Collazo first grade parent orientation website slide 2013 to 2014


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First Grade Parent Orientation Presentation for the
2013 to 2014 School Year

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  • Collazo first grade parent orientation website slide 2013 to 2014

    2. 2. Class Schedule 7:45-8:00 Morning Routines 8:00-8:30 Rise & Shine 8:35-9:20 Rotation 9:25-10:25 Whole Group Reading/Language Arts 10:25-10:50 Science/Social Studies 10:55-11:15 Recess 11:21-11:51 Lunch 11:56-12:05 Science/Social Studies (continued) 12:05-1:05 Guided Reading 1:05-2:05 Guided Math 2:05-2:30 Math Review 2:30-2:45 Clean-up & Prepare for Dismissal
    3. 3. Attendance • Students are to wait in the First Grade hallway until the first bell rings. Classrooms open at 7:40 a.m. School begins promptly at 7:45 a.m. • Tardies will be after the 7:45 a.m. Bell. • First Grade dismissal begins at 2:45 p.m.
    4. 4. Attendance Regular attendance is expected by all Ralph Langley Elementary students. If your child is absent please send a note in their Daily Folder with the date and reason for the absence. The following are excused: • Personal illness • Death in the family • Extenuating circumstances acceptable to the principal. Please note when a student’s absence exceeds three consecutive days, a doctors excuse must be provided.
    5. 5. From the NISD homepage,, click the Parent Connection Link
    6. 6. LOBO Daily Take Home Folder • • • • • • • • Homework Pocket- for homework LOBO Pocket- for notes or lunch money Behavior Sleeve- for daily behavior log Schedule Sleeve- for Class Schedule, Early Release and Party Schedule Spelling Sleeve- for studying spelling words Reading Sleeve- for reading log Reference Sleeve- for school & contact info. Completed Work Pocket- for weekly graded work
    7. 7. Langley Lobo Expectations Be Respectful 1. Stays on task 2. Works well with others Be Responsible 3. Treats others with respect 4. Listens and follows directions Be Safe 5. Follows school and classroom rules Be Prepared 6. Completes work in a reasonable time. 7. Accepts and fulfills responsibilities
    8. 8. Langley Behavior Chart Check your child’s behavior chart daily. If your child stays on green, the dated box will be blank, or have a sticker or stamp. Please sign daily indicating you’ve read their chart. Unmet Expectations Step 1: Verbal Reminder Step 2: Student moves clip or card to yellow as a warning. Students can move back to green if behavior improves. *Warnings will be indicated in behavior chart, but not deducted as a point. Step 3: Student moves to red and lose a point off of their behavior grade. Step 4: Parent Contacted if behavior escalates. Step 5: Office referral possible.
    9. 9. Office Referrals • Persistent misbehaviors can result in a behavior ticket (Langley write up). You will be contacted by the teacher and the child will speak with an administrator. • Three behavior tickets regarding the same behavior or serious misbehaviors result in a district office referral.
    10. 10. Conduct Grades Work habits and citizenship grades on the report card will be determined by the following number of marks received during each nine weeks. Pre-K – 2nd Grade E= 0-5 Marks S= 6-10 Marks N= 11-14 Marks U= 15+ Marks
    11. 11. Rewards Verbal praise, encouragement, tangible rewards, and positive notes.
    12. 12. General Promotion Requirements • Read and comprehend previously unseen text at ending 1st grade level • Work on grade level in mathematics • Demonstrate most of the first grade state standards (TEKS) in reading and math or be expected to do so early in the next school year
    13. 13. NORTHSIDE ISD AND STATE PROMOTION REQUIREMENTS • Students must meet NISD requirements to be promoted to second grade. • Students not meeting requirements may be retained in first grade or be placed into second grade. • Students reading at Level G may be placed into second grade.
    14. 14. First Grade Reading Levels • 1st 9 Weeks: Level C • 2nd 9 Weeks: Levels D-E • 3rd 9 Weeks: Levels F-G • 4th 9 Weeks: Levels H-I * Students must be reading at the last listed level for that 9 weeks to be on-level.
    15. 15. FIRST GRADE REPORT CARD Students will receive a report card every nine weeks. Grades are recorded as E, S, N, or U for all subjects and Citizenship grades; PE, Art, and Music assign their own grades. Reading levels will be indicated as well
    16. 16. First Grade Grading Policy • Grades will be recorded for your view in the Parent Connection weekly. • The grading scale is as follows: – E: 90-100 – S: 75-89 – N: 70-74 – U: 69 and below * Students are given ample time to complete work. If a student continually does not finish work, it will be sent home to be completed. The maximum grade on that work is 70%.
    17. 17. Mrs. Collazo’s Contact Information Conference Time 8:35-9:20 am Phone Number 397-0150 ext. 3154 Email Address