Task 6


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Task 6

  1. 1. Task 6 By Ellie Hawkins
  2. 2. Pop music magazine • I am now going to be researching into my genre of pop. I will be doing this by showing examples of artists, fashion, my genres history etc. to make sure my magazines follows convention for my genre in order to attract my audience.
  3. 3. Typical front cover images I have looked at typical front covers and have also looked on pop music websites such as we love pop to get an idea into the type of celebrities that are promoted though the pop genre. I also did this to find out the type of celebrities that would attract my audience in order to encourage them to buy my magazine. Once finding Pixie Lott on the “we love pop” website I did some research into her type of music and her fan base. I found that pixie Lott many focuses on the pop genre but also incorporates dance, soul, electro and R&B into her music. Although her music seems to contain other music genre’s it still tells me that her styling would attract my audience. From task 5 in my brief pop history I found that more and more pop songs are now branching out to other genres to make them seem fresh and unique in order to attract a wider audience . However I do think the most obvious characteristic of a pop star is their fan base. I have found that Pixie Lott primarily has a female fan base, making her attractive to a female audience thus making me consider a female model for my front cover. Here I can see that a female has been used as the font cover image on a pop magazine. Ariana Grande has featured as a teenage actress on children's programmes such as Nickelodeon but most recently have focused on her music, which I can see from her history is mostly pop. Although Grande is not primarily a music artist she would still attract my audience. This is due to her success in children's programmes making her well known to my audience as someone to aspire to . In this pictures despite her age of 20 she looks quite young and innocent which links in with how the young audience would be preserved, making me consider the way my model would be presented to my audience. This is well-known band called One Direction. They are all in their twenty and also have a target audience of young teens. This is due to their music which very much so relies on its lyrics to appear sympathetic and charming, which stereotypically is seen desirable and attractive to young teenagers. The band are represented in a similar way for example on this front cover they are all wearing suits. This makes them appear grown up and smart which would attract the audience. Therefore when choosing my main image I will consider using a male band who are slightly older than my target audience , giving them something attractive to look at. Justin Bieber is known for being one of the most iconic pop music stars of this century. His music back in 2009 had a feminine style such as “Baby” which had connotations of love sweetness. These are stereotypically females characteristic telling me this target audience is young girls. As his music developed it become more sexy which would appeal to my older audience of 14-16 years old due to them being more aware of the meaning being the lyric thus making Bieber himself appeal attractive and grown up. Therefore this will help me if I was to chose a male model by indicating to me how I should represent this to my audience.
  4. 4. Mise-en-scene From the images I have collected from fellow pop magazines such as we love pop I can see that there is a vast variety of different locations that mages have been taken from. The first thing I noticed is that many of the images have not been taken by professional photographers, but appear to be images of celebrities in their day to day lives, suggesting that they have been taken by paparazzi. However I think this has been done in a way which makes it attractive to the target audience. The images are natural and casual which allows the audience to feel as though the celebrities are normal people , capturing them in perhaps times of embarrassment or laugher ,of which might could happen with your friends or family. This would work well for my magazine as it would l allow me to take natural and casual photos without the pressure of editing them to make them appear glamour. However later on I did notice that some images had been taken by photographers. Many of these images had a white or blank background. I think this is effective as it makes the image standout, making the audience attracted to it due to the models aspiring looks and therefore making them want to continue reading. I these photo’s I can see that Photoshop has been used to make the model appear more glamorous and made up. By doing this is supports my idea of pop magazines being very so money-orientated and materialistic This is because the pop industry does not always focus on the music but the physical appearance of it artist to make it appear attractive to its youthful audience, thus making them want to pick up the magazine to also “learn the secret” into this beauty. Therefore when it comes to taking my photos and then editing them I will make sure that some images look glamour and attractive in this style. As well as this I have noticed that some of the images appear to have been taken by the celebrity themselves, this would be inside the magazine due to the photos initially being published on social networking sites by the celebrities of which the audience would be familiar. As the audience may have seen this image before, due to their stereotypically loving all things social, allows them to feel knowledgeable and familiar into the magazines content , sharing a common interest and therefore making them connected to the magazine. Due to this when it comes to taking my photo’s I will make sure that the style some of my images will be in this fashion by not focusing on lighting or editing but emotions and passion of the models in order for them to look realistic. Professional Natural Taken by celebrities
  5. 5. Clothing My Artists/Models Would Wear Here I will be researching in pop celebrities styles in order to help me when choosing the outfits for my artist/models in order to attract my teenage audience. •When trying to find different clothing images that embodies the pop genre I found it very difficult due to almost all pop celebrities having their own styles, presenting themselves as different and unique from other pop stars . However they all did have a similar characteristic, all their clothing colours such as white, blues, greens etc. all had connotations of happiness and enjoyment. To elaborate I found that almost non of the pop celebrities wore all black , which is associated with darkness and evil or had outrageously bright clothes which would connote immaturity . For example here we see Selena Gomez a typical pop star wearing mostly pastel clothes, showing little skin except her legs which gives her an element of sexiness. This would be expected from a 21 year old due to her being in her primal age of beauty and success which allows her to subtly expose herself without appealing inappropriate. This would attract a younger audience due to them stereotypically wanting to look in this way , therefore if this styling was in my magazine this would attract my audience. •The pastel colours of her outfit connote sweetness and cuteness, characteristic associated with the audience. The audience may also wear pastel colours however due to their age might find it difficult to style therefore they would look towards a famous celebrity (Selena Gomez) in order to help them therefore by selecting clothing items that are sexy yet innocent would attract my audience, giving them idea’s into how they could style themselves. The styling of male pop artists/ bands are some what different . They tent to stay on the professional side, however still maintain a youthfulness which makes the audience feel connected to the magazine due to them being of a similar age. The band members of One direction appear to mirror each others style. In many I have looked at most of the time at least one element of each individuals clothing will be white. White has connotations of purity which is then linked to virginity, a state that I would expect my target audience to be in. I also looking back at the outfit of Selana Gomez she also has the colour white in her outfit, connoting similar things. Therefore when I come to styling my models I will try to incorporate the colour white in their styling, in order to embody the styling of celebrities, which seems to attract my audience.
