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Russia review Russia review Presentation Transcript

  • Review Game
  •  Russia is the world’s largest country. Russia and its Republics cover roughly ________ of the earth’s land surface area.
  •  1/6
  •  Under Joseph Stalin in the 1930’s and 1940’s, millions of people who were deemed “enemies of the state” were executed or sent to the _____________________, or prison camps, in Siberia.
  •  Gulags
  •  After the Revolution in 1917, Russia then organizes a diverse population of peoples in the Russian empire and forms the USSR or ___________________ of _________________ _________________ __________________.
  •  Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  •  The________________ are the naturalboundary that separates Europe from Asia.
  •  Ural Mountains
  •  In 1986, disaster struck when a nuclear reactor melted down in a power plant in _____________________, Ukraine. Theresulting explosion and fire sent radioactive material into the atmosphere.
  •  Chernobyl
  •  __________________________ is the largest and deepest freshwater lake in the world. It is over one mile deep!
  •  Lake Baikal
  •  Name this building:
  •  The Kremlin Russia’s center for government.
  •  _______% of Russians live in Western or European Russia.
  •  75%
  •  Following the collapse of the USSR, the small republic of __________ remained under Russian control. The people in this region differ ethnically and spiritually from Russians. Many people have taken arms and have been fighting Russian occupation, yearning for their independence.
  •  Chechnya
  • Eastern Russia, more commonly known as________________ consists of approximately 77% of the land but only 25% of the people live there.
  •  Siberia
  •  Under the reign of Czar Nicholas II, the people of Russia were afraid the czar wasbecoming too influenced by ___________, an uneducated, mystic, holy man.
  •  Grigori Rasputin
  •  The leader of the Bolshevik party that overthrew the Russian government in 1917was named ______________________. After his death in 1924, his body was preserved and put on public display.
  •  Vladimir Lenin
  •  Infamous for being the 8th and last ruler of the Soviet Union before its collapse in 1991.
  •  Mikhail Gorbachev