Emmanuel On Weed Cigarettes And Cigars
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Emmanuel On Weed Cigarettes And Cigars






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Emmanuel On Weed Cigarettes And Cigars Emmanuel On Weed Cigarettes And Cigars Presentation Transcript

  • Emmanuel On weed cigarettes and cigars In this Presentation I will show you how weed and cigarettes are bad for you.
    • Cigarette companies are greedy but there greed got them so far it is crazy how they didn’t shut there businesses down and millions of people are dyeing off them. All companies care about is how there profits are going and how they are handling there money
    • Sometimes when I walk down the street people blow the smoke in my face and sometimes I try to hold my breath in and it still doesn’t work. People shouldn’t smoke because what if a baby is getting pushed in a stroller by her mother or father and you blow in there face you can give he/she asthma or if they already have asthma you can give them a asthma attack
    • Parents if you smoke please keep it away from your children because next thing you know they get caught in school with it and then they call ACS which means that you will not see your parents again.
    • I see little kids smoking cigarettes and I ask who gave you that and they go the store. Stores should know that it is illegal to sell kids under age any sort of drug or any thing a minor that shouldn’t be handed to them.
    • Smoking around your children or animals is just like your animal or child smoking right there beside you and you not saying any thing do you know when you smoke it goes not only into your body but into the person you are smoking next to it is wrong and if you are going to smoke go ahead but help people that are doing the right thing stay away from them.
  • Look At The Comparison
  • These signs should be everywhere RIGHT?
    • Today’s cartoons they influence people to smoke and mostly the kids watch it and then they think it’s cool and they go on and imitate what they saw on TV.
    • This candy also influences kids to smoke because when they go in a candy shop they say Ohh and then they make a mistake and buy the real thing and the store owner gets sued or he might get away with it.