Spaces by Moxie™ Employee Customer Spaces™ Spaces™ Social  Media  Monitoring   Knowledgebase™ Social  Media  Response   Collabora5on   Web  Self-­‐Service   Innova5on    /  Idea5on   Mul5-­‐channel  Web  Service   Exper5se  /  Profiles   Support  Community   Moxie Integration Framework 4
    • New Generation Technology Built to Scale True  SaaS  Architecture   Database   Deployment  Speed   Days/weeks   Architecture   Liquid/Ruby  on  Rails   Consumer  Quality  User  Experience  for  the  Enterprise   5
    • SharePoint Integration Na@ve  in  EES™   Employee  Engagement  Spaces™   Exposed  from  SP  In  EES™     Calendar  (Sync  to  Exchange  or  SP)      Documents     Community      Consolidated  calendar     Blogs      Forms  *     Idea  Storm      Excel  services  *     Wikis     Tasks     Projects   Na@ve  in  SP     Feeds     Search  across  both  SP  &  EES      Documents      Workflow  &  approvals      Forms     SP  Features  Replaced  by  EES™     Mysite     Notepad     Blogs     Wikis   Ac5ve  Directory  -­‐  Single  Sign-­‐On   SharePoint  Groups  Synch   6
    • DEMO© 2010 Moxie Software Confidential 7