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No261 newslettr daily e-10_10_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )261( 2013/10/10 Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Information The Directorate of Electronic Information Page NO.1 Killed in the countryside of Damas- cus…….. shells on the capital Syrian Arab Army tightened its control yesterday on many orchards and villages in the countryside of Damascus in- cluding Al—Ziabiaa. In the towns of al-Isbainaa and al- Hojairaa, many gunmen were killed including Arab Nation- alities, among them the Sau- di” Ahmad al –Hozaifee” . In the Eastern Ghouta, a booby- trapped armored vehicle was destroyed including the gun- men in it near to the schools in Joubar Neighborhood , units of the army killed many gunmen in the southeastern of the building of al-Moallemin , they smashed huge quanti- ties of ammunition, bombs and automatic military guns loaded on a car between the two towns , sika and Noula, the units of army also killed many gunmen of the opposi- tion in Al-Souki and Taib Or- chards in al-Nabak and the or- chards of Rema in Yabroud and destroyed weapons and ammunition in the valley of al- Saleb in the west of Maal- loula . The Syrian Arab Army killed many gunmen of “ The Islamic State of Iraq and Le- vant “ which is affiliated to Al-Qaeda and smashed their weapons in Hotaitat al-Turk- man . Meanwhile, the sources of opposition mentioned that the free Army could destroy an armored vehicle and Voz- lika Canon belonging to the forces of Syrian Arab Army on the edges of Barza Neigh- borhood in addition to the tar- geting of workshop of tanks repair in al-Qaboun Neigh- borhood by a shell of mortar. There were clashes between the Free Army and the forc- es of Syrian Arab Army sur- rounding to the troop of al- Isharaa 81, The Free Army through it targeted the forc- es of Syrian Arab Army in the battalion of al-Radar by heavy machine guns in Al— Nabak and the gatherings of army in al-Baharia Town . On the other hand, two citizen were injured because of two mortar shells were fired on al-Qasaa and Bab-Sharqi in Damascus , causing material damages of the houses and many cars.
  2. 2. Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )261( 2013/10/10 Syrian Army dominates on many villages in the countryside of Aleppo …….shells on the city The killing of 6 persons and injuring of 16 others be- cause of rocket-Propelled grenades were fired near to the mosque of Bilal in al- Aazamia Region in Aleppo. Units of the Syrian Army dominated on 11 villages in the countryside of Aleppo, causing the killing and injur- ing dozens of the gunmen of the opposition. Sources of the opposition said that the villages which are under the control of the Syrian Army “Tal –Zoughaib, Turkat, al- Nairab, Tal Aabour, Baraka, Masida, Houbaisaa, Tat, Borj al –Roman, Omairya and al- Homaira”, also the Syrian Army killed all the members of many armed groups and smashed their weapons and ammunition loaded an cars. Meanwhile, sources of the opposition talked about the targeting of the Free Army by canons and homemade rock- ets for the gatherings of the forces of Syrian Arab Army in al-Khalidia Neighbor- hood. The Free Army could dominate on the barrier of Malaab al-Hamdanya which is between the two neigh- borhoods “Salah al-Dein and al-Hamadania “ , the Free Army advanced in the neighborhood of al-Aazamia and it damaged a tank in the neighborhood of Salah al- Dein . There were clashes in the neighborhoods of Salah al-Dein, Aazamia and Seif al-dawla .The Free Army announced its targeting for the headquarters of forces of army in Souk al-Tal Region in al-Azizia Neighborhood in Aleppo and killed four mem- bers of Syrian Arab Army. There are battles between the extreme opposition groups near to the Turkish-Syrian Borders especially ”Daesh “ and the front of al-Nusra which gathered hundreds of its gunmen in the entrances of Raqa City to attack the lo- cations of “the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant” accord- ing to activists, while the confrontations still between the forces of Daesh and The Free Army in the countryside of Aleppo and Deir –Ezzor.
