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  • 1. James Fenimore Cooper In 1824, when no candidate received the majority in the Electoral College, this decided the presidential election.
  • 2. House of Representatives As Secretary of State he was considered a “Bulldog among Spaniels,” but as president he possessed almost none of the arts of a politician.
  • 3. John Q. Adams The purpose of THIS was to reward political supporters with public office.
  • 4. Spoils System The “South Carolina Exposition,” written by John C. Calhoun, was an argument for ______ in reaction to the _______
  • 5. States’ Rights, Tariff This stated that the President could use the army and navy to collect federal tariff duties.
  • 6. Force Bill of 1833 In order to assimilate into white society, this tribe became planters, owned slaves, adopted agricultural lives, owned property and developed a written constitution.
  • 7. Cherokee With this action, Jackson expanded presidential power tremendously.
  • 8. Veto of Bank Re-charter The adoption of a written party platform was an innovation in this presidential election.
  • 9. 1832 Presidential Election Texans won their independence as a result of the victory over Mexican armies at this battle.
  • 10. Battle of San Jacinto A hierarchical political organization, often controlled through patronage or spoils, where professional workers deliver large blocs of voters to preferred candidates.
  • 11. Political Machine Campaigns for voluntary commitment to moderation or total abstinence in the consumption of liquor.
  • 12. Temperance Irish Immigrants, who were mostly Catholic, stayed in the cities along the eastern seaboard for this reason.
  • 13. Poverty prevented them from moving west. This group of immigrants left their homeland to escape economic hardships and autocratic government; they prospered with ease.
  • 14. Germans Fear and opposition to open immigration; the favoring of native-born Americans.
  • 15. Nativism Father of the Factory System in the US
  • 16. Samuel Slater An establishment for the manufacturing of goods, including buildings and substantial machinery.
  • 17. Factory This was the end result of the development of the cotton gin.
  • 18. Expansion of Slavery Inventor of the telegraph and Morse Code.
  • 19. Samuel F. B. Morse This group endorsed the concept of a supreme being who created the universe and is like a clock maker.
  • 20. Deists This was deemed essential for social stability and democracy.
  • 21. Tax-Supported Education An organization of workers usually wage-earning workers- to promote the interests and welfare of its members, often by collective bargaining with employers.
  • 22. Labor Union An organized work stoppage by employees in order to obtain better wages, working conditions, and so on.
  • 23. Strike It was thought that too much learning would injure this group’s brains and ruin their health.
  • 24. Women A toll road.
  • 25. Turnpike Later descendants or subsequent generations.
  • 26. Posterity She is known for prison and asylum reform.
  • 27. Dorothea Dix Author of the Leatherstocking Tales which included the Last of the Mohicans .