SugarCRM for Partner Relationship Management (PRM)


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  • Define what PRM is and emphasize why it is so important
  • Discuss who might use PRM. This ranges from manufacturers and distributors to software publishers and any other business that sells through a channel or through brokers or representatives. Why is PRM important? Because companies who derive a significant revenue stream from channel sales need to manage the channel partners, mutual accounts, and joint sales efforts.
  • Don’t spend much time on this slide – I just wanted to highlight the fact that there are very few legitimate options available for PRM in the midmarket and highlight the fact that we use SugarCRM ourselves internally for PRM.
  • Discuss use of Account Type to segment accounts in Sugar CRM – this is pretty basic stuff.
  • Discuss the fact that this approach allows channel sales companies to track everything the same with a simple association of the prospect or customer records to the partner records.
  • Highlight the fact that we track product lines carried by our partners (including competitive product lines) which is nice for recruitment and targeted marketing for channel development.
  • All contacts and communication are stored in SugarCRM for the partner account and all activities that occur for their associated customers and prospects.
  • Show how easy it is for us to link customers and prospects to partner accounts. Discuss the fact that they can use SugarCRM for virtually any PRM requirement or need.
  • Show how this opportunity has been created for the customer or prospect but the contacts on the opportunity include both the prospect and the associated sales rep at the partner account.
  • Discuss the fact that SugarCRM is a native cloud-based application making it a snap to deploy forms, information, and anything a company might need to share with their channel partners online in a secured environment.
  • The screen shots here show how we’ve identified accounts that represent Brooks Instruments. These are distributors of Brooks nationwide who we are targeting as partners to resell our e2b calibration services.
  • SugarCRM for Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

    1. 1. SUGAR CRM FOR PARTNER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (PRM) January 2, 2012 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM EST by Josh Baileye2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
    2. 2. Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Partner relationship management (PRM) is a system of methodologies, strategies, software, and web-based capabilities that help a vendor to manage partner relationships. The general purpose of PRM is to enable vendors to better manage their partners through the introduction of reliable systems, processes and procedures for interacting with them. Web-based PRM systems typically include a Content Management System, a partner and customer contact database, and the notion of a partner portal which allows partners to login and interact with a vendors sales opportunity database and obtain product, pricing, and training information.e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
    3. 3. Why PRM? Who? • Manufacturers who sell through Distributors, Brokers, Dealers, or Reps • Software Publishers & IT Firms who sell through VAR Channels • Distributors who sell through Agents or Brokers • Any business that relies on third party sales of their products or services Why? • Collaborative sales processes • Channel communications • Lead registration • Collaborative sales forecasts • Content management • Partner recruitment • Partner enablemente2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
    4. 4. PRM Market • There are few options available for companies who sell through channels • Most major PRM solutions are too expensive for smaller businesses • SugarCRM does not natively provide PRM functionality…however… e2b teknologies has leveraged the native flexibility of SugarCRM to create a PRM system with minimal customization. We use this system today to manage our channel partners, joint sales opportunities, communications, and recruitment. We are going to build out additional PRM functionality so that other companies like ours have an affordable option to tier one CRM solutions.e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
    5. 5. Demonstration Live Demonstratione2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
    6. 6. Partner vs. Customer Accounts • Define Account Type as Customer, Partner, or Any Other Type Needed (Can define Different Types of Partnerships) • Use the Account Type as a Filter to find Account, Contact, and Opportunity Recordse2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
    7. 7. Partner Account Type • Utilize Out of the Box features in SugarCRM • Same communication • Same opportunities • Same documents • Same contacts • Same everything • Partner Look-Up Field Added to Account Record for Customers/Prospects • Define relationship between Partners and mutual customers/prospects • Relationship field is validated against a list of all Partner Account records in SugarCRM • Use this field for searches, dashboards, reports, marketing campaigns, etc.e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
    8. 8. Partner Record in SugarCRM •Partner Account Information •What Product Lines Do They Carry (Yours & Competitors)e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
    9. 9. Partner Contacts & Communication • We use Functions/Roles to target marketing to channel partner contacts • Identify which contacts at your partners are responsible for sales, presales, marketing, support, training, etc. • Track all channel marketing and communications against your partners in SugarCRMe2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
    10. 10. Joint Customers/Prospects • Identify the assigned or registered partner for a customer or a prospect • Run reports for customers and prospects for each channel partner • Support cases by partner account • Sales opportunities by partner account • Win/Loss Analysis by partner accounte2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
    11. 11. Opportunity Management • Manage opportunities by customer/prospect • Associate partner sales contacts with the opportunity • Communicate with all contacts – customer/prospect and the partner sales repe2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
    12. 12. Partner Portal • e2b teknologies is in the early stages of deploying our own Partner Portal • SugarCRM has built out its own Partner Portal using their own system • You can do virtually anything you need with SugarCRM to manage Partners Onlinee2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
    13. 13. What Else Can You Do with SugarCRM? • Support Cases by Partner Account • Automated workflow and messaging for partners • Track new partner recruitment activities and campaigns • Segment & target partners who carry competitive products • Anything your little heart desires!e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
    14. 14. We also… We also develop other business to business solutions for the cloud and resell ERP software. Some of our applications include: And More!e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
    15. 15. Summary • There are few affordable PRM solutions available on the market today • SugarCRM can be quickly and easily configured to support basic and more advanced PRM capabilities at a fraction of the cost of higher-end systems • e2b teknologies has converted SugarCRM into a PRM solution – we can help your organization do the same Questions? Josh Bailey 440.352.4700 x249e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
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