Robots space explorers in the Teide


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Robots space explorers in the Teide

  2. 2. EL TEidE nATiOnAL PARk   The Teide National Park in Tenerife is being used as a proving ground for space robots which could provide feedback during future exploratory missions to Mars, Mercury or the Moon like to find water,etc
  3. 3. A MARTiAn LAndSCAPE   "El Teide" National Par k has a good weather, its flat landscape with fine textur es of volcanic sand, pebbles and occasional rocky outcrops are similar to those encounter ed on the surface of Mar s.
  4. 4. EL TEidE nATiOnAL PARk  y planetar  Most r obotic space missions perfor ming in situ explor ation of the surface and atmospher e for any planetar y object outside the Ear th involve a means of mobility provided by either a surface vehicle (rover) or by aerial vehicles (e.g. balloons).
  5. 5. THE SPAniSH ROBOT   Was made up by a g r oup of students fr om the Pol ytechnic Univer sity of Madrid.  T he robot consists of aluminum and carbon fiber w heels is still under constr uction.  http:// ykhWoehp0M
  6. 6. Cesar robot   It was designed and built at the University of Bremen, Germany  It was the winner of the ESA Lunar Robotics Challenge in 2008 go to this website 
  7. 7. bridget rover 
  8. 8. bridget rover   The PRoVisG team will be taking various imaging (camera) systems, to not only test their performance but also to gather image data on which to exercise the software they are writing to confirm how well it works.   The Rover will also be carrying high tech drilling equipment and distance measuring equipment that are being developed for future interplanetary robotic missions.
  9. 9. bridget rover   T he Bridget Rover is tested in T he Teide National Par k on T hur sday 12 December 2013  T he PRoVisG Rover system allows us to pr oduce enriched 3D models of the envir onment and gather data that is r eally useful for science.  ov /
  10. 10. bridget rover teChnology 
  11. 11. IdrIs robot   It was taken to the Canaries by the Aber ystwyth Univer sity’s Depar tment of Computer Science (UK) in13th and 17th September 2012.
  12. 12. ProVIscout   ProViScout is a collabor ative EU project funded under the 7th Fr amewor k Prog r amme, w hich brings together major European g roups to wor k on planetar y and  space exploration with no human inter vention.  Idris is located within the Project ProViScout (Planetary Robotics Vision Scout) , funded by the  European Commission  under the  Seventh Fr amewor k Prog r amme  , on the  subject of space 
  13. 13. the robot IdrIs   T he robot Idris created by Prifysgol Aber ystwyth Univer sity weighs 300 kilos and is capable of lifting 100.   Among its qualities, it also highlights their ability to select visual infor mation and send the data to the control center.   It captures an area of 30x30 meter s map and move independently. T he novelty is that it detects the impor tant rocks, those that have scientific interest.
  14. 14. cameras heIght   The rover locates the target, goes to him and through camera stores information and sends it  scientists have placed 2.20 meters tall robot, acting as eyes and added horizontal movement and elevation.  Although it is capable of storing the information and send it from Mars to Earth, between a planet and a there is a delay in the submission of 20 minutes, so that the rover moves centimeters per second
  15. 15. RubbeR Wheels   in the Teide-test this model will not be the same as do the mission to Mars incorporates laser and rubber wheels.
  16. 16. OtheR RObOts 
  17. 17. By TEAM 6 Eduardo Acha- Spain Javier Trancoso Lara - Spain Talisa April Tufts – Spain Cathaysa Gutierrez García – Spain Wiktoria Turczyn – Poland Sylwia Zamora – Poland Alicja Toborek – Poland Oliwia Mizielska – Poland Magdalena Chudek – Poland Aleksandra Jeż – Poland Danielle - Germany Norman - Germany Yannic - Germany