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No202 newslettr daily e-12_8_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )202( 2013/8/12 Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Information The Directorate of Electronic Information Page NO.1 Foreign terrorists in Aleppo…. Units of army are killed 15 of terrorists and wounded others during an armed clash with the elements of terrorist groups in the hill “martyr Sheikh Said”, also they killed a ter- rorists from foreign nationals on the road in “Raqqa Aleppo”, and faced of attempt to sneak into the “Khalidiya” neighborhood, and in the countryside of Aleppo clash- es are continuing between units army and armed groups in each “Khan al-asal”, sur- rounding of prison Aleppo Central and Ca- nade hospital, units of army are destroyed the headquarters to terrorists in the village “Bebanon Hoss” and “Sheikh Maksoud”. Dead terrorists in countryside of Damascus…. Syrian Arab Army in is hounded in coun- tryside of Damascus a members of ter- rorist groups in “Irbeen”,” Jobar”, “Bar- zeh”, “Qaboun” and Harasta, and killed many terrorists killed in “Douma” includ- ing them a leader of terrorist group, and de- stroyed hideouts of militants, including ma- chine guns and rifles in Darya and Nabek.
  2. 2. Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )202( 2013/8/12 Syrian Arab Army is keep going in country- side of Latakia and it announced the village of “Eupen” and the summit of the prophet “Ashie”innortherncountryside asasafezone, and destroyed the launcher rockets in the vil- lage of “Kafr Dalba”, and killed many of ter- rorists, while the army killed “Abu Muawiya” the leader of “Lewaa Al-Islam”In Syria and Iraq, and also killed the Tunisian “Abu Huzai- fa” the leader of battalion “Al-mouhajreen”. Aubin and the Prophet Ashie are safe….. The leaders of “Jabhit Al- Nousra” are dead in Deir al-Zour…. In Deir al-Zour and its coun- tryside a clashes have done between the Syrian Arab Army and armed terrorist groups, where the army has caused a dead and wound- ed in the ranks of terrorists among them a non-Syrians and destroyed anti-aircraft machine gun and cars loaded with weapons and ammuni- tion in neighborhood “Al- senaa” and a street cinema Fouad, and a units of army are faced an attack of terror- ist on military checkpoint in “Ahoiqha” neighborhood and killed a numbers of them, The channel “Al-maydeen” is reported that the “Jabhit Al- Nousra” in Syria is an- nounced the death of its prince “Imad Hamouda Hamad” in “Ahoiqha” neighborhood.
  3. 3. Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )202( 2013/8/12 Shells and bombs in countryside of Hama….. Rockets-propelled are fell grenades are felled yesterday evening on residential ar- eas in the street Homs in Hama which kill- ing 11 civilians and wounding others, and the armed forces are carried out the ambush led to killed a number of terrorists, while el- ements of engineering are dismantled two Dead terrorists in Homs and Idlib….. In Homs and its country- side, the army is eliminate of weapons and ammuni- tion, including mortars and explosive devices in town “Khanasser” and arrested on terrorist who carries a remote detonating devices and he also possessing an ammunition and heavy machine guns, while a one citizen was killed and others were injured after a terrorist group attack on a bus of civilians in countryside of Hama. machine guns in country- side of “Rstan” and “Bab Hod”. In Idlib, a units of army are clashed with an armed group towards the axis of “Slenfeh” which lead to killing a number of ter- rorists and wounding others.
  4. 4. Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )202( 2013/8/12 Turkish party .. Turkey has developed a terrorist activity….. A politicians in the Turkish party Republi- can People had announced that government of “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” and the presi- dency of Staff of the Turkish army are turns a blind eye to cross a thousands of “Jabhit Al- Nousra” that belong to “al-Qaeda”a bor- der between Turkey and Syria, and the smug- gling of arms and ammunition to Syria, and cargo and goods from Syria to Turkey, con- sider that the closure of border outposts and prevent Turkish soldiers to defend themselves against the smugglers, all that give a terrorists Justice temporizes to take action on cases The Ministry of Justice agreed to temporize to take actions on cases of the public and private banks against defaulters industrialists taking into account the legal proceedings, this deci- sion came at the request of the Chamber of Industry of Damascus and its countryside The industry support the partnership between the public and private The Ministry of Industry Discussed a bill of partnership between public and pri- vate entities to combine public insti- tutions and companies of an econom- ic nature and companies of joint sector. a grants tacit official approval to continue and develop their terrorist and smuggled activity. New channels at Aleppo and Lattakia Syrian Minister of Informa- tion “Omran Zoubi” is de- clare a two resolution to form a preparatory committees in preparation for opining a two satellite channels in Aleppo and Latakia