Making Health Care Providers Social: KP's Enterprise 2.0 Adoption

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Presentation given by Miles Appel, Executive Director internal Web Capabilities at Kaiser Permanente and Gia Lyons, Director Strategic Conswulting at Jive Software at Enterprise 2.0 San Francisco …

Presentation given by Miles Appel, Executive Director internal Web Capabilities at Kaiser Permanente and Gia Lyons, Director Strategic Conswulting at Jive Software at Enterprise 2.0 San Francisco 2009.

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  • 1. Making Health Care Providers Social: KP’s Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Miles Appel, Executive Director Internal Web Capabilities, Kaiser Permanente Gia Lyons, Director Strategic Consulting, Jive Software
  • 2. Kaiser Permanente’s Mission Provide high-quality, affordable P id hi h lit ff d bl health care services to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. Page 2
  • 3. About Kaiser Permanente  8 6 million members 8.6 illi b  14,600 physicians  167,000+ employees  9 states, Washington, DC  35 h hospitals/medical centers it l / di l t  431 medical office buildings Page 3
  • 4. A Complex Organization Care Delivery Hospital Operations Health Plan Capabilities Health Not for Profit / For Profit Page 4
  • 5. KP Culture Passionate about our mission Tremendous institutional knowledge Preference for consensus Preference Think nationally, act regionally Page 5
  • 6. KP IdeaBook Genesis  The Innovation and Advanced Technology (IAT) g group proposed the KP IdeaBook concept to our CIO pp p p (Phil Fasano) in July 2008.  Three k d i i f Th key driving forces b hi d th id behind the ideas: 1. Internal Networking: to connect the many like-minded innovators with similar ideas 2. Resource Discovery: to create a robust network of KP people who can help individuals find the resources needed to bring smart ideas to life 3. Diffusion of Innovation: to more broadly spread successful ideas and innovations Page 6
  • 7. The Sidney R Garfield Healthcare Innovation Center The Garfield Innovation Center is a living laboratory where ideas are tested and solutions are developed p in a hands-on, mocked-up clinical environment.  Many aspects of delivering health care are innovated and examined using real-world scenarios and activities, such as simulations, technology testing, p prototyping, p yp g, product evaluations, and training. , g Page 7
  • 8. Identified Business Value Improve the ability for KP employees and p y physicians to connect, collaborate, and deliver , , Facilitate collective knowledge sharing across communities of practice and interest  Extend sharing beyond existing boundaries  Speed time for adoption of successful practices Increase employee productivity and help employees do their job better Increase employee satisfaction p y Page 8
  • 9. Jive Software: Accelerated Time to Business Value Easy up and on y p  Enterprise SaaS, SSO, technical design Business best practices consulting  Learnings from similar Jive clients, adoption planning Rollout deliverables  Advocate program, help community, strategic group on- boarding Page 9
  • 10. From Pilot to Roll-Out  Garfield Center for Innovation September 2008  Jan 2009 Internal Web Capability team chartered to make Operational: Technical Readiness Operational Readiness Communication Plan Single Sign-On Staffing Model Viral only – 10 months Creation Advocate Program Application Configuration Execution Plug-in selection Key Leader Participation Support Model Brand Compliance p Corporate Communication p Support Community S tC it Infrastructure on Demand Region x Region Help Desk Targeted Leadership Compliance Case Studies Social Media Guidelines Breadth Legal Depth Page 10
  • 11. KP IdeaBook – The Movie
  • 12. KP IdeaBook Today Generally high acceptance with few obstacles Steady viral growth St d i l th  900 new members/month with no communication  2,000 new members/month with “targeted” communication Viewers  75% respond to and/or create p Responders content (as of Oct 1, 2009) Creators Partnership with Jive important  Multiple releases completed  Collaboration on overall roadmap  Customized analytics reports Page 12
  • 13. Roadmap  Base package  Early enhancements / configurations  Trends What we are using What’s coming Still to come …  Social Network  Analytics / Dashboards  Portal Integration  Blogs  Email plug-in  Video / Vlogs  Status Updates  Microblogging  High-fidelity images (Xrays)  Discussions  Forms generator  Private conversations  Search  Document collaboration  Dr. and Attorney  Tags  Pick your blog  Polls  Lobbies  Surveys - External  Surveys - Internal Page 13
  • 14. Work In Progress CIO Blog Case Studies  Thrive Lobby  Affinity Groups  Sustainability  Body, Mind and Spirit  Orthopedic Journal Club  Social Network Analysis Page 14
  • 15. Leadership is Critical "We started with a solid “I'm proud that Kaiser Permanente understanding of how organizational decided early on to be leaders not leaders, communications should flow. This laggers, in social media. From our was critical to sponsoring the media managers tweeting pitches; to strategy that ultimately yielded the launching Facebook fan page and a user adoption and excitement we YouTube channel; to more than were driving for." 8,000 KP employees embracing our new internal social media platform, "Kaiser Permanente's strong KP IdeaBook, before it was even IdeaBook executive support and commitment promoted, we are cementing our to implementing innovative, best position as innovators in this area.” practices in patient care and communication made introducing Diane G Gage-Lofgren, SVP f S Brand Strategy, Communications, and new tools like Jive easy to adopt in Public Relations our organization.“ Carl Eberling, SVP C l Eb li Business Infrastructure Page 15
  • 16. Advice Find the path of least resistance and let it happen  Early adopters y p  Stated need Stakeholder management  Who has your back?  Who can stand in your way and how will you educate them? Risk identification / mitigation Risk Accept “good enough” Iterate Iterate Listen It is not about the technology t s ot t e tec o ogy Page 16
  • 17. User Success Stories We were able to transition our monthly e-mail newsletter for the large community of marketers and communicators across Kaiser Permanente into a community blog on KP IdeaBook. Since launching in April, we have more than 100 members in our group…numerous blog posts and a good level of commenting and discussion. Overall I personally am finding it to be a great deal more timely, time-efficient and dynamic than the traditional monthly newsletter. Jeanne Hughes Communications Director My VP asked me to disseminate and support … "Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning" …we started using IdeaBook …now we're seeing high membership growth, views of the documents, and knowledge sharing across regions. Luis E. Cuadros WBT Training & Support Page 17
  • 18. User Success Stories I now use Google AND KP IdeaBook when searching for best practices …”someone, somewhere in the company is thinking of the exact same thing and you need at least 2 minds to leverage and create synergy Alex J Easton Consulting Services, KPCO Strategic Planning Page 18
  • 19. Questions?