Around the world in 80 days Project


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Around the world in 80 days Project

  2. 2. CONGRATULATIONS! You have been appointed to the GaiaFoundation’s international research team. The goal of the Gaia Foundation is to researchcultural and biological diversity across theworld in an effort to create awareness andpromote respectful relationships from cultureto culture and harmony with nature. You are being given a commission of 80 daysand enough money to complete your task tojourney anywhere in the world.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES Your mission is to document places across theglobe in specific areas that we have studiedthroughout the coursework of World Geography atCreekside High School. On your journey, you will investigate, research andcollect data in a “diary”, describing the details ofphysical geography, human geography and issuesof the region that you would encounter in yourtravels. Upon completion of your journey, you will submityour research to the foundation director, Mr. Carn,in a presentation format.
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES We at the Foundation look forward to working withyou on this project. Please take a moment to peruse the instructionson the following slides for a more detailedexplanation of your responsibilities.Sincerely,Mr. Carn
  5. 5.  Please visit each one of the following places,regions, countries or continents that werecovered in class:TOPICS COVERED IN CLASS
  7. 7.  You may visit specific areas within eachcountry, region or continent. Please choose several if you want! (onlyone is required) Provide a reason as to why you would visitthese places as well as some facts aboutthe specific area.PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY
  8. 8.  Please explainwhy you wouldwant to visitcertain places. Is the region play animportant role? Is it culturallysignificant? Explain! See examples to theright. I would want to visit the RockyMountains because I love the snow andI always wanted to try snow boarding. I would want to visit the RockyMountains because I have never beenand I have never seen snow. I would want to visit the RockyMountains because they are beautifuland I would to hike them.PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY
  9. 9.  The Rocky Mountains: The largest mountain range in theUnited States, the Rockies run 3,000miles from Alaska to New Mexico Relatively young: 80 million years old Less erosion means rugged, 12,000-foot, snow-covered peaks. The Rocky Mountains are the mostsignificant physical geography andattract millions of people a year tosnow ski, hike or bask in their majestyUNITED STATES PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHYPlease describe the physical geography and tellwhy it may be significant to the specific region.-Fun Facts and “Did You Know ?” are always greatuse.
  11. 11.  Please provide anelement of HumanGeography thatyou would like toexperience in eachlocation. Why would you want toexperience this? Why is this unique? Explain! See examples to the right. I would want to visit Venice, Italy duringthe annual Carnival celebration. It lookslike it would be an awesome party andcertainly an experience of a lifetime. I would want to see a Russian ballet.Ballets in Russia are the mostextraordinary plays and a must see! I would want to hang out with theAborigines for the day and learn theirculture. I want to learn how to play thedidgeridoo. The Aborigines areinteresting people and a very uniqueculture.HUMAN GEOGRAPHY
  12. 12. • The Aborigines are theAustralian natives thathad been living there forthousands of yearsbefore the firstEuropeans came toAustralia in the 1600’s.• They arrived thereabout 40,000 years agofrom southern Asia.THE FIRST AUSTRALIANS
  13. 13.  Provide an issue facing the region andhow you would help in the struggle,conflict, or issue. Provide the issue, why you chose it, howyou would help and also some factsregarding the issue.ISSUES IN ________
  14. 14.  Please provide anissue facing theregion in eachlocation. Why would did you chooseto this issue? How are you going tohelp? Explain! See examples to the right. I would want to help Africa’s HIVproblem. More people are affected byHIV/AIDS in Africa and I would helpbring awareness to the disease to tryand help solve the problem. I would want to help solve the issues ofDrug Trafficking from Latin America tothe United States. Drugs are one of thegreatest problems facing our countryand it needs to stop at the source. Iwould assist the Drug EnforcementAgency (DEA) by travelling as anundercover agent in Mexico andarresting cartel members.HUMAN GEOGRAPHY
  15. 15. DRUG TRADE Mexican and Columbian drugcartels generate around $39billion a year in revenue. Mexican cartels are currentlyconsidered the "greatestorganized crime threat" to theUnited States. Though many efforts have beenmade to stop drug trafficking, itsseems the business is toolucrative to ever eliminate itcompletely.
  16. 16.  There are 10 topicscovered throughout theyear. Go back to these topicsand powerpoints toreview information. Extended andindependent researchmay have to be done tocomplete each section. Make presentationclean, fun andinteresting by using funfacts and pictures! DO NOT copy and pastefrom Mr. Carn’spowerpoints. This willresult in a massivereduction in your grade! Powerpoints are providedso you can generate ideasand then complete yourown research. When finished, pleaseupload your project toeLearning or provide a linkyour project. You may also e-mail Mr.Carn your final draft.FINAL PROJECT