  3. 3. Gunmen targeted by Rocket- Propelled grenades some of the tanks of fuel in the refin- ery of Homs ,causing a fire, the firefighters extinguished it. It deserves mention that the attack of the armed groups on the refinery is not the first but the eighth one. The man- ager of the refinery of Homs stressed that the refinery will still work and provide the fuel for the citizens. On the other hand, many gunmen of the opposition were killed in al-Zara, Khalidia Villages and Rastan City . Many gun- men were killed in Talbisaa, Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )261( 2013/10/10 Gunmen target a refinery of Homs by Rocket-Propelled grenades Clashes in Golan and….. a shell injures two Israe- li Soldiers The battles between the Syr- ian Army and the fighters of the opposition on the borders with the Occupied Syrian Go- lan two soldiers were injured because of a fall of a shell in the occupied lands. The Israeli Tenth Channel an- nounced that the army of oc- cupation responded by bomb- ing the location of the shell. Meanwhile , the sources of the opposition mentioned that the Free Army targeted by a canon 130 the forces of Syrian Arab Army in Tal al- Koroum . while units of the SyrianArab Army clashed with gunmen on the road of Homs-Salamia and killed all the members of the armed group. An oppo- nent sources mentioned that the FreeArmy admitted that it targeted the refinery by rock- ets and also targeted many neighborhoods in Homs. Targeting of gatherings of gunmen in Daraa In the countryside of Daraa, units of Syrian Arab Army targeted gatherings of gun- men in many neighborhoods, killed and injured many of them including the Saudi “ Abdul Lah Fahad al-Dibikhi”. An opponent sources men- tioned that there were clashes between the free Army and the Syrian Army near to the barrier of the national hospi- tal in Daraa . The Free Army targeted a car for the forces of The Syrian Army was loaded by a Jammer of explosive de- vice near to al-Wardat Region on the international High- way and it could bomb it and killed all the persons inside it.
  4. 4. Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )261( 2013/10/10 Explosion in al-Hasaka .. Arab killed in the coun- tryside of Lattakia In the villages and towns of the northern countryside of Latakia, units of the Syrian army yesterday targeted the gatherings of gunmen in the villages of Suda and Rawdaa ,killed and injured many of them including the Saudi” Khaled Othman”. British intelligence recognizes the danger of terrorists in Syria 45 tons of medicines to Aleppo The head of the British intelli- gence Andrew Parker warned that the thousands of “ extrem- ist Muslims “ were in Britain and they consider the citizens as a “legitimate targets,” he said, adding that .. “There are reasons to worry about the situation in Syria” , Parker ap- proved of the danger of those who are fighting in Syria and they are backed by his country and the United States to the security of Britain. 45 tons of medicines is the sixth amount of its kind from the Ministry of Health toAlep- po since the second half of this year, it includes vaccines for children, medicines for chronic diseases and commu- nicable diseases , especially tuberculosis, malaria ,thalas- semia , kidney transplantation , AIDS , diabetes, in addition to means of family planning and reproductive health medi- cines , the Minister of Health Saad Naev stressed that the In al-Hasaka, there was an explosion in the public street was targeted a barrier af- filiated to the units of Kurd- ish Popular Protection in al-Jawadia Region. On the other hand, the Syrian Army destroyed more than 100 ve- hicles in Aalya region in the west of Tal Tamar, killed many gunmen . ministry is continuing to se- cure medicines to the provinc- es in the coming weeks after it has sent 366 Medical helps to all provinces since the begin- ning of the year .
  5. 5. Page NO.5 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )261( 2013/10/10 Higher Committee for Relief discusses delivering aid to Aleppo National football team preparing to meet Singapore in Asian Cup Qualifiers The Higher Committee for Relief discussed in its meeting on Wednesday means to de- liver immediate aid and relief to the people in Aleppo prov- ince as the roads leading to it were opened and cleared of gunmen. Social Affairs Min- ister Kinda al-Shammat told journalists that the Committee agreed to allocate fund to pur- chase food supplies and send them urgently to Aleppo, and that the SyrianArab Red Cross (SARC) expressed readiness to send flour to areas suffer- ing shortages. She pointed out that international organiza- tions have been late in sending humanitarian aid to Aleppo, The players and technical and training cadres to form the Syrian national football mis- sion set to meet Singapore within the 2015 AFC Asian Cup qualifiers in Australia have already been selected by the General Football Federa- tion. The match with Singa- pore will take place in Singa- pore on October 15th. and that this aid doesn’t match the promises made before the roads were opened. Al-Sham- mat affirmed that the govern- ment is working to secure the return of displaced people to their homes voluntarily, with a program removed from politi- cal agenda being implemented to this regard.