Anytime collect AR credit and collections management software


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Anytime collect AR credit and collections management software

  1. 1. Anytime Collect:How Systems Maintenance ServicesReduced DSO by 40% by Putting A/RCollections on Auto Pilot February 12, 2012 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST by James Mallory
  2. 2. Return On Investment
  3. 3. ROIAs a result of automating collections, companies are realizing: 10 to 20 percent reduction in DSO 25 percent reduction in past due receivables 15 to 25 percent reduction in bad debt reservesIncreased productivity and ability to hold down staffing costsCosts of installing the collection software are recouped in as little as 2 Months andin usually no more than six to nine months. -PayStream Advisors
  4. 4. How Much Could You Save?
  5. 5. Systems Maintenance Services Case Study
  6. 6. Systems Maintenance Services• Partner – Practical Software• 4 collectors in 3 states• Sage 500 ERP – no collections functionality• Decentralized systems & spreadsheets• No management reports• 2,000+ customers• 3,000 invoices monthly
  7. 7. Systems Maintenance Services 32 Years In Business (Founded 1981) 600 Employees 90 Global Service Centers3,100 Enterprise Customers 99.7 Customer Retention Rate 60 % of Dow Jones Customers
  8. 8. Goals & StrategiesGoals: – Implement a measurable collection methodology – Have a better process than Excel lists or alphabetic customer lists – Escalation tracking with readily available history ― Not “digging through emails” to understand history and escalations ― Obtain payment within 30-60 days. ― Target DSO of 55 by the end of 2012.
  9. 9. Systems Maintenance Services•1 Person Contacting Every Customer Account Level 2 •Reaching Hold Situation •Escalation to Management Level 4•Send Statements & Invoices •Research More Complex for Customer Coordination •Customer Hold•Resolve Simple Disputes Disputes •Invoice Write-Off•Very High Ticket Volume •Smaller, Manageable Ticket Volume Level 1 Level 3
  10. 10. Systems Maintenance ServicesBenefits 1. Invoices are all in PDF and readily selectable in e2b 2. Statements generated on the fly 3. Emails sent and received from the software 4. Notes and attachments all in one place 5. History for escalation readily available 6. Advantages gained for history and auditing 7. Collection activities are measurable 8. Using the software to drive measurable and desired results 9. Customer AP contacts readily available 10. Significant reductions in labor related to collections within the first six months of using Anytime Collect
  11. 11. Systems Maintenance ServicesBenefits 11. Reallocation of 50% of one credit manager’s time to other activities 12. Significant reduction in outstanding A/R 13. Increased cash flow 14. Instant access to current account aging, invoices, and payment history 15. CRM-like capabilities to document calls, email, and other activities. 16. Shorten the sale-to-cash cycle time 17. Insight available “to act, instead of react to outstanding accounts.” 18. DSO at 49 days (6 points below targeted goals) 19. Excluding our 2 most difficult customers, DSO is at 40 days 20. Equal and measurable work load between the collections personnel 21. Internal audit…we are prepared 22. Because of the simplistic presentation capabilities of the software, we will soon be publishing AR information into an intranet site to Sales
  12. 12. Systems Maintenance Services67 Original DSO Before Anytime Collect49 New DSO After Anytime Collect40 DSO After Anytime Collect (Excluding 2 Difficult Accounts)40 Percent Reduction in DSO (Excluding 2 Difficult Accounts)27 Days Cash Is In Bank & Not In A/R (Excluding 2 Difficult Accounts)
  13. 13. Systems Maintenance Services Collected More Cash Than They Invoiced in 2012!
  14. 14. Demonstration
  15. 15. About Us• Original Publishers of Sage 500 ERP Manufacturing• 20+ Years Cloud (and premise) business software development experience• Sage 500 Gold Certified Developer• 2011 Sage Development Partner of the Year your success lies not in the products you buy …but in the partners you choose
  16. 16. Pricing & Deployment• Hosted or Premise SQL Database• Purchase or Subscription Pricing• Credit Rep, Sales Rep, Customer Portal Users• Basic, Standard, or Enterprise
  17. 17. Questions James Mallory 440.352.4700