  6. 6. Make Up Pop Artist Would Wear • • • There are a range of different make-up looks pop artist have due to their individual style, preference and personality which makes them chose certain looks .It appears to me that female and males wear make-up , however they do this for different reasons . I have noticed that female artists try and link their make-up looks with her outfit colours, making it appear classy and stylish, as you can see to your left . The styling of not only music artists but all celebrities are very important as they can make or break the opinion of them from the audience, potentially jeopardise their pupil image . In the current day females who are not only celebrities have a lot of pressure on them to appear attractive, this would cause young girls to look up to music artists/celebrities for advice on how they should wear their make up or clothes. Therefore when I am deciding upon makeup I will make sure it matches their outfit and embodies pop celebrities make-up styles in order to attract my audience. As said previously I noticed that male pop artist also wear make-up. As you can see below, this has only been done to make the male celebrities skin seem unblemished and clear, thus stereotypically making them look more handsome and grown up. It is important to realise that the males make-up is more of a cover up where as the females looks are more for show and effect. Therefore when it comes to styling make-up for my artist/ models I will make sure to focus more on the females looks, rather than the males . To further add on the topic of female pop artists make up, I noticed that most of their looks connote elegance and prettiness. For example Taylor Swift a young pop singer has created a signature look of a red lip and winged eye linger. Although it could be said that the look is quite sexy ,due to the red lip which has connotes seduction , this would still be appreciate for my audience, due to it being counterbalanced by the minimal makeup on her eyes, making her look innocent and almost childlike. By doing this it would attract my audience whilst also creating a unique image . therefore I will consider this when choosing the makeup for my arts/models. Bold and unique make-up Natural and basic
  7. 7. Charts • Here you can see the current top ten charts from MTV , an international recognised music website. I can see from these charts that pop music is a popular genre due to numbers 1,3,7 and 9 all being pop music artists. This is also supported due to the iTunes charts having similar pop artists at the top of its chart. By researching this it suggests to me that the pop genre is not only targeted towards my audience of teenage girls but across different ages, therefore by choosing the genre of pop my music magazine will be successful and popular. As said in task 5 most likely my target audiences parents will be buying my magazine due to them not having the money to buy their own. As the genre of pop is popular this type of magazine would appeal also to their parents, making them more inclined to buy it for their children, thus increasing the sales of my magazine.
  8. 8. interviews What I found on pop stars from their interviews ? From what I have found on the internet I can see that many pop stars such as Taylor swift and little mix primarily appear on well known shows such as chatty man (UK) and Late Show with David Letterman (USA) .This supports the idea of the pop industry and pop stars being popular and mainstream, attracting not only my audience of teenagers but also the general public. Large scale shows like these are watched by many people at one time, driving thousands to watch them every week, therefore for a pop star to feature in one of these shows it is highly beneficial, gaining them not only publicity but also expanding their fan base. As a result of this when it comes to representing my models/artists in my magazine I will try to make their styling similar to current popular pop artist who have featured on these shows to order to make them appear likeable and interesting, therefore attracting my audience to may my magazine. Links to the interviews: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uy_maBHX5E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7_T5LvnVvo
  9. 9. Possible images of people who fit the look of the pop genre Here are some models of which I have chosen to be in my pop music magazine. As you can see they fit into my target audience of teenagers aged 12-16 making them appropriate in my magazine. I hope to use their models in my magazine as rising stars, and as they are teens I hope they are aspiring to my audience, making them want to buy the magazine. I will try and styling these girls like current pop stars, meaning minimal make-up and clothes that connote innocents but coolness but also try to make them unique and attractive such as a bold red lip or a statements pose.
  10. 10. • I will also be using a male model to give my magazine some variety and also to attract my audience which was distinguished in my questionnaire and focus group. My audience said that male models act as eye candy in a magazine which would make them want to purchase it therefore I will be doing this in my magazine. 01/25/14 Male Model