How to segment your SugarCRM database for taregeted marketing
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How to segment your SugarCRM database for taregeted marketing






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  • The reasons for wanting to target a message at a specific audience seem pretty obvious at first. After all, the very nature of marketing and public relations is the desire to tailor messages at the specific audiences their intended to reach. However, upon closer inspection you will notice that there are not only inherent benefits to a targeted message, but there are even dangers to not targeting your message.Let’s work through what Einstein might have called a “thought experiment.”
  • Let’s imagine you’re a manufacturer of banners, buttons, signs, emblems and such, and one of your primary customers are political campaigners. You have several of these customers that campaign for (click) republican candidates and several that campaign for (click) democrat candidates, as well as other parties.Once a month you have special promotions and discounts on certain products, and you promote these discounts by emailing your customers and prospects. However, the email your sending has several pictures of sample products, and much of your email’s text has a political slant. So, you wouldn’t want to send your republican campaigners an email with pictures of signs advertising democrat candidates, or you wouldn’t want to send your democrats emails with a republican bias. To get even more granular, let’s say that at the beginning of every political season the bulk of your campaign signs will represent four different republican candidates and four democrat candidates. In your emails, you want to not only send your audience a message that reflects their political party, but you want it to reflect their candidate as well.
  • To do this, you would keep a (click) database… of all your customers and prospects (click), and within these contact records you would have fields that log the person’s political party (click), such as democrat, republican, green party, communist etc., and you would have fields that log their (click) voting trends, who they voted for in the last elections, etc. By using a CRM system to keep track of all your contacts preferences, habits, demographics, or any other criteria you can think of, you can segment your contact database on this criteria, ensuring these people are receiving a message they want to hear.
  • People pay attention to information that they want to hear. That’s obvious. If you send someone a message that reflects their interests and wants, there is a much greater chance that they will interact and engage with you and your business. On the reverse side, people will try to block you out if you bombard them with information that is not relevant to them. This is an area where segmenting your audience becomes critical, because for every one person who receives a message that they find irrelevant, that is one more potential opt-out. And every opt-out is one less person hearing anything from you at all, permanently, even if it’s future information that might pertain to them.
  • Now, to understand how SugarCRM segments it’s contacts, you must first understand how Sugar logs its contacts. Like most CRM systems, Sugar keeps its contacts broken into a separate module that is composed of several fields. Unlike many CRM systems, these fields can be completely customized and added as you wish. (click) You can add as many fields as you want, based on any criteria you want, and displayed in the layout exactly how you want. There several types of fields you can create in a sugar module, such as an address, checkbox, currency, date, drop down menu, multi-select, HTML, iFrame, image, URL, and plenty more. To segment this specific information into targeted lists that can be individually marketed to, SugarCRM uses its reporting capabilities (click). Reports can segment any information, from any modules, and any field, custom made or out of the box. No matter how complex your criteria, or how customized your modules, Sugar will segment your database exactly how you specify, leaving you with target lists that contain highly niched and segmented results.
  • “So, now we will walk through exactly how to build a report from within SugarCRM. For this report, we will be segmenting for all of our active SugarCRM customers and prospects in Ohio, pulling out their names, city locations, and emails.”Create report with this criteria:Filter 1.1 - andContacts>Person Status = ActiveContacts>Account>Account Type = Customer, Partner/VAR, ProspectContacts>Email Address>Email Address = Is not emptyContacts>Account>Main Address State = OHFilter 1.1.1 – orContacts>Account>Opportunity>Product Interest = CRM – SugarCRMContacts>Account>CRM Products = SugarCRM – SugarChoose Display Columns:Contacts>NameContacts>Primary Address City“Usually we would also pull the emails of these contacts as well, but for the sake of this broadcasted demo, we’ll keep those hidden to protect their privacy.”Report Name: SugarCRM Customers & Prospects in Ohio
  • Segmenting your CRM database is crucial. It allows you to give contacts the information they want to hear, while increasing interaction with your company and reducing the number of opt-outs with your communications.This can be achieved with SugarCRM, which provides the ability to create highly customizable fields, all of which can be reported on.Your target lists can be built off of your reports, giving you the targeted contacts you need and the information about those contacts needed to send them messages they want to hear.

How to segment your SugarCRM database for taregeted marketing How to segment your SugarCRM database for taregeted marketing Presentation Transcript

  • How to Effectively Segment Your Click to add subtitle SugarCRM Database Presenter Name March 6, 2013 Date of Presentatione2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
  • Today’s Agenda: Importance of segmenting your message to specific audiences How SugarCRM segments your database Live demo: building a report Who is e2b teknologies Summary - Questionse2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
  • Why Target Your Message?e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
  • Thought Experimente2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
  • e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
  • Why Target Your Message? Increase customer and prospect engagement with your business. Reduce the number of opt- outs by giving people what they want to hear.e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
  • How Does SugarCRM do this?e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
  • Using SugarCRM for MarCom Live Demoe2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
  • We also… We also develop business to business solutions for the cloud and resell ERP software. Some of our applications include: And More!e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |
  • Recap of Today’s Webinar • The ability to segment your CRM database is crucial for marketing campaigns and your communications. • SugarCRM is highly customizable and can provided reports on any criteria you desire. • These reports can be used to build target lists that will segment your contacts into groups for highly targeted messages. Questions? Josh Bailey 440.352.4700 x249e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 |