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Business marketing has changed forever. Buyers have changed the way they buy - smart marketers are beginning to changed the way they sell.

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  • They started in 1998 - just 10 short years ago. AOL and Yahoo had a solid head start. AOL and Yahoo were bought up by media Companies who changed their approach. Mass marketing vs a million markets of one. Hunting for customers vs being hunted by customers.
  • Personal computers had 3 stages - games, word processing and spreadsheets & The Internet The Internet has had - email and research, the age of brochureware, Social media (the really big reason to be online)
  • The average person is spending 46% of their free time online.
  • YouTube has more content than all TV networks put together
  • the power of communities
  • The scalability of the internet is like nothing we have ever dealt with.
  • And where is this all going? We’ve only just begun. Web 3.0 is beginning - a whole new wave of even more useful web applications attracting more people to spend more time online. Google’s future looks bright. How’s yours?
  • The key is timing. Even if you have the right person with the right product the buyer must need the product at that moment. We can reach them too early - or too late (after they have purchased a competitor’s product.
  • emarketing Toronto | e10 | Nice Numbers!

    1. 1. 1,000,000,000,000,000 <ul><li>1 trillion - the # of URLs Google is currently indexing </li></ul>Source: The Official Google Blog www.e10egency.com
    2. 2. 5,000,000,000,000 <ul><li>5 Billion - the # of minutes spent of Facebook every day </li></ul>Source: Facebook.com/statistics www.e10egency.com
    3. 3. 3,600,000,000,000 <ul><li>3.6 Billion - the # of photos archived on Flickr.com as of June 09 </li></ul>Source: eMarketer Daily www.e10egency.com
    4. 4. 100,000,000, <ul><li>one hundred million - the # YouTUBE videos watched every day </li></ul>EVERY DAY! www.e10egency.com
    5. 5. 200,000,000 <ul><li>two hundred million - the # of Facebook accounts as of April 14, 2009 </li></ul>Source: Facebook.com/statistics www.e10egency.com
    6. 6. 350,000,000 <ul><li>three hundred and fifty million - the # of Facebook accounts as of Dec 1, 2009 </li></ul>http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics#/press/info.php?statistics www.e10egency.com
    7. 7. 83% B2B Buyers Found Their Vendor Online In 2007 Source: EnQuiro/Zoominfo/Marketing Sherpa / SSI Survey 2007 www.e10egency.com
    8. 8. www.e10egency.com
    9. 9. 32% increase Search continues to grow! Source: blog.compete.com www.e10egency.com
    10. 10. The consumer has changed the way he/she buys. Have you changed the way you sell? www.e10egency.com