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No80 newslettr daily - e -11_4_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )80( 2013/4/11Syrian Arab RepublicMinistry of InformationThe Directorate ofElectronic InformationPage NO.1Army strengthens its operations in countryside provincesAudio bomb exploded yesterday in a car atUmayyad mall in Damascus caused materialdamages with no causalities, components forcesfoiled an attempt by terrorists to explode 4 explo-Syrian army forces eliminated on a largenumber of terrorists including Missiles-shells throwers and snipers, destroyed ve-hicles. Border guards confronted to terroristsOne citizen martyred andtwo others wounded after thefall of a mortar shell fired byterrorists on the houses nearthe Hanano garage in old cityof Aleppo, also another shelllanded on the outer wall ofsive devices at north Jobar. Army forces eliminat-ed on terrorists groups at Damascus countryside,destroyed mortar cannons, a car included terror-ists, and warehouse of ammunition and weapons.attempted to infiltrate from Lebanon acrossthe site of Talkalakh countryside and leftthem between dead and injured, and the restfled into the Lebanese territory.Municipal Palace buildingduring the Subcommittee forNational Dialogue causedinjuring a number of citizens.Terrorists Targeted unit 20 inthe university city of Aleppowith homemade rocket re-Audio bomb in the car at Umayyads mallMissiles-shells throwers are killed in HomsHomemade rockets at Aleppo University City...mortar in the building of the Municipal Palacesulted in material damageand no injuries, it is reportedthat University City receivesfamilies fleeing the crimes ofterrorist groups. In Aleppoand surroundings units of thearmed forces clashed with the
  2. 2. Page NO.2The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )80( 2013/4/11Eliminating on terrorists at Daraa and Idleb countrysideThe attack on the Hasakah phone station and stealing its contents ...Weapons container in the port ofBeirutConditions of 216 people were Settledin DamascusArmed group burgled on April 7phonestation at the entrance the Hasaka city, and working on linking the provinceto other governorates, also other terror-ist groups burgled on the depot of Al-Hasakah connections branch and stolesome of its contents, and damaged pro-jector cable, and the loot included die-sel engines and a collection of networkand phone network, and the value of theLebanese security services have confis-cated a container in the port of Beirutwas carrying sophisticated communica-tions equipment for the armed terroristgroups in Syria, and started investiga-tions to find out who is behind thesedevices.Conditions 50 people from Damascuswere settled of who were deceived andhave been involved in recent events,and were released after pledging not toreturn to take up arms, and acts of sabo-tage, or all aspects affecting the securityof Syria in the future.Unites of Syrian army eliminated on ter-rorists in Daraa countryside including 3unknown terrorists, another group con-fronted an attempt to attack Gabageb sta-tion, and dismantled a bomb car loadedwith one ton.stolen items was estimated at 40 millionpounds.Operations of the Army in Hama and Deir EZZor ...units of the armed forces targeted terror-ists’ gatherings in Hama and its country-side and killed a large number of them,and destroyed their vehicles.In Deir Ezzour unit of the Syrian Arabarmy eliminated on full members of a ter-rorist group calling itself “ Aisha battalion“, another unit also clashed with terror-ists in the neighborhood of city and killedmost of their members .
  3. 3. Page NO.3The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )80( 2013/4/11Lavrov... There are parties hinder efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria...Osei ... Dialogue and reconciliation are two basic pillars to resolve the crisisIran calls for condemnation of the use of chemicals in SyriaLavrov confirmed that there are parties hin-der efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria. Hesaid “We make efforts to calm the situation in“Bets on the use of the Kurdish compo-nent against Syria fell because the Kurdsin Syria are Syrian, and Syria’s securityand stability is a red line for them,”These words of the Chairman of the Na-tional Reconciliation Commission in par-liament, head of the National Initiative forthe Kurds Omar Osei, came at a seminarKazem Gharib Abadi Iran’s ambassador tothe Netherlands and Permanent Representa-tive to the Organization for the Prohibitionof Chemical Weapons, demanded to detectand punish who provide chemical weaponsto armed groups in Syria, and condemn theuse of these weapons in Khan Al-Asal atAleppo countryside.Syria, and whenever there was a sign of hopeon the horizon, some actors do everything inits power to undermine these hopes, and pushthe status towards war until victory, and therewill be no victor. The Russian Foreign Minis-ter said that the Syrian government formed itsteam for dialogue and negotiations, express-ing his regret for the U.S. and other forces’disable to urge the opposition to form such ateam. For his part U.S. Secretary of State JohnKerry said he will contribute in forming ateam for negotiations in the Syrian opposition.hosted by Medical Association Branch inLattakia titled “ whither the national Rec-onciliation.. Kurds and their role in therecent variants” added that dialogue andreconciliation are two basic pillars for thewithdrawal of Syria from the crisis, ac-cording to the political project launchedby the leadership in this regard.
  4. 4. Page NO.4The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )80( 2013/4/11Meeting of the Ministerial committee to implement the political solutionThe second Medicine College in TartousMinisterial Committee met law-yers and jurists who consideredthe political program a real ex-pression of the organizer com-munity and wills understand theconcept of the state and protectit, in addition to giving largeswathes of dialogue and free-dom under the roof of NationalUnity, and the Syrian stateimmunity. Dr. Wael Al-Halkithe Prime Minister and Chair-man of the Committee called onall political and societal forcesand citizens to participate in theprocess of political dialogueaccording to a national visionrejects outside interference, andbelieved in democratic politicalpluralism in Syria.President Basharal-Assad issued adecree of makingthe second Medi-cine College at Te-shreen Universityand to be based inTartous city.The Ministry of Education.. New WebsiteMinistry of Education launched a website of the National Committee for Education,Science and Culture in order to increase and diversify experiences and communicate andlook at the strategies, programs, action plans, activities and events.The
  5. 5. Page NO.5The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )80( 2013/4/113.2 billion Syrian pounds the cement profitsCommittee for pricing of strategic cropsMinister of Agriculture and agriculturereform issued a decision to form a com-mittee comprising representatives from theMinistries of Industry, Trade and Consum-The general manager of the General Organization for Cement Ibrahim Abbas said that profitsof the company exceeded three billion pounds, and losses of suspended companies amountabout 139 Million Syrian pounds because of the crisis in the country and the high transportfares and fuel prices and lower sales, noting that the transferred amounts to the Finance Min-istry amounted about7.8 billion Protection, finance, agriculture and itstrade union bodies, its mission is pricingthe strategic crops (wheat, cotton, sugarbeet) promoted by public entities.