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The high and late middle ages review game

The high and late middle ages review game






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    The high and late middle ages review game The high and late middle ages review game Presentation Transcript

    • Because of loss of records, it can be best estimated that the Black Plague isresponsible for the deaths of 1/3 to 2/3 of the European population between 1347-1351.This was roughly _____ - _____ total deaths.
    • 25 - 50 million
    • Although there was never an official truce,the outcome of the Hundred Years War was a ___________ victory.
    • French victory
    • ___________ was a ruler from Normandy, France. He invaded England in 1066 andbecame the king of England. This is known as the Norman Conquest.
    • William the Conqueror akaWilliam of Normandy
    • Due to his hatred for the English andmotivated by revenge, ____________led the Scottish in a revolution for independence from the English.
    • William Wallace
    • The Crusades were a series of expeditions to take back the “Holy Land” of Palestine and the city of ____________ from the Muslims.
    • Jerusalem
    • The _____ was a court held by the Church used to suppress heretics.
    • Inquisition
    • The Battle of Crecy during the Hundred Years War was important because it saw the first use of ______________ on the European battlefield.
    • Cannons
    • After being excommunicated, King John of England was forced to pay a yearly fine to the Church. As a result, he levied heavy taxes on his people. The people rebelled and forced King John to sign the _________.
    • Magna Carta-it stated the king was not all powerful and had to obey the law
    • Joan of Arc led the French army at the Siege of __________. This marked a turning point in the Hundred Years War and inspired the French to victory.
    • Orleans
    • The Hundred Years War was started and fought primarily over ________. (cause)
    • The controversy over succession- English claims to the French throne or territory.
    • The long effort to take back the country of Spain from the Moors (Muslims) following the Crusades was known as ______.
    • The Reconquista
    • The 3rd Crusade is significant because; even though the Crusaders lost, _____________negotiated with Muslim leader Saladin to allow Christian pilgrims access to Jerusalem.
    • King Richard the Lionhearted
    • 2 Points EachBreak down and explain in detail, the nursery rhyme, “Ring Around the Rosy”.
    • Ring around the rosy: rosary beads give you Gods help or possibly the round, bruising marks left on the bodies. A pocket full of posies: used to stop the odor of rotting bodies which was at one point was thought to cause the plague, it was also used widely by doctors to protect them from the infected plague patients.Ashes, ashes: the church burned the dead when burying them became to laborious. We all fall down: dead.