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Midterm review game1

  1. 1.  African slaves were originally brought to the New World to work on _____ plantations.
  2. 2. Sugar
  3. 3.  40% of the African continent is covered by ____.
  4. 4.  Savannas or Grasslands
  5. 5.  During the Renaissance, their was a renewed interest in Greek and Roman cultures and an emphasis on human achievement. This was known as _________.
  6. 6.  Humanism or Humanities Humanist educators STRESSED the following: liberal arts, rhetoric and physical education
  7. 7.  The second leg of the Triangular Trade is often referred to as ________________________.
  8. 8.  The Middle Passage
  9. 9.  A new view of human beings that emphasized individual ability and worth emerged in the Renaissance. A well-rounded, universal person that was capable of achievements in many areas of life was known as a(n) __________.
  10. 10.  Renaissance Man Leonardo da Vinci was perhaps the best example of a Renaissance Man. He was apainter, sculptor, architect, inventor, and mathematician.
  11. 11.  John Calvin believed in _______ or that it is already written that you will be going to heaven or hell.
  12. 12.  PredestinationHe also believed in foreknowledge in whichGod knows everything you will do in your lifewhich was different than Martin Luther’s idea of salvation through faith.
  13. 13.  Many African societies are matrilineal, meaning that ____.
  14. 14.  Family history and descent was traced through the mother’s side of the family.
  15. 15.  As a response to his issues with Catholicism, especially the selling of indulgences, Martin Luther came of with _______ or complaints he had with the Catholic Church.
  16. 16.  95 Theses He used the printing presscreated by Gutenberg to mass produce his ideas and thennailed them to the doors of all the churches.
  17. 17.  With the help of the pope, the __________ was drafted to help divide the Spanish and Portuguese empires in the New World.
  18. 18.  Treaty of Tordesillas
  19. 19.  Before being conquered by Cortez, these people were known for a rich culture andcomplex mythological and religious traditions, as well as reaching remarkable architecturaland artistic accomplishments. The capital city of Tenochtitlan had around 200,000 – 300,000residents, making it one of the largest cities in the world.  Who were they?
  20. 20.  The Aztecs-The Aztecs had such a remarkable society. Sadly, the culture no longer exists since through war, famine, slaughter and the lack of immunity to disease caused the people to become extinct.
  21. 21.  ________ was the greatest ruler of the kingdom of Mali. He was a devout Muslimand based his justice system on the Quran.He made the hajj to Mecca and brought back Islamic education and technology.
  22. 22.  Mansa Musa
  23. 23.  He was the first explorer to make it around the tip of Africa and sail all the way to the east! (India) He was not welcome in port, but when he came back, he was able to fill his boats with spices, rare silks and gems.  Once they returned to Portugal, they sold them for 60x what the trip had cost him!
  24. 24.  Vasco da Gama The 27,000 mile trip was not just a profitable success, it was significant as the Portuguese had found the trade route to Asia.
  25. 25. The country of Japan is a(n) ________, or chain of islands, about 100 miles off the Asian mainland and east of the Korean peninsula.
  26. 26. ArchipelagoThe geography hashelped isolate andprotect Japan at thesame time, thuscreating a uniqueculture.
  27. 27.  This English King he tried to divorce his wife! When he did, he unknowingly became a reformer. In fact, he ended up trying to dissolve all Catholicism in England. In the Act of Supremacy, he made himself the head of his own church! He demanded everyone accept his reforms or else be executed for treason!
  28. 28.  King Henry VIIIKing Henry even had hisfriend and archbishopThomas More beheadedfor not accepting hisreforms and the Act ofSupremacy!!!
  29. 29.  Due to migrations over thousands of years, many African peoples speak a variety languages deriving from a single, common language. That language was known as _____.
  30. 30.  Bantu
  31. 31. The Incans did not have an official writingsystem, instead, they used ____ or a system of knotted rope or string.
  32. 32. Quipu
  33. 33.  European traders wanted to control the_____, the islands of Southeast Asia because the spice trade was enormously profitable.
  34. 34.  Moluccas
  35. 35.  What was the purpose of the Council of Trent?
  36. 36.  To reaffirm traditional Catholic teachings were correct as opposed to Protestant ideas.  Any ideas that conflicted with Catholic ways of thinking were considered heresy.